Episode 8: The Longest Day in Teito!?


November 9th, 1925 (Taishou 14)

Early Morning

Armed soldiers break into various homes of military personnel, taking officers prisoner and doing battle with soldiers all across Tokyo. Count Hanakoji is taken prisoner as well.

The Grand Imperial Theatre is invaded.

"The silence in Teito following the out-of-season snow was being destroyed by the reverberations of countless military shoes."

Oogami is roused from sleep by the sound of gunshots and breaking windows.

Sakura rushes to find Oogami. She says the others went down to the first floor with Kaede. They hear soldiers coming up to their area.

They run away to try and find the others, with soldiers in pursuit coming after Sakura.

The Soldiers report to Major Amakasa that they've taken the lobby, dining hall and special guest seating area. They're also in the process of taking the second floor, and that the occupation is going well.

Amakasa rebukes them, stating that occupying the theatre is meaningless. They need to occuptyy the underground command center, and capture or kill Shinguuji Sakura.

Sakura and Oogami make it off the first floor, and meet up with Yoneda. Sakura wonders why the Army would be attacking the Teigeki and where the others are.

Yoneda says he has a guess as to why, and not to worry about the others, as they are doubtlessly going to be okay. He states that the army may be planning a coup d'etat to take over the government of Japan and that more than likely the Theatre is not the only place being attacked.

Yoneda orders Sakura and Oogami to escape the Theatre. He and the others will remain to keep it out of the hands of the military.

Yoneda tells Oogami to collect the Majinki from the basement, then make his escape with Sakura on the Goraigo to the Hana-Yashiki branch. He also tells Oogami to protect Sakura at all costs because they're after her.

(The Majinki are the Sacred Sword, Jewel and Mirror of Amatseru that are Japan's national treasures. In Sakura Taisen 1, Aoi Satan took them, but the TKD got them back. Whoever holds it has the power of ultimate good.)

Yoneda explains that the Shinguuji line has the "Bloodline of Haja" which has the power to seal away any evil, no matter how powerful, but at the cost of the wielder's own life.

He explains that seven years ago, Sakura's father Kazuma sacrificed his life using the power in order to seal off the evil that was attacking Teito. Thus her life is a threat to all those who are evil.

While the others try to hold out against the occupying forces, Oogami and Sakura make their way to the basement, where they hear an explosion.

They get down to the basement to find the invading forces held back by the Baragumi, who have been guarding the Majinki. They hand over the "jewel" to Oogami, stating that if even one is missing the others can't be used, and cover Sakura and Oogami as they make their escape.

The soldiers report to Amakasa that they have taken the first and second floors of the Theatre, but the Hanagumi has barricaded themselves in the underground command room, and that the squad sent to broken into the underground facilities are meeting resistance.

Amakasa sends a message to his superior that the Grand Imperial Theatre is almost taken care of.

En Route to the Hana-Yashiki branch, Sakura and Oogami worry over the others. Oogami reassures Sakura the others will be fine, but it looks like the conversation about Sakura's father has rattled her more.

Oogami comforts Sakura and tells her not to worry about the Majinki or the bloodline for now. He says there's an amusement park at the Hana-Yashiki branch and they should think about enjoying it once this crisis is over.

Finally, they make it to the Hana-Yashiki branch, where Tsubaki is waiting for them.

Tsubaki reveals that newtype Spirit Armor has been delivered to this location from the Hokkaido branch.

The successor to the Koubu and Junbu models, this is the 'Tenbu' Model. It's the secret project Kohran and Tsubaki have been working on.

Sakura becomes excited, thinking that with these Tenbu they can take back the Theatre.

Before Oogami can react, he hears a familiar voice-- Kayama's.

Sakura points out that Kayama's voice is coming from the Kinematron.

Oogami tells Kayama that he doesn't have time to talk, and Kayama chides him, saying that he needs to down or he'll run himself in circles. He tells Oogami that he's hidden in the Theatre and if Oogami wants to take it back, he'll help.

Shocked, Oogami asks why he's there and who he is really, and Kayama reveals that he's the head of the secret squad that aids the Hanagumi from the shadows, the Moon Division.

