Episode 5:  A Pleasant, but Embarrassing Summer Vacation


Oogami helps Tsubaki, Kasumi and Yuri clean up the gift shop, and remarks that with Summer break starting for the Theatre the next day, they can all relax carefree.

Tsubaki lets Oogami know she'll be gone from the gift shop for a month on duty, and there will be a substitute worker. Oogami asks what duty she's working on, but Kasumi interjects and says it's classified and even they're not sure what it is.

Yuri is shocked that even with her information network, she doesn't know.

Yoneda comes back in, cheerfully, revealing that he's back on duty.

Yuri declares that this is huge news and she's going to tell everyone. Yoneda decides to throw a party in celebration of his return.

That night, Yoneda thanks them for having such a wonderful welcome back party for him. Kohran chides him for not giving them more notice so it could have been better.

Yoneda thanks them all for doing such a great job while he was away, and as a reward he's putting them all on summer break and sending them on a trip to an onsen ryokan at Atami, for four days and three nights.

Yoneda tells them to take Saki with them, and Kasumi reminds Oogami to take the Kinematron with them. Oogami initially worries about leaving the theatre, but they promise to send the Shogeimaru if the Kokkikai show up.

Oogami does his rounds for the day and discovers Sumire is packing--among other things--a change of clothes, cosmetics, a swimsuit, wash items, a diary, tea-making supplies and her own personal pillow.

He has to get both Kanna and Orihime up as they were oversleeping and plays billiards with Maria.

Visiting Kohran in the Koubu maintenance bay, where she's making last minute adjustment to the armours before heading on vacation, she tells Oogami the story surrounding the birth of the armour.

During the American Civil War, the South apparently used Sorcery and Black Magic to massacre civilians and soldiers. The North was completely defenceless against these supernatural tactics.

But one day, on a battlefield where there should have been no survivors, there was one-- a lone baby that had been placed inside a steam tractor.

As it turned out, the steam tractor was made of a cheap metal-- a mix of iron and lead-- that also had the ability to defend against psychospiritual attack. Cilsius Steel.

The reason that Koubu can fight evil is they are built with Cilsius steel. Even parts of the Theatre are built with it.

Oogami helps Kohran gather some tomatoes in the garden, driving off ravenous crows with her smoke bombs, and sees Reni and the dog that was rescued earlier. The dog stays by Reni, but Reni has no apparent interest in it, and walks away.

Sumire's alma mater is "Girl's University" and starting in the spring non nobles will be allowed to attend.

The Government steam office is having confusion over the Japanese System of Weights and Measures, the metric system, and the yard-pound system, since many places use different ones. the units of length for piping are different depending on the place, the government office is in great chaos

At 10 AM, the group heads out on a steam bus arranged by Yoneda.

Oogami is still worried about leaving the theatre defenceless while everyone goes on vacation, but Yoneda reassures him it won't be-- the Baragumi (rose division) will be protecting it--

--their leader, Seiryuuin Kotone--

--Oota Yokihiko--

--Oka Kikunojou--

Despite their rather fanciful manner, the Baragumi are actually army elites.

Iris wonders why these men seem like women. Saki educates Iris, telling her there are many different kinds of people in the world, and Orihime laughs, saying there are a lot of them among European nobility as well.

Instead of being reassured, Oogami leaves even more worried.

After a relaxing game of cards on the bus, Kohran tries to activate what looks to be a homebrew airhorn, but it ends up exploding, filling the bus with smoke.

They finally make it to the seaside and the Ryokan "Kenrokuen" which has a lineage going back to the Edo period. (1603-1868)

As the only guests, they have the ryokan to themselves, and decide to go see the sea.

Maria is excited to see it, as being from Russia swimming in the ocean is quite rare.

After a day of swimming, they meet Kayama at the seashore (for once <_<), who refuses to explain what he's going there and then vanishes.

At dinner, they enjoy a meal, with Orihime balking at the sashimi, which is raw. They have to explain to her how to eat it.

Orhime tries Wasabi, and calls it an "Amazing stimulus that makes tears come from her eyes... a fresh taste that's not in Europe." and she likes it.

Reni analytically dissects the wasabi, "a perennial plant of the aburana family, the root of which includes a stimulating ingredient," but then ultimately declares "...If one can absorb the nutrition taste makes no difference."

Kanna decides to stop eating after her eighth helping.

Everyone decides to get ready to sleep, and Orihime is shocked that everyone sleeps together in the same room. Saki tries to get Oogami to sleep with all of them but he demurs stating he has his own room.

Kohran refuses to let the others sleep before doing "that thing--" an ancient Chinese tradition with 4000 years of history behind it-- a pillow throwing fight which ends up with the sliding doors to the room bring broken.

Maria then rebukes Oogami for being so lax with the others.

Oogami heads to bed, and Sumire sneaks up on him, trying to invite him to go to the sea with her while the others go to the beach.

The others catch her and call her on it.

They all decide to retire for the evening (again) and the next morning split up into three groups, as they all want to see different sights.

Maria, Sakura and Saki head to the onsen, Kanna, Iris and Reni head for the mountains, and Sumire, Iris and Reni are heading for the sea.

During a boating accident, Sumire loses her swimsuit, which ends up in Oogami's hands. Oogami gets bludgeoned.

Reni and Iris swim together and for the first time Remi seems to relax a little.

At the Ryokan, Oogami is relaxing when he hears Sakura, Saki and Maria approaching. Both groups realize with horror it's a mixed bathing area.

