Episode 3: Aah! a Wedding Interview


Oogami and the others gather at the army hospital where General Yoneda was taken. They meet Saki, who says he's in critical condition. While his tremendous force of will is keeping him alive, he's not concious and the chances of him regaining conciousness seem to be almost nil.

Oogami does his best to cheer up the Hanagumi, who are all shocked and despirited over Yoneda's condition.

Yuri informs him that whoever shot Yoneda had to have a good knowledge of his whereabouts and was an expert marksman. The investigation is not going well, as there was no evidence left at the scene to identify the criminal. Some think it was an assassination plan on the behest of a secret intelligence organization from another country.

Later Oogami talks to Reni, who confirms by the angle and penetration of the bullet that the sniper must have worked from a far off Location. Oogami wonders how Reni would know that, and Reni reveals that he too, knows how to shoot like that.

Before Oogami can press further, Reni leaves and Oogami goes to see Sakura, who is looking over the photo of her father, Yoneda, Yamazaki and Ayame, lamenting that they're almost all gone now. Oogami comforts Sakura, but gets disturbing news from Kasumi. All funding to the TKD has been suddenly been cut off.

Oogami and Kasumi decide the best thing to do is focus on the upcoming summer perfomance of the Theatre in order to make some money to keep things afloat.

Oogami gathers the Hanagumi members and informs them of the situation. They all agree to help make the Summer performance work. Sakura points out a huge problem, however-- they have no one to play the male lead of King Lear.

As everyone's spirits begin to fall, a new voice tells them to cheer up and hold it together.

Kirishima Kanna has returned. Oogami introduces her to Reni and Orihime, and explain the situation. Kanna is worried that Sumire is still at home, but denies it.

Rehearsals begin, and Kanna points out that King Lear is a rather dour subject for a play, especially in such dark times. Sakura suggests they modify the play so that Lear is a cheerful, enthusiastic old man, much like the Yoneda they want back.

Orihime is scandalized by the idea of giving King Lear a happy ending, but the others all agree.

Kanna drags Oogami off for a few moments to spar with him and then reveals that up until now she has only been training to get strong so she could catch up with her father, but now she feels she wants to get strong for everyone else.

The rehearsals continue. Later that night, Oogami is surprised by a Kinematron call from a despondent Sumire, who asks him who is more important to him, her or the squad. He tells her that she's important to him, and then she says farewell and cuts off the transmission.

Oogami is shocked and wonders what's happened.

At the headquarters of the Kokkikai - Gogyoushou, the masked man-- Oni-ou, asks if everyone has gathered.

Kongou, angrily asks why Oni-ou is playing boss, stating that "If we have the time to be having an assembly, we should be taking care of [the TKD]!"

Another of the assemblage, "Tsuchi-gumo", tells Kongou to be silent since he has already lost to the enemy once.

Mokujiki laughs at this, stating that Tsuchi-gumo is as harsh as ever, but that lost battle is not a waste, that things are still within the scope of his calculations.

The next member of the group, Kasha, replies that winning or losing is trivial, but killing the Hanagumi is the real problem.

Oni-ou asks how their other member, Suiko is doing. Mokujiki replies that she's already in position and is doing well.

Oni-ou approves and reveals that the reason he has gathered everyone is that thanks to "that person"'s efforts, the Kagekidan has lost all its funding.

Kasha thinks the starvation tactics are appropriate. Kongou believes them boring. Oni-ou remarks that there is still one person who can provide capital. Mokujiki states that he's calculated for that, and all that needs to happen is that source needs to be cut off.

Oni-ou ponders this. "Crush them, eh?"

Kongou demands to be allowed to do it, but Tsuchi-gomu points out his mecha is still damaged, and she requests permission to do it, stating that she's tired of easy prey and wants to fight prey that can bite back.

Oni-ou grants her permission, and Kongou protests, saying that his mecha will be repaired soon. Oni-ou rebukes him, but warns Tsuchi-gumo not to betray "that person"'s expectations.

The next day at rehearsals, Oogami looks depressed and Kanna tries to get to the bottom of why. Oogami tries to deflect the question by praising Kanna's performance as King Lear, but eventually admits he got a late night call from Sumire.

Yuri bursts in exclaiming that Sumire is getting married to the young son of Viscount Makibishi. If the marriage goes through, funding will resume for the TKD.

Kanna realises with horror that Sumire intends to sacrifice herself for the good of the TKD. Oogami declares that they'll go save her if she's being wed against her will. Even the aloof Reni agrees, stating that "If that person returns to us, the Hanagumi's fighting power will be strengthened as well".

At the Kanzaki manor, the butler, Miyata Kyousei informs Sumire that her groom-to-be is waiting to see her and her parents.

