Episode 7: An out-of-season Tanabata


Oni-ou appears before the Gogyoushu and reports that there are "three sealed gates" left, and that "that person" is also on the move.

Mokujiki replies that "that person" is truly "the moon of darkness floating in the dark night." He remarks Teito can only have prosperity if it is filled with evil.

Kongou angrily interjects that he doesn't care anything for that. He feels that now that they know where the Kagekidan headquarters is, they should attack immediately. He demanded to be ordered to attack because he wants to pay them back for what happened for Suiko.

Mokujiki observes that Kongou is too hotheaded and thus will be the next one to die. He states that "those who make light of my plans are fools, but those who are in a hurry to die are idiots."

Tsuchi-Gumo cuts in, saying that given the weak, emotional way that Kongou is going on, it would be amusing to see him die trying to take revenge. In her view, Suiko died because she was too soft, and couldn't renounce her womanhood.

Kongou is enraged, but Oni-ou interjects and says that Kasha will be in charge of the next operation.

Kasha accepts, stating that he will turn both Teito and the Kagekidan into ash with his flames, because there's nothing as pleasant as ash that burns well.

Oni-ou chides him to not play around too much, but Kasha retorts that humans are intellectually afraid of fire and everything wil be fine.

The Hanagumi are at a fall festival. Iris is excited to see all the sights, and Kanna is anxious to eat all the food.

Oogami catches a play of the Shounen Red show, in which the daughter of famed scientist Dr. Yukawa--inventor of the gamma bomb-- is kidnapped by Dokuro X, who demaned the blueprints for the bomb and flees in his Iron Man Robo Sigma, but then Shounen Red appears and goes after them on his bike.

After the show, he meets Orihime, who notes Oogami always seems to have plenty of free time. Oogami asks what she's doing, and she reveals she's got free time as well. He offers to accompany her through the festival, and she agrees to permit him to come with her.

Oogami asks her what she thinks of the Matsuri, and she responds that Italian festas are thousands of times larger, more refined and filled with enthusiasm, and that there's no comparison.

They come to a booth with a portrait painter, who offers to paint their portraits.

Orihime wonders if this person could be any good, and he replies that he studied painting in Italy, so he thinks that he's probably not all that bad.

Hearing he's from Italy, Orihime becomes shocked, wondering is this person was--

At that moment the man becomes shocked and asks if she's Orihime.

Confused, Oogami enquires if she knows the painter, and angrily, Orihime exclaims that would never be an acquaintance with a Japanese man. She becomes upset and runs off, saying that all this nonsense is making her ill. The painter asks Oogami to go after her, and he does.

As Oogami leaves, the painter sadly utters Orihime's name.

Back at the Theatre, Oogami takes his sweet time to get to does his rounds, intent on speaking to Orihime.

Oogami runs into Reni, who is observing the city from the Terrace, and who says she's feeling calm for the first time in her life. Oogami explains that it's because she's changed, and now, looking upon the city filled with the precious things that Reni and the others have to defend, she's be closer to finding her answer.

They go to the courtyard, where Reni is finally able to bond with the puppy that was rescued a few months prior.

Sakura sees this, and Oogami says she and the others have to take care to help nurture this new Reni as much as they can, as it will take a lot of work to heal a lifetime's worth of sealed emotions.

At the gift shop, Oogami hears rumours that mysterious Torii (Shrine Gates) have been appearing all over Teito. Most of the people are cheering, saying it's an auspicious sign, but it seems to be a lot of work for a prank.

Oogami meets Maria and discusses the matter of the Kokkikai, who first appeared in Teito half a year ago. They both agree the goal of the Kokkikai must be the destruction of the capital, but they're not sure how the Kokkikai intend to accomplish it.

Later, he meets up with Kaede and they speak about the Anti-Kouma Squad, which was made of of Yoneda Ikki, Shinguuji Kazuma, Yamazaki Shinnosuke, and her deceased sister, Fujieda Ayame.

She relates the tale of how seven years earlier, one lone Kouma appeared in Nihonbashi, with the police and military being unable to stop it. But because of the Anti-Kouma Squad, and the sacrifice of Shinguuji Kazuma, they were able to seal it away.

Because of this the government finally realized the need to have proper defences against evil, and took the actions needed to form the Teikoku Kagekidan. She says that the Teikoku Kagekidan is the crystallization of the hopes of the four members of the Anti-Kouma Squad, and the inheritors of their will.

Oogami finally gets to Orihime's room and tries to talk to her, but she refuses to open the door and tells him that she doesn't need his help.

Standing in the hall, he meets Tsubomi, who tells him that there's a strange man who's been standing outside the theatre just looking at it, and she dosen't know what to do. Oogami goes to check.

There, he finds the portrait painter from the festival.

Striking up a conversation with him, Oogami finds out his name is Ogata, and he is a wandering painter.

