Episode 10: After God has left - Resurrection


Oogami goes up a gilded elevator in the Arc de Triomphe and , exiting, marvels that there was such a facility inside of it.

Entering the strategic control room, Mell reports that the tree which emerged from Notre Dame has spread through 72 percent of the Paris ciry area. Compounding the problem, Ci reports that the civilian evacuation isn't complete either, thanks to the roads having been torn to rubble.

Mell estimates that by sunset the entire city will be consumed by the tree.

Glycine wonders how they can ever hope to destroy something so large.

Sakomizu says they've detected a point within the Great Oak Tree that has a very high mystical energy, and that most likely that point is the heart of the tree.

Oogami realizes that if they destroy that, then more than likely they will be able to destroy the tree as well. Grand Mere concurs, saying this is their last hope.

Glycine objects that with the Éclair gone, they have no way to reach the tree. Grand Mere chuckles and notes that is exactly what the Arc de Triomphe branch is for.

Sakomizu reveals that within the arch is their trump card, "Revolver Cannon." It's designed for long range transport of the Koubu F units. With it, they can send the squad to any city in Europe instantly. It forms the lynchpin of the European Defense Plan.

Annoyingly, the cannon is still unfinished, so aiming has to be done by hand and the firing capsules are still being tested out.

Oogami notes that this operation will definitely put everyone's lives on the line. Grand Mere chides him, saying that he'll never win the battle with soft feelings like that. He needs to be prepared to throw away their lives.

Erica, shocked, asks her if she is telling them to die. Grand Mere says she is, telling them to "Die and Make History." She goes on to say that naturally she will do the same, and she won't let them die alone.

Oogami takes all this in and says that in Teito he was taught the value of living, and the sorrow of those left behind, and for that reason, they will all return alive, to create a new future for Paris with their own hands.

Oogami asks everyone if that's clear. He will not allow anyone to throw away their lives. And that's an order from their commander-- no, their comrade.

Grand Mere concedes her error, and states that Paris Liberation Operation--codename: "Is Paris Burning?" is about to begin. She tells Oogami to give the order.

Oogami does so, and they head out, leaving Grand Mere and Sakomizu behind.

Sakomizu wonders if that attitude is for the best, since failure is not an option. Grand Mere asks him if he saw the girls' faces before they left. She says she's never seen that look on them before, and that this is for the best.

Sakomizu says that at some point Oogami surpassed them without them even realizing it.

"We'll make history and come back alive, eh?" Grand Mere muses.

In the innards of the base, Jean is pushing his men to finish the adjustments to the revolver cannon, reminding them all they have less than a half hour left.

As Oogami looks out over the devastated city, Lobelia meets him saying she wanted to see his "dimwitted face." She tells him she's had a bad feeling, like she would never see him again. OOgami reassures her, saying they all promised to come back alive. Suddenly there is a warning from Mell that the roots of Great Oak are attacking the Arc de Triomphe itself. Ci requests that the Paris Assault Squad convene immediately.

There are only 15 minutes before the Arc is overrun. Anti-aricraft attacks on them are useless. Grand Mere orders Sakomizu to prepare the Revolver Cannon for firing. She challenges the girls, asking them if they're going to be led astray by the "Parisi nonsense." They reply that they won't, that now they're not fighting for the sake of the past, but for the those living now, and for the future.

They sortie.

The Arc de Triomphe rises up and the plaza before it splits open as the parts ot the revolver cannon emerge and interlock, forming a giant gun. As the roots of the tree attack the Arc, Sakomizu, Mell and Ci are knocked unconscious. Grand Mere manages to fire the cannon., which shoots out blast after mighty blast, hurling the Paris Assault Squad Koubu forward in giant bullet housings towards the Great Oak. Aerial defenses from the oak sortie and try to intercept the bullets, colliding with some.


Oogami comes to and realizes that somehow he's made it to the Great Oak Tree, but there's no sign of the others on the Radar. He realizes they must have all landed in different places. He briefly ponders searching for the others, but realizes they will all be heading for the same point-- the core of the tree, and decides to head there as well.

Enemy units appear before him, and he realizes it won't be as simple to get to the core as he was hoping.

Meanwhile, in the devastated streets of Paris, Evian works with the police to try and hold back the roots while Loran tries to help the people of Paris. Both of them pin their hopes on the Paris Assault squad.

Back in the tree, Oogami fights against enemy creatures all on his own, hoping the others are all right. He notices a gateway hidden by vegetation and reasons he'll need to break through that in order to progress. Eventually, he manages to breach it.

In the city, Father Renaud s praying for God to protect Paris, while Tarebou decides to protect the Bluemer mansion until Glycine can come back from protecting Paris.

At the tree, Oogami finally runs into another member of the squad-- Glycine. They begin to push forward toward the center of the tree.

Meanwhile, at the Arc de Triomphe, Grand Mere is helping Mell and Ci, who are still banged up from the attack. Ci wonders if Oogami and the others are all right, and Mell assures her they will be-- after all, they promised they'd come back.

Grand Mere agrees, remarking "you saw how they were all showing off. I won't let anyone tell me they've died."