Sumire asks him what he thinks of her prospective groom, and he replies that he only cares for her happiness and wishes that she would stop doing dangerous work and search for her own happiness.

Oogami and the others arrive at the Kanzaki manor, but the gate is locked. Oogami tries it, but it's secure. Miyata Kyousei confronts them from the other side of the gate and tells them he cannot allow them to enter, because today is an important day for Sumire, and if they want to get in, they'd have to destroy the gate to get it.

Kanna obliges.

The group charges towards the manor and guards try to stop them. They deal with them and, leaving Iris, Sakura, Orihime and Reni to cover them, Oogami and Kanna make their way inside.

Kanna bandages one of Oogami's wounds, noting that she's wound her own bandages many times, but doing it for others is difficult. They resume heading for Sumire.

Sumire, meanwhile, is seated with her parents and grandfather, as well as her groom-to-be Yuuichiro Makibishi and his mother. She has been silent all this time, prompting her grandfather to ask her to speak.

Her father, Shigeki, also presses her to speak, but her mother gently reminds her that if she doesn't speak, she won't learn anything, either.

Sumire asks Makibishi if he's all right with having this marriage decided for him. He begins a stuttering reply, but Sumire's grandfather cuts in, stating that he has no objections, and Makibishi's mother agrees, stating that bringing Sumire into their home would make Yuuichiro very happy.

Sumire's grandfather then presses Sumire, demanding that she answer now that she knows Yuuichiro's intentions.

Under pressure, Sumire begins to speak, but at that moment Kanna bursts in, telling them to hold it.

Sumire's grandfather laughs, impressed that Oogami has made it this far. He asks if Oogami intends to make him lose face after having supported the TKD .

Oogami thanks him for his aid but firmly states that despite that he can't allow Sumire to have a wedding force on her against her will.

Sumire's grandfather reminds Oogami that the financial world has withdrawn its sup[port for the TKD and if Oogami continues this course of action, he will withdraw his support as well. However if he leaves now without interfering, aid will continue.

Sumire and Kanna both protest, but her grandfather yells at them "women should be silent!"

Oogami refuses to budge, stating that he's taking Sumire back.

Sumire's grandfather replies that as Oogami is the squad leader, his position will reflect on the entire Teikoku Kagekidan.

At that moment, a woman appears from the shadows, stating that as vice-commander of the TKD, she's fine with what the just heard.

Sumire and Oogami are shocked as they see Fujieda Ayame emerge from the shadows, their comrade who they lost in the original battle with Aoi Satan the year before. However, it turns out to not be Ayame, but her younger sister, Kaede.

Sumire's grandfather laughs, impressed that the TKD would go this far for Sumire alone. At that point Sumire declares she's going back with them.

Her grandfather tells her that he understands, and lets her go, but reminds her that the Kanzaki Zaibatsu (interlocked business group) won't be providing support for them as a result. Sumire replies that they'll manage with their own power.

At that moment, the enemy attacks. But Ayame says it's all right, as she knew this was going to happen. The Shogeimaru has already been prepared and will be providing cover. The priority is to protect the people in the Kanzaki manor.

Her parents ask her to wait, but Sumire says she's going to go fight with her friends.

Her mother tells her it's all right. If there's something she truly finds important, she should stop worrying about the Kanzaki name and live as she sees fit to, and her father tells her that he loves her.

Sumire happily tells her parents she's going to go fight for everything she holds dear.

Kanna jokingly tells her it will be her first battle in a while and so not to drag her down, while Sumire retorts Kanna should do her best to not destroy the house with her brute force.

They battle Tsuchi-gumo on the grounds of the Kanzaki Manor.

Kanna and Sumire have a contest during the battle to see who can take out more enemies. The manor is evacuated, and the full counter-attack begins.

Eventually, they defeat Tsuchi-gumo, and Kanna jokes that by breaking her arranged marriage, Sumire has lost her last chance at getting married. Sumire retorts that she doesn't want to hear that from someone who has no chance at getting married in the first place.

After the Victory pose, they reconvene at the Theatre, where Kaede reveals she was just officially appointed as the Vice-Commander of the TKD. She asks everyone for their support, and Oogami becomes flustered, prompting a jealous Sakura to remark "Honestly......that Oogami-san - whenever he looks at someone pretty, he immediately turns lovestruck!!"

At that moment, Yuri and Kasumi burst in reporting good news-- General Yoneda's regained conciousness.

Rushing to the hospital, the group visits Yoneda, their spirits lifted. Yoneda, however, was to be sorely tested-- for he was to be stuck in the Hospital for two months without liquor.

The première of King Lear was an astonishing success, with the audience loving the revised play and the banter between Sumire and Kanna.

Oogami is encouraged, realizing that no matter what happens, if the entire Hanagumi joins forces, they can't be stopped.


To be Continued

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