Episode 2: Iris' Letter



Oogami reflects on how deeply absorbed in thought Yoneda has become ever since the battle at the Theatre. He gets a call from Yoneda and is called down to the underground briefing room, where Yoneda shows him a picture of Aoi Satan / Yamazaki.

Yoneda explans that the man who attacked them was his former comrade-in-arms in the Kouma war, Shinnosuke Yamazaki. Fourteen years ago, an "Anti-Kouma Squad" was formed within the Imperial Army to fight off evil in Teito-- the predecessor to the Imperial Assault Force.

It was composed of Fujieda Ayame, Yamazaki, Yoneda and Kazuma Shinguuji.

Seven years ago, they fought in the Kouma War-- a battle against a massive Kouma that appeared in Nihonbashi.

He explains that Yamazaki was a genius who came up with the designs for the Koubu, but who disappeared right after the Kouma war. He laments that he never knew what happened to him after that and that he would finally meet him again the way he had last month at the theatre, and that that was to be their final parting.

Sadly he reflects of the four, he's the last one left alive, and there's nothing sadder than a military man who's missed his time to die.

Oogami reminds him that he's not alone, that he has the Hanagumi now, and that depression and sadness doesn't suit him, and he shouldn't speak as if he's outlived his time.

Yoneda replies that he was just joking, and Oogami should prepare to greet another new member of the TKD that is arriving at noon.

Oogami leaves, and Yoneda remarks to himself that Oogami's right.

Sakura, Iris, and Orihime help Oogami prepare for the welcome party. Oogami learns from Yumi that the new member is also an ex-Hoshigumi member, and that Yoneda is getting a new assistant as well.

Later in the day, Oogami meets a young lady who flirts with him.

On the Kinematron, he hears on the news that T the Wakiji attack from last month has been explained as as a steam plumbing accident, dismissing eyewitness reports of humanoid steam robots.

Sumire contacts him and tells him that her family will not let her leave the mansion, and she has no idea why.

The time for the new arrival comes, and Iris rushes to greet them, sliding down the bannister of the great staircase, but losing control and flying off. The new arrival, who is a platinum-haired boy, catches her and Jean-Paul with ease.

Yoneda introduces the new arrival as Reni Milchstra├če. Like Orihime, a former member of the Hoshigumi.

Reni then promptly turns to leave, saying he will be in his room until there are orders. Sakura tries to stop him, telling him they have a surprise party for him. He doesn't respond until Oogami tells him to come with them, and then he flatly obeys.

Orihime greets her former comrade, and then they meet Yoneda's new assistant, who was transferred in as a recommendation from the Army, Kageyama Saki, whom Sakura is instantly jealous of.

The mood at the party deteriorates, but an alarm stops things from getting worse. Reni immediately becomes almost robotic and demands to know where the sortie area and his Eisenkleid are. Orihime remarks that he hasn't changed at all.

The enemy appeared at the Uguisudani pleasure resort in a city located north-east of Teito. There are numerous civilians and children there.

Reni declares that he understands the objective to defend the citizens, but that the most critical task is winning.

Oogami is shocked to hear this and Orihime explains that Reni sees battles as "win or lose" propositions, and humanitarian concerns don't factor in.

They sortie in the airship Shogeimaru.

On the battlefield at Uguisudani, one of the enemy leaders wonders when the TKD is going to show up, and another reassures him that no matter who shows up, his plan is perfect.

The first man complains that the second, Mokujiki, wastes too much time on "tinkering", and Mokujiki retorts that he should think of them as "Calculations".

The TKD arrives on the battlefield and the first man reveals his identity as "Leader of the Kokkikai Gogyoushu, (Five Black Oni) Kongou".

Mokujiki admonishes Kongou, telling him not to kill them too quickly, as he doesn't want "Yamazaki to explain it to them in hell." He tells the team that Teito prospered because of evil energy, and trying to seal it it a useless dream.

Kongou silences Mokujiki, and then attacks. Mokujiki then laughs and asks Kongou to show him "justice by force in full", but is shocked when Reni coldly attacks him out of the blue, throwing off his calculations.

Kongou mocks him and tells him to get off the battlefield, so Mokujiki leaves.

Reni coldly notes his first target has left the field and now the second needs to be attacked. Kongou laughs heartily, drawn to battling a strong opponent. Reni is ready to engage right there but Oogami reminds him to think of the citizens' safety first, and focus on defeating the enemies heading for the civilians.

Reni concedes but prefers to work alone as he believes others coming along would be a hindrance to his movement.

After Kongou is bested, he prepares to retreat, but demands Oogami's name, and says that the next time they meet he'll carve that name on Oogami's tombstone.

Reni wants to pursue but Oogami tells him that deep pursuit is prohibited.

