Episode 6:  Reni, Take the Gun!


The next day, the TKD meets to discuss the enemy's latest move. The Kokkikai seems to have gotten bolder, striking three times in the last week alone.

After the briefing, they change the topic of discussion to the next play, The Blue Bird, in which Iris and Reni are to be the leads.

The group heads out to change, but Kaede draws Oogami aside for a moment to talk about Reni. It seems that lately her movements have become sluggish, as if she's hesitating when fighting. She's not sure if she's overthinking it, but just wanted Oogami to know.

Oogami decides to check on Reni, but the others are already looking out for her.

She is practising her lines as Tyltyl against Iris, who is playing Mytyl.

Eventually, during the rehearsal, Reni comes to a fight scene where she has to defend Iris and she stumbles, forgetting her lines, leading Sumire to declare that "Even Reni is human after all."

The rehearsal starts again as the others discreetly watch, and again, Reni stumbles at the fight scene, even though given her nature they'd expect that to be the easiest scene for her.

They keep retrying the scene, until Reni finally says that she can't concentrate any longer, and stops for a time.

Iris asks what's wrong, and Reni says she just can't fall into the role. Orihime remarks that's something wrong with her... that she might be "broken" somehow.

Oogami decides to go talk to Reni, but ends up meeting Nonomura Tsubomi, a 15 year old who is going to be filling in at the gift shop for Tsubaki, who's out on her secret mission.

She actually came to the theatre from the "Otome Gakuen" (Maiden Academy) - a training school for the TKD.

Oogami is surprised something like that exists, realizing that Yoneda is making moves on his own without telling others.

After she rushes off to get to her new duties, Oogami finds Sakura and Orihime arguing about intervening to help Reni with her struggles. Orihime wants to let Reni sort it out herself, reasoning it's a private matter, but Sakura thinks friends should try to help out.

Oogami decides to intervene with Reni, and again sets out to talk to her, but runs into the "The secret squad of love and beauty "--the Baragumi-- in the hallway.

They tell Oogami that they now have a room in the basement and he should visit them. they also let him know a Typhoon is coming, and Kanna is working on the roof while Maria has gone out to get supplies.

Moving on to the Koubu hangar, Oogami finds Sumire, who confides that she finds it very odd the Kokkikai would know they were going on vacation. Tentatively, she broaches the notion that there could be a spy on the inside. Oogami agrees, and reveals that Maria has had the same suspicion, but they are keeping things under wraps so as not to alert the enemy or cause an unnecessary panic.

Talking to Maria in the library later as she looks for a copy of "the Blue Bird" she ponders that both Iris and Reni are looking for that blue bird of happiness.

She remarks that Reni reminds her of herself in the past, refusing to believe in others and only living for battle.

She hopes that one day Oogami can reach Reni and help her open up.

He runs into Saki in the theatre, who is looking at the Hanagumi practising, and she cryptically remarks that the Hanagumi gives their all as actresses on the stage... but there are some actresses who don't go on stage.

Oogami tries to get her to explain what she means, but Saki leaves before he can.

Meeting Yoneda in his office, Oogami asks him a bit more about Otome Gakuen, the Kagekidan training school.

Yoneda explains that with evil on the rise as it has been, they've been training young girls to serve as the flower division of the future, stating that as things are at the moment nothing beats the powers of a young maiden for piloting Koubu. He expresses regret at having to do so.

The conversation turns to the Baragumi, and Yoneda explains that because of their... rather unique personalities they were kicked out of the army, but he had them join the TKD because they wanted to come.

Oogami wonders at the fact they decided to call themselves the "Rose Divison", to which Yoneda replies that's just what they decided to call themselves, it's not a formal division in the TKD. But he goes on to say "what's in a name" and let them call themselves whatever they want.

Yoneda reminds Oogami to go talk to Reni.

Finally, Oogami meets Reni, and asks if she's feeling all right physically.

Reni takes a moment to ponder and then hesitantly asks Oogami why she's fighting, which takes Oogami aback slightly.

Reni states that she doesn't know why she's fighting any more, and asks Oogami why he fights.

Oogami states that he fights to defend Teito and that it's the TKD's duty.