Within the tree, Oogami and Glycine come across Coquelicot, and then battling deeper within still, Lobelia.

Pressing on, they feel the tree beginning to rumble, causing Lobelia to remark "Ooh, it's really shaking. I give full points for thrill."

Oogami realizes they may not be able to get to the bottom layer of the tree before Sunset at this rate. Lobelia replies that that's simple to do-- get to the outside of the tree and slide down.

Assessing the situation, they see a great number of the enemy gathered outside the tree and wonder if they can make it in time. At that moment, Erica messages the others, declaring "Messenger from the heavens, Erica Fontaine, has arrived!". Her Koubu then promptly falls into view, in a perilous spot flanked by the enemy, and they have to rescue her.

Seeing Oogami's worry, Erica reassures him. "As long as we do not give up, hope will not betray us. God has said, that those who believe will be saved. I beg of you. Please believe in us. And what's more, you mustn't give up. You're the one who taught us this, Mr. Oogami."

Finally, the Paris Assault Squad makes it to the heart of the Great Oak, where Saryu is waiting for them, merrily declaring that he's been waiting for them and that it's just what he would expect from the children of the Parisi.

Glycine tells him to be silent, and asks if he really thinks they would forever allow him to lead them astray. Coquelicot replies that they might be descendants of the Parisi, but they're not in league with the Kaijin.

Saryu declares that no matter what they try to do there is no way they can beat the "God of Ages Past", the Great Oak.

Lobelia responds that you won't know till you've tried.

Saryu states that it is fate for them to be defeated. Hanabi angrily states that she's learned that fate is to be forged by one's own hand, and Erica states that they don't live in the past, that everyone now fights for the future.

Saryu replies that if they have steeled their hearts that far, then words are meaningless. He summons forth the Steam Beast "Aubade" to defeat them.

After a fierce battle, Aubade is defeated, and Saryu declares that this is for the best, that with the sacrifice of his soul, the Great Oak Tree will reach its full potential.

Oogami suddenly realizes they've been manipulated again, as Saryu declares that the souls of the Parisi are the Great Oak's power source, and that just as the souls of the defeated Kaijin revived tje tree, now too shall his sacrificed soul allow the nucleus of the great tree--"Deurnie" to awaken.

Saryu cries out "O soul of my hatred!! Bring true awakening to the sleeping Derunie!! Bring destruction upon Paris!! Hatred upon the people!! DERUNIE, hear my wishes!!"

A strange object rises out of the ground resembling a sort of tiki-faced Pineapple-headed crab legged monstrosity. Deducing that if this is the heart of the Great Oak, defeating it should kill the tree, the Paris Assault Force goes after it.

After Derunie is defeated, there's a massive explosion and then the Paris Assault Force finds themselves in a strange realm.

From the "ground", a large female humanoid figure with "Derunie"'s yop and a giant bony "hand" for a bottom emerges-- Derunie's true form.

"Children of the Parisi," it commands, "Die, and become my nourishment!"

The battle resumes, and finally there is an all-out assault.

After destroying the nucleus, the Paris Assault Force is ready to go home. But Saryu appears before them again, demanding to know how they, who bear the blood of the Parisi, can have such calm hearts.

Erica tells him that when they heard his story they felt anger toward the people of Paris, but things changed, and now they want to protect the ones they love. That t hey will live for the future because that's the path Oogami has shown them.

Saryu asks Oogami why he defends Paris, that cities are things to be loathed.

Oogami questions if Saryu feels that way because cities cause harm to nature.

Saryu confirms this, saying that cities are evil presences that destroy the workings of nature, and as such the God of Nature, working through the Great Oak Tree, tried to destroy Paris.

Oogami retorts that Saryu only used nature as a means to dispel the resentment of the Parisi, and that true cities work together with nature, that people and cities both, together, are a part of nature.

Saryu is confused and asks why he thinks that way.

Erica replies that it's because people have love. They love someone, bear children and raise them. As long as love exists, both cities and people will be a part of nature.

Saryu reflects on this, wondering if this is the answer the children have to give after thousands of years.... but he cannot accept it, declaring that the Parisi cannot forgive Paris.

Erica asks everyone to pray with her, that if the Great Oak Tree is the god of the Parisi, then perhaps their feelings can reach it and tell it the path they have chosen.

Erica and the others pray to the Great Oak, telling it "Our God., Tree of Oak, that which is the symbol of nature... Please accept our love for people and cities, please accept our feelings and try to remember... love."

Saryu is overcome by a new sensation, and is shocked, amazed that the God of the Parisi too, has chosen a new path.

Filled and surrounded by the light, Saryu remarks on how warm it is, and that this must be the power of a loving heart.

Back at the Arc de Triomphe, Mell reports that the Great Oak has vanished, replaced by a belt of green.

Ci reports the greenbelt is untouched by human hands. Grand Mere speculates that the greenery seems to have appeared in the same spots as the ramparts of the old Parisi city.

Ci confirms she's correct, and asks how she knew. Grand Mere replies that it looks like the Parisi sealed off their anger all by themselves.

