Episode 4: AGreat Outburst!  Fireball Geisha Girls


Summer has begun, and Sakura is complaining about the heat as she and Oogami go to visit Yoneda in the hospital. Oogami compliments her on her dress, and they are suddenly surprised by a stray puppy, which runs off.

Sakura thinks it was cute and wishes they could have kept it at the theatre.

To their shock, Oogami next sees the puppy in the road, about to be hit by a speeding car.

Oogami leaps for the puppy!

Managing to save the puppy, Oogami hits the ground. The men in the car get out, incensed that Oogami got in their way, complaining that they could have been injured by his sudden leap.

Oogami retorts the dog could have been hurt.

The men take offence at the notion that the dog's life was more important than theirs. Sakura accuses them of being rude.

The soldiers snap back that she wouldn't take that tone with Imperial Military personnel.

Oogami recognizes the insignia on the lead soldier and comments that that means he's a commissioned army officer.

The Army officer deduces that Oogami is a civillian working for the military and demands his identity. When Oogami tells him his name, he replies. "So you're the Squad Leader of that spoiled corps, overrun with girls, called the Teikoku Kagekidan or something."

Oogami is taken aback by this statement, and the soldier attacks Oogami, claiming that people like him are ruining Japan, slamming him into the side of the car.

Sakura wants to fight back, but Oogami tells her to wait, saying it would cause a problem between the Army and the Navy.

The attacking soldier wants to attack again, but a man calls out for him to wait, emerging from the car. Oogami recognizes him instantly and the other soldier chides him for not saluting "the Army Cabinet Minister, His Excellency Kyougoku Keigo."

As it begins to rain, Sakura regards him angrily.

Keigo remarks Oogami has good eyes on him, and there is some trace of Sakura's father in her, after all.

Shocked, Sakura asks if he knew her father. Kyougoku replies that he was pitfall, a man who had a foolish, wasteful death.

This angers Sakura, but Keigo warns her to "take care not to have a dog's death the way your father did" and walks away.

Sakura is enraged, declaring that she'll never forgive him for making a mockery of her father.

They decide to keep the incident secret from Yoneda so as not to cause him any stress. Heading into the hospital to see Yoneda, they run into Kayama, who had come to see him. Kayama is upset, muttering something about how "Even though he had been with [Yoneda]..."

Oogami asks what they were talking about, and Kayama says "Work." Oogami asks him what work Kayama does and Kayama tells him not to worry about it and heads off.

Oogami and Sakura go to see Yoneda, who asks about the bruise Oogami got in his fight. Oogami lies about it and says he fell down.

Coming in suddenly, Kohran asks if someone found out Oogami was being unfaithful or something.

Surprised to see her, Oogami asks if she still wasn't still supposed to be at the Hana-Yashiki branch, but Kohran says her work is done there and she's able to return. She wanted to see Yoneda's face and how he was doing.

Yoneda remarks that even though everyone keeps telling him he's fine, people keep coming to check up on him.

Kohran asks about Oogami's face, and Oogami stays silent, but Sakura finally apologizes and tells everyone the truth, revealing the incident with the Army Cabinet Minster and his men.

Yoneda explains that Kyougoku Keigo rose to the position of Army Cabinet Minister at a young age. An advocate of a military-ruled state, he pushed those ideals even when the rest of the world was on a path of disarmament. He has a lot of youthful commissioned officers following him because they're inspired by the message.

Sakura angrily states she won't forgive him for saying things about her father. Yoneda asks her to bear up with it for a little while longer and not rise to his bait.

Tiring out, Yoneda sends the others back for the day but asks to speak to Oogami alone for a bit.

Yoneda asks him to hold onto his sword 'Shintou-Mekkyaku' (God Sword of Destruction) that he has held since the time of the Kouma War.

Oogami is moved that Yoneda is giving him this precious memento, and Yoneda hastily snaps that he's not dead yet, he's just asking him to hold onto it for now because he's the only one he can trust with it.

Leaving the hospital, Oogami reunites with Kohran, Sakura and the little dog, who was waiting for him all this time. They decide to take him in and raise him in the Theatre.