Reni states that Teito has nothing to do with her and tells Oogami to get out, because she wants to rest. She forcefully tells him to leave.

After he leaves, she weakly asks herself why she's fighting.

Oogami goes back to his room and ponders this, only to get ambushed by Kayama... who is hanging upside down from outside his window.

Oogami asks him why he's hanging like that, and Kayama jokes "When night comes, I suspend myself upside down like this."

Oogami exclaims "Are you a bat?!" and Kayama replies that yes, he's a lone bat who flies about in the darkness of the night.

Helping him inside, Oogami asks what he's doing here, and Kayama cryptically replies by asking him if he has faith, and stating "The determined resolution of the moss allows it to pass through even rock."

He tells Oogami to not speak with words or think with logic.

Oogami realizes he'd been trying to answer Reni's question with words, but it was feelings that were more important.

Kayama tells Oogami not to lose his way, because if he does he'll fall into the enemy's trap. He tells him to strike through his convictions.

Heading back out the window, Kayama vanishes.

As Oogami ponders just what the deal is with Kayama, Iris arrives with a flower wreath she made to try and cheer Reni up. She wants Oogami to be with her when she gives it to Reni.

Iris gives the wreath to Reni, and Reni asks her why. Iris tells her because Reni is her important friend.

Reni struggles with the concept that she's Iris' friend, and Oogami reassures Reni that while they may not be able to help with what's troubling Reni the Hanagumi will always stand with her and watch over her, and the wreath is a proof of that.

Reni takes the wreath, and for the first time... smiles. They tell her to get some rest.

After Oogami and Iris leave, Saki appears, remarking that "The mouse appears to have finally started to take notice... At any rate it seems the time has come."

In her room, Reni ponders the wreath, and the notion of Iris as her friend.

Saki appears and says that Iris is Reni's friend... a false friend, of course.

She says that she and Reni are a lot alike. She remarks that "Friends who believe in each other are a falsehood. In the end, on the battlefield there is only one you can trust... yourself," and that Reni should know that very well.

Reni resists, but Saki continues on that Reni is always alone, but there's no need to worry, for in battle everyone is alone.

Saki uses a strange energy on Reni and tells her to come with her, that Reni is a machine born to fight who doesn't need friends.

As the spell completes, Saki remarks that "That person" will be most pleased, and declares that "Teikoku Kagekidan, by the hand of Kageyama Saki, or rather, Kokkikai Gogyoushu's Suiko, your comrade has been taken."

As the storm approaches the Theatre, Ayame meets with a shadowed individual in secret, who confirms that the secret investigation which started once Yoneda had been shot has come to the same conclusion as she has regarding the culprit.

Saki is the traitor. Without fail, every time she makes a transmission, a Kokkikai movement occurs.

Kaede realizes that Reni might be in great danger. She meets up with Oogami who is on patrol. She asks Oogami where "Kageyama Saki" is. Using her full name in such a formal manner immediately tells Oogami something's wrong.

Kaede says she'll explain later and rushes off.

On his rounds, Oogami comforts Sakura through her door when she reacts badly to the thunder of the typhoon (since it's late and to go in a young lady's room at that hour would just be unthinkable).

He meets Kohran in the hangar, where she remarks that Yamazaki Shinnosuke's designs for the Koubu-Kai were genius as she checks them over.

Next, he visits Iris, who is very nervous, worrying about Reni. She says she feels like Reni's going to go somewhere very far away. She dashes off to check on Reni's room. Oogami follows.

When they get there, they find the room empty, and the wreath Iris gave Reni discarded in the corner.

Iris wonders if Reni threw it away, but Oogami reminds her that Reni was very happy when she got it.

Kohran runs in at that moment and exclaims that Reni went outside in her Eisenkleid. She explains that Reni looked possessed and just took the Eisenkleid, heading out before she could stop her.

Oogami quickly mobilizes everyone, and they wonder where Reni is.

Kaede reveals that Saki was most likely the one who kidnapped Reni and shot General Yoneda.

The group is shocked, and Oogami asks why Saki chose Reni.

Kaede replies that she might have a special relationship with Reni's past. Apparently. during the European War, the Germans were experimenting with "Wachstum", experiments to produce super soldiers with perfect spiritual attack powers. Of the test subjects, only Reni survived.