Oogami ask him if he has some business with the theatre, and if it could have something to do with Orihime.

At first Ogata is silent, but then asks Oogami if he and Orihime have anything to do with each other. Oogami replies that they work together in the theatre.

Ogata reveals that he is Orihime's father.

Oogami invites Ogata in to talk about Orihime, because he wants to help Orihime be her usual high-spirited self again.

Meanwhile. Orihime looks out over the balcony, wonder if the man standing in front of the theatre had been her father, but seeing no out there, she decides to go back to her room. But then she overhears Ogata and Oogami talking.

Ogata reveals that he spent a lot of time wandering the world so he could become a professional painter. When he was in Italy, he met Cariino Soletta, Orihime's mother.

They quickly fell in love, and Orihime was born. He went to Cariino's family-- who were known as the Red Nobles, seeing their blessing for a wedding. But they would not approve of the wedding, so they forbade the marriage and separated the couple, forbidding Ogata from seeing his daughter ever again. To preserver their happiness, he left.

Having lost even the dream he had had of becoming a painter, he returned to Japan.

Six months ago he was shocked to see Orihime's name listed on the Marquee of the Theatre. He had thought so many times of coming to see her, but having left her and her mother over a decade ago he felt that he had no right to be a father.

Oogami then realizes that this is why Orihime hated Japanese men so much.

Ogata sadly states that even though he could not see Orihime, he always prayed for her happiness.

Angrily, Orihime yells from the upper floor, declaring that to be a lie. She says that everything Ogata says is nonsense and that he's a great liar. She says that he's the lowest man in existence who abandoned her and her mother, and she wants him to vanish from her sight forever.

She declares she will never forgive him.

Ogata sadly agrees with Orihime, stating that there's nothing that can be done since it's true, he did leave Cariino, and this he has no right to call himself Orihime's father, and that no matter what he did it's highly unlikely Orihime will ever forgive him

Ogata leaves, telling Oogami he'll be counting on him to take care of Orihime.

Elsewhere, a soldier meets another man, declaring that the time to carry out their plan has finally come-- national government by the Army. He states that the Taishou Ishingun-- the Taishou Restoration Army, are prepared to be martyrs for his ideals.

The man approves, telling the soldier--Amakasa--that the future rests on their shoulders, and that come November 9th, they will seize the Grand Imperial Theatre, and confine "the traitor who has continued to mock the existence of the traditional Imperial soldiers, Yoneda", and capture or kill Shinguuji Sakura.

Amakasa agrees.

The man declares that the daybreak of a reborn Japan... the day of the Restoration Army, is about to arrive.

Back at the Theatre, Oogami is about to go on his night-time rounds when Batman Kayama appears outside his window again.

Oogami lets him in and confesses he's a but troubled because of all the things that have been going on. Kayama replies that "Adversity builds character" and that he'll come out of this stronger.

Oogami thanks him for the advice and heads out on his rounds. There he meets Sakura and Kohran, who tell him that they were unable to even get a word out of Orihime, and don't know how they can help her.

Oogami also finds out from Maria that Orihime skipped dinner.

He decides to go talk to Orihime to see if he can help her, and runs into Sumire, who has been doing dance practice on her own. He assists her with the lighting setup, and she's able to do a good routine.

Making it to Orihime's room, he tries to talk to her, but she keeps denying him. Finally, he declares that he will stay outside her room until she agrees to talk to him about things, and she tells him to stay there until morning.

Oogami does not leave, and finally Orihime relents, letting him in.

Oogami asks her to tell him about her mother, and Orihime angrily says that no matter what Ogata says, her mother was always so sad. She never cried in front of Orihime, but whenever she was along, Orihime knew she was crying.

Oogami says that Ogata really sounded like he loved Cariino a lot, but Orihime retorts that he's been tricked, and that Ogata claiming to love her mother is an obvious lie.

Oogami wonders how Orihime recognized Ogata if she'd been abandoned so young, and she says her mother gave her a picture of him. Orihime had though that if she met her father she could force him to apologize, but now she thinks that peace is impossible because after all, he was the man who abandoned her and her mother.

With that, she asks Oogami to leave her room.

Back in his room, Oogami ponders the situation. He thinks if he could get the two of them to directly talk things out, issues might get resolved. He resolves to bring them together, even if it's by force.

The next day, Oogami physically drags Orihime to her father, and she complains that she "doesn't know that man."

Oogami puts them together and stands aside to let them talk.

Ogata tries to talk to Orihime, but she tells him not to call her name so freely, that he doesn't have the right. Ogata says she even looks like Cariino when she's angry.

This enrages Orihime further, stating that he shouldn't dare joke about that, that he must think highly of himself, daring to call himself a father after abandoning her and her mother for seventeen years.