Back at the Theatre they name the dog. (The name can be anything from Altair to Hana-Maru to Dai to Long (as in a dragon) to Torte, to Hund to Shiro)

Kohran asks Oogami to meet her in her room at four O'clock. so to pass the time Oogami visits Kaede, whose room is more western-style than her sister's, and they discuss why they joined the TKD - Oogami because he wanted to protect Teito and Kaede because she was inspired by her sister.

He then plays the piano with Orihime, has an eating contest with Kanna, helps Iris with her Japanese homework, and helps Reni bond with the new doggie, and takes part in some sword training with Sakura, and pouring tea with Sumire.

Saki helps wrap his leg in the medical room, which he had sprained when going after the dog.

Heading to the attic, he hears Orihime talking to herself about how she had not intended to stay in Japan because it was the country where "he" was born, but she's starting to get the feeling it's not so bad. He leaves before she hears him listening, surprised that she has that side of it.

Talking with Kohran in the Koubu hangar, they discuss how much she loves machines after he sees her talking to an Eisenkleid unit and saying she's "heard the rumours, but let's try to be friends." He asks her about the secret project she mentioned to him months ago (back at the end of Sakura Taisen 1 in her ending) and she says it's almost complete-- that's what she's been working on at the TKD's Hokkaido branch.

Kohran says that machines are like children who always do their best, and if you don't care for them they start acting too, just like children.

Oogami finds Saki going through papers in Yoneda's office, and there she tries to seduce him.

Escaping, Oogami heads for the pool, where Reni is naked (since clothing produces resistance and Reni is all about efficiency). At this point Oogami realizes Reni is not a boy... but a girl.

At 4, Oogami goes to Kohran's room. There she is building something. Oogami remarks that she's always building something, to which she explains she started working with machines as a child. the first thing she worked on was her father's watch.

She reveals he lost both her parents in China during the revolution, and her home and sisters.

After that, Ayame invited her to Japan to work with the TKD and she wasn't used to it, but Yoneda let her work on the machines.

Kohran reveals that she feels like she's had three dads-- her biological father, the one who raised her in Kobe, and Yoneda.

She is very angry about what happened to Yoneda, and vows that when she finds out who did this to him, she'll never forgive them-- she'll find them and split them in two.

Oogami is momentarily taken aback by how angry Kohran is, and she calms, deciding to show him a new invention. She places a small ball in his hand which she directs him to throw on the ground-- but before she can it explodes in his face, leading her to mutter that it needs double the gunpowder.

Back at the enemy Base, Oni-ou addresses Mokujiki, telling him that the assassination of Yoneda has apparently failed.

Mokujiki is unconcerned, claiming that this is also in the scope of his calculations, and that Yoneda is out of action for the time being, and it gives them the ability to take out the TKD and one other hindrance at the same time.

"Yamaguchi Kazutoyo", Oni-ou remarks.

Kongou wants another chance to fight, but Mokujiki chastens him, telling him to not be so hasty, that victory comes from collecting the most intelligence, and Kasha, who has not yet met the TKD, would be the best chance for them.

Kasha agrees, but wonders if the TKD and Yamaguchi can be brought together in the same place.

Mokujiki says his "Water Fox" Suiko has already made her move and everything should be in position.

Tsuchi-gumo questions Suiko's usefulness, but Mokujiki says there's none better.

Oni-ou then tells Kasha to move out, and Kasha promises to burn everything.

That night, Oogami gets informed by Iris and Kanna that Sakura and Kohran have gone out to find Kyougoku. He quickly gathers with the others to find out what happened.

Saki exclaims that it was her fault, that she let slip a rumour that Cabinet Minister Kyougoku was holding a meeting at a restaurant in Fukagawa and they heard and went out.

Oogami goes after them with the rest of the TKD on standby back at the theatre.

Meanwhile, Sakura and Kohran have made their way to the restaurant. Sakura tries to send Kohran away, not wanting her to get in trouble, but Kohran dismisses her concerns, saying that she loves "this kind of thing."

They take a moment to decide how to get in, realizing that just walking in as they are will only get them thrown out. Kohran thinks for a moment and then hits on an idea...

....They decide to go in dressed as Geisha.

A little while later, Oogami finds himself at the restaurant, also realizing he may have trouble getting in. He decides to just go for it, because Sakura and Kohran could be in trouble.

At the perimeter of the Restaurant, Sakura and Kohran are trying to figure out what room Kyougoku is in. They decide to take a chance and head in, introducing themselves as "Beni-yakko" and "Sakura-yakko"

But they picked the wrong room-- one that seems to be filled with Yakuza!