As Oogami takes that all in, Kayama continues. He says the enemy has raised the defensive wall around the theatre and placed cannon in front of it. He will sabotage one, if Oogami can take out the other.

Kayama reveals that Yoneda and Kaede are spearheading the defence of the basement, so Oogami needs to hurry and reunite with the rest of the squad.

They decide to take the Shogeimaru back to the Theatre and storm it.

They notice enemy steam machines around the Theatre and realize the Kokkikai has to be involved with this coup as well.

Sakura is concerned to see all the defences the enemy has put in place and wonders if two Tenbu will be enough. Oogami tells her to put her trust in the armors and move out.

At that moment, Mokujiki appears, mocking them, saying he had already calculated they would return. He says that using those armors to come at him is the ultimate in pretentiousness and they should just turn their corpses over to him now.

Oogami retorts that things won't go according to his calculations.

Mokujiki laughs mockingly, asking him how it feels to have the great defences of the Theatre be turned against him. that the great defence wall of the Theatre self will keep him out.

Oogami starts the attack, noting with awe how much more powerful the Tenbu are than the Koubu.

The battle wears down, and the smaller enemies are defeated, but yet the wall remains up. Mokujiki mocks Oogami, levering in "how useful" the Theatre defence walls are...

...and then Kayama drops them.

Surging forward, Sakura and Oogami take out the defensive cannons, and then battle Mokujiki himself.

As they defeat him, Mokujiki laments that the new armours had amazing power, and rues that he was beaten by just two people.

Oogami explains that even if they're separated, people's hearts are still the most important thing, and that everyone fights together at all times even if they are apart.

Mokujiki cries out that this defeat wasn't a part of his calculations and that they've ruined his calculations. Then he dies, as Oogami solemnly reminds him that you can't move a person's heart with calculations.

Quickly, Sakura and Oogami rush into the Theatre, determined to help the others who are barricaded in the control room. When they get into the theatre, they find it strangely deserted.

They find the others, who were waiting for them, and everyone is joyfully reunited. Kanna asks how the two of them could have made their way down so easily, impressed that they beat up all the people upstairs. Sakura replies that it was strangely empty upstairs.

Reni worriedly wonders what it could mean that all those soldiers could have just vanished.

Oogami reveals that Mokujiki of the Gogyoushu was the one keeping them at bay outside, and that the Kokkikai seems to be involved in this Coup. He tells them they were able to prevail only with the help of the new Tenbu units.

Kohran rejoices that the Tenbu are finished, and exclaims that with them they don't need to worry about the Kokkikai, because they'll have the strength of a hundred on their side.

Sakura senses someone in the area with them, and Kyougoku appears, saying that this is just what one would expect of the Teikoku Kagekidan.

Shocked, Oogami asks Kyougoku if he's the one behind this Coup, and Kyougoku replies he's working towards a revolution, and he'd prefer it be called the Taishou Ishin.

Oogami asks why he's come, and he replies that he's only come to give his greetings, because against this line of defense he would be useless... but that Teito is already in his hands.

Sakura angrily tells him not to joke around, but Kyougoku replies he's not. He tell her to open her eyes and to not waste her powers on something as trivial as her "so-called" justice lest she die a dog's death the way her father did.

Enraged, Sakura declares she won't forgive a second insult to her father and rushes in to strike Kyougoku down with her sword, and he mocks her, asking is she can really kill another living being in the flesh.

Sakura presses her attack, and Oni-ou blocks the strike.

Oni-ou declares that laying a hand on Lord Kyougoku will not be forgiven.

Sakura tries to push Oni-ou away, but Oni-ou declares that at her level she cannot defeat him, and her attack just rusts his blade, the Koutou Mukei.

Kyougoku laughs, saying this is a very interesting battle indeed, but orders Oni-ou to withdraw, as they have the next phase of their operation to see to.

Sakura tries to stop them, but again, Oni-ou chides her, stating that her current level of skill she still can't kill a person.

Back at their headquarters, Oni-ou tells Kyougoku that the insurrection is gradully being put down.

