Episode 13: The Steam Whistle Blows for you



Oogami gets called into Yoneda's office, and meets Sakura, who got called there as well.

Yoneda informs Oogami that the Navy was very impressed with his performance against the Musashi while keeping damage to a minimum, and as a result he's been promoted to Lieutenant Jr. Grade.

He also informs Oogami that he's been assigned a new mission, to go overseas to Paris as an overseas Military Student.

This shocks both Oogami and Sakura.

Yoneda states he doesn't know how long Oogami will be away for but it may be some time before he comes back to the Theatre.

He tells Oogami to "go see a new world and come back grown." He reminds him that the mission of the TKD never ends and that to protect the smiles of those he cares about, this is something he must do, and to please understand why it's necessary.

He tells Oogami he'll be leaving in one week.

Sakura fights back tears as she tells Oogami to go, and that she'll be all right.

One week later, the night before he departs, Oogami speaks to everyone.

He tells them he's been ordered tro France, and he doesn't know what will await him there but he wants to test himself in a brand new world.

He tells them the ear he's spent with them has been fun and he will never forget them.

The Hanagumi has a going away party for him.

Sakura meets Oogami later and gives him a letter to read on board ship.

The next morning, Oogami attempts to sneak out so as not to upset everyone, but Kayama intercepts him, telling him that they will meet again.

Oogami makes his way to she ship alone, but everyone catches up with him, unfurling a banner that wishes him luck, and they salute him.

On board the ship, Oogami reads the letter from Sakura:

I shall say here a few lines. The cherry blossoms in Teito are in full bloom. They take in the peace well.

Oogami-san, Once again, congratulations are your lieutenancy promotion. I take the pen as I remember Ueno in springtime when we first met.

Parting is a painful thing, but hold tight in your heart the joy you had when we met.

If it were possible, I would like to go to Paris together with you, Oogami-san, but I'm sure that would not make you happy.

Together with Oogami-san as he moves on ahead, I will exert myself with radiance within the Hanagumi.

I will discipline myself and become a Sakura appropriate for Oogami-san.

Holding dear the numerous things you have taught me and memories, I will write lots of letters. And I'll even keep your room clean.

Well then, take care of yourself. I tell you I will be waiting for your return.

Sincerely, Teikoku Kagekidan Hanagumi Shinguuji Sakura



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