They decide to play along until they can make their way out and find Kyougoku.

Oogami, for his part, has searched most of the restaurant's rooms, but not found Sakura, Kohran or Kyougoku .

Finally, he hears what appear to be their voices, but before he can investigate, a man stops him, asking for some sake, mistaking him for an employee. Oogami tries to explain he's not an employee and asks where the room Kyougoku is in is located, but the man drags him away, introducing himself as Yamaguchi.

Back with the Yakuza, things are getting out of hand as one tries to disrobe Sakura. Kohran, however, has prepared for this, and drops a smoke bomb as Sakura decks one of the men. A brawl ensures, and they escape.

Oogami, meanwhile, is sitting with the Drunken Yamaguchi, who asks him why he's at the restaurant. Oogami explains he was looking for Kyougoku and his friends.

Yamaguchi replies that he hasn't heard anything about Kyougoku coming to the restaurant at all, and before Oogami can properly register that, screams of "fire!" can be heard. The restaurant has been set ablaze!

Elsewhere, Sakura looks at Kohran, who vehemently denies setting a fire saying her smoke bombs don't cause flame.

Sakura tries to help evacuate people, but Kohran is transfixed, remembering the fire that took her family in her youth. That quickly gives way to rage as Kohran tells Sakura to get everyone out-- she's going to get the person who set the fire and tried to kill everyone. She can't forgive it. She vows not to be beaten by the fire.

Oogami and Yamaguchi flee their burning room, and Oogami decides to go looking for Sakura and Kohran. He meets Sakura outside, who tells him Kohran has gone inside.

Oogami tells Sakura to get Yamaguchi to safety, and he makes his way back into the flames to save Kohran.

Kohran is overcome with anger at the people who tried to kill Yoneda, who set the fire, and who burnt down her home.

Oogami tries to pull her away and resists, saying she's had enough and just wants to die in the fire.

Having no time, Oogami slaps her hard to bring her to her senses.

Kohran explains that the fire triggered a memory of her past, a memory of the gunshots and screams and of her parents dying in the fire. She laments that now the TKD is her family and she won't let that be destroyed by some group she knows nothing about.

They quickly decide to get back out, with Oogami backtracking the way he came.

They manage to escape the flames, but run right into Kasha, who introduces himself as one of the Kokkikai Gogyoushu and declares he will burn the TKD up with Yamaguchi.

Oogami wants to know why they're targeting Yamaguchi, and Kasha declares they can "ponder that in hell."

He tries to cut off their escape route, but Oogami and Kohran make a leap of faith and escape the flames just as the Shogeimaru arrives.

Meeting up with Sakura, she tells them that everything is okay because they had Yamaguchi evacuated by car. Oogami frantically explains that no, everything is not all right, because Yamaguchi is actually a target!

They decide to protect him and fight off the enemy at the same time.

Kaede informs them the civilians have been evacuated, so the TKD acts to protect the car as they battle the enemy.

After Yamaguchi is safely evacuated, Kasha reveals that he's wired explosives up to the area where the civilians evacuated and he'll set off the detonator.

Sakura calls him a coward and Kasha replies he's "burning the trash and making Teito clean."

Kohran vows she won't lose ot him, and Kasha wonders how long that brave show can go on for....

...and then someone shoots the detonator out of his hand.

Maria Tachibana arrives in her Koubu just in the nick of time.

They defeat Kasha, who barely escapes with his life.


The TKD are shocked to find out that the man they saved, Yamaguchi, was actually Navy Cabinet Member Yamaguchi.

Oogami apologizes for being so forward with the Minister in the Restaurant, but the minister replies he too was there in disguise.

Minister Yamaguchi states tat the Kokkikai aren't the only problems. Unrest has begun at the hands of some extremists, and he doesn't want to worsen things with large military movements, but he promises to support the TKD. He also states he's a fan of the theatre side of the troupe as well, and wants to see their plays. He promises to convince the financial world to back the TKD so he can see more of their plays.

Oogami laughs and says all this good has come from Sakura and Kohran running wild.


To be Continued

Secret File

There's a cafe called Cafe Paulista where all the intelligentsia hang out. They sell coffee and doughnuts.

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