Those experiments made Reni reject contact with or affection from others to make her a perfect fighting machine. Rather than sentiment or emotion, she was taught only fighting. Her heart was closed like ice.

The Kagekidan sorties in the midst of the Typhoon to find Reni. Oogami asks Iris to use her power to find Reni, and she is able to sense her location.

Heading to the spot Iris indicates, they find Suiko with Reni.

Pleading with Suiko, Oogami asks that if she was even their friend for a second, she should stop what she's doing. Suiko just mocks him, saying he's as soft as ever, and telling Reni that Iris and Oogami are the enemies and she should kill them.

In a panic, Iris asks what they should do. Oogami declares that once, Reni asked her "for what purpose do you fight?", and now he knows the answer.

The Hanagumi decide to hold off Suiko and her forces while Oogami tries to get through to Reni.

Eventually Oogami confronts Reni, and refuses to attack her, stating that he's not the enemy, causing her to ask "If you're not the Enemy, who are you?"

Oogami replies, "We're the friends who put the play on with you, aren't we?"

This causes Reni to waver, but she still decides to attack.

Suiko puts on the pressure, telling Reni she's just a battle machine, and that anything other than her is the enemy.

Oogami disputes that, declaring that there are people who can be trusted.

Iris quickly gets the wreath of flowers to Oogami, who shows it to Reni and asks her to remember Iris's feelings, which were made into the wreath.

Oogami presses, insisting that the reason we right is to protect the ones that we love.

As Reni begins to waver more, Suiko commands Reni to kill the others.

Oogami entreats Reni to come back to the Hanagumi, where her friends are, not to be a machine, but to fight by her own will to protect the things she holds dear.

Reni finally snaps out of the hold Suiko had put on her, declaring she will fight for her own sake, and everyone else's.

Reni rejoins the others and engage with Suiko's forces.

Finally cornering Suiko, Oogami asks if there's no way she can come back again, to the way it was, being their friend.

Suiko replies that the word "friend" makes her flesh crawl, that she doesn't need friends as long as "that person" is there. She declares that "Justice is hypocrisy and Love is weakness!"

She then tells them the time she spent with them was pleasant, especially when she got to pretend to be distressed when Yoneda was shot.

Oogami angrily asks how low she'll go, and Suiko replies that in war anything goes as long as you win.

This finally enrages Oogami to the point where he says he can no longer forgive her, and Suiko chuckles, noting he's finally gotten serious.

As they battle her, Suiko masks her location, causing the others to have to hunt her down. Reni apologizes to Oogami, saying that in protecting her, Oogami was hurt. Oogami replies that he is completely all right because his body is always disciplined.

Reni stumbles over a mumbled "thank you" to Oogami and then hastily changes the subject, stating she needs to get back to her duty of defeating Suiko.

After Suiko is severely weakened, Oni-ou appears, saying that she has failed one too many times, and "that person" no longer has any use for her, and she should end things in a manner befitting the Kokkikai Gogyoushu.

Suiko claims she can defeat the Hanagumi one one more strike, and is then defeated.

At the end, Suiko reflects with amusement that she, who declared there wasn't anything to believe in, did believe in "that person." She reflects that she fought until the end and can die with pride.

She warns the Kagekidan that their battles from here on out will not be this easy. She blows up her mecha and dies.

Saddened by her end, Kanna declares they won't forgive the Kokkikai who used and disposed of her.

Reni again declares she will fight... for the sake of herself and everyone else. She smiles once more.


Reni and Iris' performances in the Blue Bird were well-received, with one critic saying that "Those two in the last scene are truly filled with love as the very brother and sister themselves who found the blue bird."

For after all the blue bird was in their room all along, and happiness was always close at hand.


To be Continued

Secret File

Kanna, having been raised in Okinawa, is used to Typhoons. She would mend roofs before breakfast.

Maria is good at Billiards.

Sumire has been educating Oogami on the proper way to pour tea.

Tsubaki's Kinematron number is 13600'.

There was a naval steam submarine that couldn't surface and was pulled up by rope and human strength.

AS established in Sakura Taisen 1, Sakura is still afraid of the thunder.

Iris can sense Spirit Power.

The inside of the Baragumi quarters:

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