They then see the others returning.

Oogami and the others salute, reporting that they've made it back safe and sound having accomplished their mission. Grand Mere tells them they did a good job, and Erica has them do the victory pose.


Peace has returned to Paris, and thanks to the reopening of the European Exposition, smiles have returned to the people's faces. The PAris Assault Squad had been given time off by Grand Mere.

As the others go off to enjoy the European Exposition, Lobelia draws Oogami aside. Oogami remarks that the six months since he's met her have gone by so quickly.

She reminisces that in her past, no one ever treated her well, so she started doing bad deeds and people avoided her, and Oogami was the only one who really paid attention to her.

Oogami tells her that anyone can come to love anyone else.

Lobelia remarks that for Oogami's sake, she's made up her mind. When Oogami presses, she doesn't elaborate, telling him to look up at the moon. She remarks that she's never seen it quite so lovely before, that's she's been so busy doing bad deeds she's never looked at it properly before.

She says she wishes time could stop so she could stay like this forever.

The next day, Chattes Noires reopens after a month's closure.

Mell and Ci welcome customers back to the Theatre.

The girls perform the Ca-Can and Oogami remarks that they have wonderful smiles on their faces.

After the show, Lobelia turns herself in to the police, to Oogami's dismay, but Evian says she made the choice herself, in order to make herself pure and to make a future.

Grand Mere meets up with Oogami and asks her to come to her office tomorrow morning. Oogami agrees, remarking that she looks a little off.

The next morning, she tells him he has one week before he has to return to Japan. She hasn't told the others yet, and asks Oogami to let them know.

Oogami meets Hanabi at the graveyard to pay final respects to Phillipe, and Hanabi remarks she has been able to become strong thanks to Glycine and Oogami and everyone else in the squad.

He then goes to the Church, where Father Renaud says because of Oogami's belief in Erica, they've decided to give her another chance at becoming an apprentice nun.

At Bleumer Mansion, Tarebou says she's come to respect Oogami and acknowledge him.

In the streets of Paris, even the racist Daniel stops Oogami to say thank you for helping save Paris.

Sakomizu draws Oogami aside by the bridge to tell him that at first he had thought making sacrifices were the only way to achieve the peace, but Oogami has shown him that merely having peace isn't good enough if you don't have a heart to love people.

Oogami asks him to take care of the Paris Assault Squad once he's gone.

At Grand Mere's office, Oogami formally says good-bye to her as well, and she says with that, he's passed her test and become a true gentleman.

Oogami goes to the police station to try and see Lobelia, but she's not available. He apologizes to Evian for Chattes Noires hiding her, saying that they really needed her help. Evian dismisses it, saying that he was the one who changed "The Devil of Paris". Oogami replies that Lobelia was never a villain deep down. Evian has the police salute Oogami, thanking him for his role in saving Paris which he knows will go uncredited by the people. He tells Oogami to go home and rest at ease as they will handle things from here.

He then heads to the train station, where he meets everyone (sans lobelia) and says his goodbyes, asking Grand Mere if there was no way her 1000 year sentence could have been commuted due to her meritorious act of saving Paris. Grand Mere replies there were only two years left on it anyway, and while they could have gotten that excused, Lobelia herself refused the pardon, saying she wanted to start over with a pure body.

He is sad that he can't say goodbye to Lobelia...

And then she shows up, saying "What are you making that glum face for? It's a shame for such a good-looking man."

Shocked, Oogami wonders if she broke out, but Lobelia points to Inspector Evian, who is discreetly observing in the distance. She says that thanks to the one decent man in the Paris police force, she was able to come say goodbye. She gives him a letter to read on the train, saying that words of farewell aren't her style.

Everyone says their goodbyes, and on the way back, Oogami reads Lobelia's letter.

To my beloved partner...

I really just don't understand the world.

To think that someone like me would fall in love with a man like you, huh?

When we first met, I thought, "What's with this guy?"

But before I realized it, I was the one who'd lost it.

I really owe you a whole lot.

You told me this once before, didn't you.

That any person can learn to love someone......

Even I......

Even I've fallen in love with you,

and my way of looking at the world's changed.

I had thought the fact that I'd fallen onto the path of evil was the rest of the world's fault.

But, it looks like that wasn't true.

Once you learn to like someone, even the world doesn't seem like such a bad place anymore.

Oogami Ichiro, you're a far greater thief than I ever was.

After all, you ended up stealing my heart......

From Lobelia Carlini

......with love.

Oogami takes in the letter and whispers to himself, "Farewell, Flower capital, Paris. Thank you, everyone at Chattes Noires. Lobelia...... Let's meet again someday.'


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Quotable Quotes

Don't get any wrong ideas. I don't come from Paris, and I don't care one way or the other about Paris. I just can't stand to have my own turf trashed by some idiots. This turf that I've been living in...... that is. --Lobelia

The people's smiling faces are our medals of honor. - Glycine


I am placing this episode in Late November because Oogami doesn't get back to Japan until after Christmas Day in the movie, so that accounts for the one month travel time.

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