Kyougoku is unphased, stating that it's only natural. But all they really had to do was make disorder in the capitol, which was done.

Oni-ou takes that in for a moment and then reports that preparations are already complete and he will be heading to Shinjuku to remove the seal in place there. He vanishes.

Kyougoku smiles. Soon, the true Teito will awaken.

Meanwhile at the Theatre, Yoneda is taking over everything with the troupe, glad that everyone is all right. He takes in Oogami's reports that the Kokkikai were subordinates of Kyougoku, with disgust.

He replies the Navy has sent forces in to help quell the coup, but it will take time, and no one can rest until the ringleaders are in custody.

Oogami asks about the whereabouts of the Majinki, and Yoneda sadly reports the enemy have the other two, despite thier best efforts.

Sakura asks Yoneda to explain the power of the Majinki and the Power of Haja in detail.

Yoneda explains that the Majinki are the ultimate ceremonial tools which can amplify the power of the one holding them. In the period of the Taisho era, only two people have made use of them. One was Aoi Satan--formerly Yamazaki Shinnosuke, who two years ago used its power to raise the ancient city Seimajou, which is now sunk to the bottom of the sea.

The other was Kazuma Shinguuji, who seven years ago, during the Kouma War, used its power along with the power of Haja to seal away the attacking demon.

It is said the power of Haja places a huge toll and burden on the mind and body of the wielder that defies imagination. Kazuma Shinguuji died three months after using it.

The Majinki brings about a power beyond the reach of mere mortals, and it cannot be allowed to fall into the hands of the Kokkikai.

The Baragumi beg Oogami to get the Majinki back, and promise him a kiss if he does.

Given that the Majinki give off a high level of spiritual power, it shouldn't be too hard to track the other two down.

Kaede reports that the steam processor spiritual energy radar has detected a strong energy reaction that could possibly be the Majinki, in Shinjuku.

The TKD sortie in their new Tenbu. They arrive on the battlefield, and the Majinki are already resonating with one another.

Oogami demands Oni-ou hand over the Majinki. Oni-ou counters with a demand that they kill Sakura-- if she dies then the majinki are no longer needed.

After disposing of his henchmen, the TKD turn their sights to Oni-ou, whose mecha puts out incredible power, pushing back all the Tenbu.

Sakura angrily declares she won't let him take the Majinki, and her Tenbu flares with spirit power as she charges Oni-ou's unit...

Striking a hard blow, she's able to retrieve the Majinki, but Oni-ou simply declares they'll just have to kill Sakura instead.

Oogami angrily declares that he won't let them do that, that he will protect her.

Oni-ou calls Oogami out, stating that if he's truly serious, he'll come to their stronghold in Akasaka and put an end to everything there.

After the battle, Yoneda congratulates the team on getting back the Majinki.

He shows them the sword, mirror and Jewel, lamenting how because of them Yamazaki and Kazuma lost their lives.

Sakura thinks about herself, and about how the blood of her father flows through her veins as well. Despondent, she asks to be left alone for a while.

Yoneda observes that "People are helpless before power. There are those who are fascinated by power, those who seek a greater power, those who dedicate their lives to power for the sake of the ones they love, in order to protect peace, and those who are suffering, bewildered in the face of that power, and that is who Sakura is right now."

Yoneda asks Oogami if he has confidence in his mission to protect Teito and the Hanagumi. He says he does. Yoneda replies that back in the day, he didn't have a choice, that protecting the peace through sacrificing one's life as Kazuma Shinguuji did was the only way, but now, the existence of the Hanagumi changes things. they can protect the peace with their own power, not relying on something like the Majinki.

He asks Oogami to explain to Sakura that the Majinki isn't necessary, and that there's no need to rely on something like the Power of Haja. That if everyone joins their strength together, there's nothing to fear.

Kaede tells Oogami to be firm, that the only one who can save Sakura from her doubt is him.

Oogami goes to talk to Sakura, who says that if she uses the Power of Haja, then Teito will be cleansed of all evil and no one will be hurt any more, then there will be no more painful thoughts, and if she sacrifices herself for the sake of everyone's smiling faces it will be okay, and everything will be over...