Iris is happy that the children on the battlefield weren't hurt, and Oogami tells her that "Protecting Teito is protecting the small happiness of a mother and child."

For some reason this causes Iris to be depressed, and she leaves the battlefield.

Later that night, the group decides to hold the welcome party for Reni again, and Iris brings some sweets. She gives some to Reni, who tries them but comments that the nutritional value is low.

Sakura asks where Iris got the candies from and she replies they were sent to her in a letter from her father, and exclaims that she loves her father.

Orihime seems saddened for a moment hearing that, and when Oogami asks about it, Orihime exclaims, "Honestly, this 'Papa, Papa' - it's so foolish!"

Iris becomes upset and Oogami asks Orihime to apologize to her, causing Orihime to exclaim "this is why I hate Japanese men! If you thought it would be a good idea to be so high and mighty and put on a mask of justice, you were sorely mistaken! "

Sakura presses and Orihime replies that "being overjoyed because of something like a letter from your father is strange."

This angers Iris, who exclaims thatrt she's been waiting forever for her father's letter. Orihime asks if she isn't tired of being treated like a child, and states it might be better if she just breaks away from them.

Iris becomes VERY angry and declares that she wants to be with her mother and father, screaming that she hates everyone, and emits a burst of telekinetic power, declaring that she hates Orihime and running off.

Reni coldly notes Iris has a high level of spirit power.

The group splits up to look for her.

In the course of doing so, Oogami runs into Reni, coming up behind him, and Reni hurls him aside quickly, stating that if anyone sneaks up on him, his body moves of its own accord and will attack. Oogami wonders where he could have picked up such skill but has no time to investigate and so goes to look for Iris again.

In the midst of his search for Iris, Saki intercepts him, trying to get him to hold her. She falls and hurts her ankle, asking him for help. Oogami obliges, and this irritates Sakura, who comes in at the wrong time and gets the entirely wrong impression.

After Saki and Sakura leave, Kayama appears, chiding him with the words "If you flirt with girls someday you'll get hurt."

He then leaves a flustered Oogami, but not before telling him to check the attic for Iris.

Heading to the attic, Oogami runs into Reni, who is checking over his Eisenkleid. Oogami wonders if, like Kohran, Reni likes machines, but Reni simply replies that ".....At the very least, the fact that they do not move based on emotions makes them easier to comprehend than humans."

Finally, Oogami makes his way to the attic, where Iris is sitting in the corner, clutching Jean-Paul.

Speaking to her, Oogami encourages her to apologize to Orihime, and she agrees, stating that she's glad he came to see her, and that she needs to write a reply to her parents, and she would like Oogami to write something too. Oogami protests that he doesn't know French, but she promises to translate.

In Iris' room, together, they work on a letter to her parents. Oogami remarks on how admirable Iris is, living alone away from her a parents at such a young age.

Iris disagrees, stating that when she was small, she was always living in a castle by herself in her room, with only stuffed toys for company, since she couldn't control her powers. She desperately wanted to spend time with her parents, and go out with them, but she couldn't. She sadly relates that she's not admirable... just lonely.

Oogami promises her that she doesn't have to be alone any more, that he and the Hanagumi will be there for her, and she asks if she can rest in his room for the night, which he allows.

The next morning, she wakes up stating she had a dream about Oogami. Oogami jokingly states he should charge her for his performance.

They head down for breakfast, surprising Sakura. Saki and Yoneda arrive, with Yoneda explaining he's heading out to have a meeting with the War Department. Iris asks Yoneda to mail her letter out for her.

The next moment, a battle alarm sounds. Yoneda leaves Oogami to sortie the Hanagumi, but is startled for a moment as his shoelace breaks. Saki says it's a bad omen.

The Hanagumi assembles in the briefing room, and is told the enemy is attacking Shibuya and moving mass quantities of material.

Taking the Gouraigo, the group heads out by train to the location.

Outside the war department, Yoneda is suddenly shot by a sniper. Collapsing, he tries to drag himself to the Theatre, declaring that his children are there and he won't be beaten here.

Meanwhile, the Hanagumi are fighting in Shibuya, trying to stop the enemy from gathering material to build a new base. After they drive off the enemies, "The Fist of Intellect" Mokujiki appears, stating that his calculation are perfect and everything will go according to plan.

He is defeated and runs off. Sakura and the others teach Reni how to do a victory pose.

They ask Reni to fight with them, and he has no issue, stating that " I did come here to fight, after all, [but] with battles at this level, we have to have complete victory."

As the group decides where to go after this is over, with Iris wanting to have a date with Oogami, Sakura rushes in to inform them of the terrible news-- General Yoneda has been shot.


To be Continued

Secret File

A reclamation project for Tokyo bay has begun.

A new radio show called Shounen Red started and can be heard on Kinematron Channel 13510.

13560 is the channel for Teito news

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