Oogami tries to hide underwater. Maria senses someone in the area. Sakura remarks that if Oogami had been there there would have been an uproar.

As the girls chatter amongst each other, Oogami struggles to hold his breath and eventually almost passes out, rising to the surface, almost passed out.

Saki salaciously suggests that the next time they should just get into the bath at the same time since it's mixed bathing, scandalizing Sakura.

That night the group enjoys themselves with some fireworks, first with some small sparklers, and then larger rockets Kohran made especially for the occasion.

Afterwards, Oogami runs into Reni at the bath, and flees before his reputation can get any worse.

The Next Day, the other girls discover that Reni is a girl. They ask her why she kept it quiet all this time, to which Reni simply replies "I didn't especially. There just wasn't any need to tell you"

Going around the ryokan, Oogami runs into Maria, who suggests he contact the Theatre using his kinematron to see how everything is going, but it's missing from its usual place in his room and they can't find it.

Not wanting to ruin the mood of the others for possibly no reason, they decide not to tell everyone else about this, but privately worry that this could be a bad turn of events.

They search the inn for it.

During the course of the search, Saki reveals that she's going to be staying inside for the day because her skin is weak (presumably she doesn't want to get sunburn)

They run into Sakura and Orihime, who are comparing swimsuits. They try indirectly asking about the Kinematron, but get no results.

On a hunch, Maria leaves for a moment and comes back with a broken piece of the Kinematron that a child had found on the beach and turned in to the Ryokan staff.

Oogami realizes this means someone has stolen the unit and taken it outside, and he and Maria rush to the locale where the fragment was found.

They find its shattered remains on a desolate patch of beach.

Discussing the matter, Oogami and Maria can only come to one conclusion-- deliberate destruction of the transmitter so no one could contact the outside world.

They decide to discreetly try and find out who the saboteur is.

Seeing a cave nearby, they decide to check it out.

Deep in the back of the cave, they find a radio set. Someone else is making transmissions out!

As they stand by the box, a transmission comes in from Kongou. Maria answers it, and Kongou asks for "Suiko", asking if she's destroyed the transmission device. Maria says she has, and Kongou is pleased, because not the TKD will be defenceless. He says that Suiko is "quite a woman", which gives them their first clue as to the identity of the infiltrator.

He wonders why Suiko sounds different, to which Maria replies "it's a cold."

Kongou laughs and asks what direction he should send the reinforcements in, to catch the TKD unawares. Oogami and Maria pick a location so that they can predict where the enemy will come from, and then use the radio to contact the Theatre and request their own reinforcements.

The cave begins to fill with water, and Maria is not good with swimming. She asks Oogami to leave her and warn the others.

Maria says that she, who has abandoned her country and lost her family, is willing to sacrifice herself to save Oogami and the Hanagumi, who are a treasure that money can't buy.

Oogami tells her not to worry, that he'll take her hand and swim leading her out.

Getting her out of the water, he gets her on the bleach and almost has to use artificial respiration on her.... but she wakes up.

They look up to see the sight of the Shogeimaru approaching.

Elsewhere, on the beach, Suiko is rejoicing as her forces arrive, stating that the Kagekidan without their Koubu are just a mere collection of little girls that she can kill easily.

But then she hears Maria's voice saying "I wonder about that."

In shock, she wonders why the Koubu are present. But then she haughtily declares that it doesn't matter, they're still mice in her trap.

It seems the Kokkikai forces are approaching from not one, but two directions 300 meters away. If they join up, they would still be able to annihilate the Hanagumi.

Working quickly and carefully the Hanagumi block the route of the advancing forces and then proceed to wipe out the enemy.

Suiko then decides to confront them directly, but then Kongou appears, still operating under the false instructions that Maria had given him. The Hanagumi defeat him first, and he flees.

Then they defeat Suiko, who proudly declares "trust and love are in the end no more than an illusion. You will understand that soon, and I can't I can't wait to see your face at that time."

She flees.

Iris hopes the others are all right at the theatre and Orihime grouses that she wishes the Kokkikai would rest during vacations, which Sakura agrees with, saying that she likes to rest during her vacations.

The next day, the others wonder where Oogami and Maria had gone while the rest of them were having fun, and she and Oogami smile at each other, Oogami laughing and remembering their adventure by the cave.

Kanna complains their looks are grossing her out, and the group has a good laugh, heading back to the theatre on their bus.


To be Continued

Secret File

Kaede and Ayame barely ever lived together despite being sisters. Something about their family line--that extends through Fuji--makes that common. She knew her sister was always making sacrifices, so when she heard her sister had died she knew she had to come to the TKD to protect Teito

Without her own personal pillow Sumire can't sleep-- she even sends for it when staying at her parent's home.

Orihime is not good at waking up Early

The Yakuza boss and his gang who tried to have their way with Sakura and Kohran in the restaurant last episode were saved from the burning building by people and had a change of heart, becoming servants to society. They began cleaning up the streets of Teito.

According to the TV Anime DVD insert booklet, Sakura's blade Arataka also contains Cilcisus Steel in its construction as well as Meteoric Ore.


Could the sole survivor of the Civil War Battle Kohran references be Sakura Taisen V Episode 0's [SPOILER] Juanita Cushing? [END SPOILER]

Along the same line, Could the black magic being referenced here explain Sakura Taisen V Episode 0's [SPOILER] Patrick and his squad of Confederate soldiers [END SPOILER] who came out of the Civil War functionally immortal and possessed of occult powers and knowledge?

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