Sakura is torn. She says she just wants to be a normal girl, that she doesn't want to die, that she wants to be with her friends. She asks Oogami if she's being selfish.

Oogami holds her and declares that she doesn't have to suffer any longer. Because of the Majinki, there have been so many deaths, from Colonel Shinguuji Kazuma to Major Yamazaki, and the suffering will just continue...

So he's decided here and now to destroy the Majinki. To protect what everyone has with their own power.

Sakura is shocked seeing them in pieces. Oogami tells her she no longer need worry about throwing away her own life. Sakura is taken aback, wondering if this was really the right thing to do. She feel horrible, saying she was too selfish.

Everyone reassures Sakura that it was the right thing, that they are in this together, and she cheers up, declaring that they're going to protect the peace with their own power.

With that, everyone boards the Shogeimaru, heading for Akasaka-- the headquarters of the Kokkikai.

Kayama sends the group a report that there's a huge cave hollowed out under the area and the lair appears to be their stronghold. The Shogeimaru will not be able to provide aerial support if they sortie.

Moving deep into the cave, they eventually run into Tsuchi-Gumo, who declares that this is her web, the stronghold of the Kokkikai, and things won't be the same as they were last time. She vows to hunt them down.

After she's defeated, she commits suicide rather than allow the Kagekidan to finish her off.

They push forward, defeating wave after wave after wave of foes, until finally the run into Kongou, who declares he will settle the score with all of them for Suiko.

After they manage to defeat him, he pushes his body beyond its breaking point trying to fight them and dies, his last words being an apology to Suiko.

Finally the Hanagumi finds itself before Oni-ou.

As they battle him, Oogami tells Oni-ou that all his comrades have been defeated, and he should just give up. Oni-ou replies that he and his comrades only exist to fulfill "that person's" desire, and thus they are just tools. And tools that are no longer useful are not necessary. He says he will keep existing until that person's desire is fulfilled.

Oogami angrily asks if a Coup d'etat was his desire and what that could possibly get him.

Oni-ou reveals that that was merely a distraction to take the Majinki from the theatre in the confusion, and what they really wanted was to seal the power of Haja, which has happened.

Sakura moves to challenge him, and Oni-ou says he no longer holds her in contempt as the Majinki is gone, so to spare her the sorrow that is to come, he'll end the bloodline of the Haja as well.

Sakura retorts that she'll never give up, that together everyone will defeat him with their strength, not the power of Haja.

Oni-ou then replies he will simply have to destroy them all in that case.

As the battle wears on, even Oni-ou begins to falter, recognising the power in the girls that are battling him. He realizes he can't let them go alive, and triggers a self-destruct mechanism in the lair, hissing "Farewell, Taikoku Kagekidan!"

The troupe quickly withdraws.

Outside once more, they marvel at the morning glow over the imperial capitol.

Everyone is overjoyed they've protected the capitol from the Kokkikai, and decide to head back to the Theatre, feeling as through the day of battle had taken so much longer.

Yoneda thanks Oogami for collecting the hearts of the Hanagumi into one, and reports that the Taishou Ishingun's coup d'etat has finally been put down. With that, the capitol should return to its calm.

Everyone, even the Baragumi get into a victory pose and enjoy a hard fought win.

Elsewhere, the troops who had taken part in the insurrection surrendered. Lower ranked officers were reinstated to their units. Younger commissioned officers who followed Amakasa were arrested, and the ringleader of the coup d'etat, Kyougoku Keigo, was found in his home, having committed suicide.

(I'm just lifting this next bit from the translation almost wholesale as it's too poetic not to)

And so, the drama of the revolution that unfolded on the stage of snow- covered Teito saw an end with something other than surrender. And, once again, peace returned to Teito. The battle with the Kokkikai that had lasted for so many months had finally come to its final chapter, and among the Hana-Gumi as well, light-hearted days had finally come after so long.

The time was the winter of Taishou 14. The sky over Teito became a perfect clear blue...


To be Continued

Secret File
Reni remarks that the power of the Tenbu exceeds both the offensive and defensive power of her Eisenkleid.

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