Ogata replied that he has no right to call himself a father, but even now he loves her and her mother, and Orihime says that he can say whatever he wants because they're just words. She screams that she doesn't want to hear anything more from him and that he could just disappear.

Just then, there's a huge explosion, and fire erupts around them, and rockets are hurled at them. Without a moment's hesitation, Ogata shields Orihime with his body.

She sees his sketchbook, which has fallen from his coat, and in there a portrait of her mother.

She feels his blood on her hand and cries out "Papa!" just as Kasha and his forces arrive.

Kasha remarks on how interesting this scene is.

He tells Orihime that just as she wishes, he'll make Ogata disappear, but her along with him.

Orihime begs for her father to hang on, and asks him why he protected her. He tells her that it's a natural thing for a father to do for his daughter, and if he let her get hurt, Cariino would be angry with him. He thanks her for calling him Papa.

Oogami rushes back to them, and Kasha tells him he's too late, that those two are his. He's going to burn the trash and direct the ultimate production.

Orihime tells Oogami to hurry and get the rest of the Kagekidan, she'll stay and protect her father.

Oogami tries to stay but she insists, and he quickly heads off to get them, and the TKD sortie on the Shogeimaru.

Kasha wonders if the others can make it back before the others are turned to ash.

He then revels in the sight of the burning festival, gleefully commanding the city and the people to drown in a sea of flames.

The TKD arrives and Kasha reveals he's locked Orihime and her father in a shed with a bomb, and he hopes they're tasting the fear of not knowing when it will go off.

He's set things up so that each time one of his Wakiji approach the shed, the bomb gets closer to detonating.

In the shed, Ogata tells Orihime that he's glad they were able to come to an understanding before the end. He winces in pain and Orihime worries, but he tells her he's fine and they need to get out as quickly as possible. Orihime replies that will be impossible because there's a bomb outside.

Ogata wonders why someone would go so far for ordinary people like them. Orihime then reveals that she's not normal, she's part of the TKD. As Ogata reacts in shock, Orihime realizes for the first time that she can't do anything alone. She needs her friends to help.

Meanwhile, Oogami works on disarming the bomb from the outside.

In the shed, Ogata reassures Orihime the TKD will come to save her. She says there's no way they would come rushing into a dangerous trap like this for her, and she's always been so mean to them.

Ogata disagrees, saying that Oogami will come for her for sure, he's that kind of man. That unlike Ogata he won't run away. He tells her to believe in her friends and in Oogami.

Oogami smashes the wall of the shed and gets Orihime and Ogata.

Orihime is shocked he actually came, and Oogami jokes that "Even Japanese men, when the time comes, aren't too bad, right?", to which she replies, "you're a little late, but I have a slightly better opinion of you now."

Ogata tells Oogami to take care of Orihime and she tells Ogata she'll go and protect everyone she cares for without fail.

Orihime joins the fight in her Eisenkleid, and apologizes to Oogami for the unkind things she's said before, and promises to not say horrible things to him any more, but he replies that he prefers her the way she is now, because her cheerful uninhibitedness is what's good about her. She promises to continue then, and he asks her to just not overdo it.

After the bulk of Kasha's forces are defeated, he reveals that he has one bomb left, and he'll use it to burn up the Kagekidan.

Orihime turns it against him, and Kasha begins to burn, and he cries out in fear, exclaiming that he doesn't want to die. He then begins to laugh hysterically, remarking that his body is burning, and he dies laughing in the flames.

After the battle, Orihime admits that she had thought having friends and co-operating with others were trivial things, but now she thinks she understands things a bit more.

She thanks everyone and Oogami for their help.

Sumire reflects that the sweet Orihime has returned, and Maria remarks that the Hanagumi has finally become one.

Orihime then says Oogami will have to bear the responsibility of suddenly changing her heart like this.

Oogami wonders why it has to be "responsibility" as the others laugh.

The next day, Orihime visits her father at the hospital and leaves him some flowers.

Oogami jokingly remarks how far Orihime has come from the days when she was calling all Japanese men octopuses.

Orihime chides him and tells him to forget such things, and that is why Japanese men have no delicacy.

Ogata laughs and asks Orihime if she would consent to model for him once he gets out of the hospital, as he thinks he could make a very nice picture.

Ogata then asks Oogami to take good care of Orihime, but warns him that if he intends to marry Orihime, he needs to take the proper precautions, as Italian women are very strong-spirited, which flusters both Oogami and Orihime, but seems to make Orihime very happy...


To be Continued

Side Trips and Sight Gags

View of the Theatre Balcony

View of the area overlooking the dining area.

Secret File

Sakura gives Oogami a hand-knit muffler as a gift.

Reni practices swimming by dodging dummy mines and collecting robots Kohran has placed at the bottom of the pool. Kohran always makes sure to clean the Koubu after a battle and feed them a meal to care for them.

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