Episode 10: After God has left - Resurrection


Oogami is having a dream, he sees Erica floating before him, and then the others. He calls out to them, but they do not respond.

The strange figure appears again, and when Oogami challenges them, asking what they've done to his friends, it retorts "Just what is it that is your enemy?"

Oogami angrily replies that his enemies are all those what pose a threat to peace.

The figure rebuts that if that's true, then those girls shouldn't be his friends, because within them lies the same blood as the Kaijin that he has fought earlier.

Bewildered, Oogami asks what is going on. The figure replies that their blood is the blood of the Parisi, which is an ancient bloodline.

Oogami asks what that has to do with anything, and the figure says it's his destiny to fight all those who bear the blood of the Parisi.

Oogami wakes in a cold sweat, glad it was just a dream, but still mystified as to what the "Parisi" could be.

Still, he reasons, they defeated Calmar, so peace has returned to Paris.

He decides to walk about the city and enjoy it now that it's at peace once more.

At the bar, the bartender tells him Lobelia's drunk too much and won't get up.

He refuses to try and wake her because if he tried the whole place would get burnt down.

Oogami tries to wake her by tickling her (which gets the Bartender to call him a pervert) and then pretending to be Erica to try and rouse her peaceably. Lobelia wakes up angry and the bartender rats out Oogami, saying he woke her. Angrily, Lobelia hits him, reminding him that she wakes up angry.

Erica says that when she sleeps angels play tricks on her and shove her on the floor. Oogami reasons she has bad sleeping posture.

In Grand Mere's office, she tells Oogami that he did a great job at the Isle of Cite, but her instinct tells her things aren't over yet.

Oogami agrees that he's felt something as well, and he asks her about a mysterious Pierrot. Grand Mere says she doesn't know anything about such a being but she will look into the matter.

Lobelia finds Oogami and and drags him to a fashion boutique "for those who walk the back roads". She demands Oogami try on some suitable clothes, remarking that she's tired of seeing him in those "country clothes."

Oogami's shocked that she wants him to wear clothes like that, and Lobelia tells him that if he doesn't wear them he can't walk Paris at night.

Oogami says that he likes his old clothes best, as those are his uniform, and Lobelia approves, stating that any man who's set in his ways can also look sexy. She grumbles that dressed like that he's going to bring down her style, but to make it up to her he can take her out to dinner that night or she'll quit the Paris Floral Assault Squad.

Oogami agrees.

Later, Grand Mere tells Oogami there's a special duty she wants him to perform for her, and Mell also requests it, saying it's a "Very special duty". Ci chimes in that of course Oogami will do it, because it's his duty.

The looks on their faces fills Oogami with suspicion.

After the night's performance, Erica and the others find Oogami and ask him to come with them. They reveal that a new dance hall has been opened near Chattes Noires and it might end up being competition for them. They want to check it out.

Oogami realizes he has plans with Lobelia and tries to get out of going with the others by having Lobelia say she needs his help with something, but Lobelia says that she needs help cleaning, which no one believes and they insist that Oogami go along with them.

Oogami keeps trying to confer with Lobelia which just makes the others suspicious. He manages to worm out of checking out the new place and decides he will go out with Lobelia, but first he needs to check with Grand Mere.

Upon entering Grand Mere's office he finds Mell and Ci dressed fashionably. Grand Mere tells him to get dressed fashionably as well and wait for them on the porch.

Oogami wonders just what kind of duty they could have in mind, but dresses up in a fashionable suit and heads out to meet them.

The three of them then take him out to a dance hall. Oogami wonders what kind of duty would require him to go to a dance hall and they're amused that he really thought it was an assignment-- that he really is that strait-laced.

Oogami then asks what it is exactly that they are doing, and they tell him that he's worked so hard since coming to Paris that he deserves a night off.

He dances a bit with Mell and Ci. Mell talks to him about the fact that he will have to go back to Japan someday, and she gets a bit sad about it.

Grand Mere reveals that she's pleased with how Oogami's grown since coming to Paris; that he used to be a bewildered almost-bumpkin-like figure in the face of the grandeur of Paris, but now he's grown into a cultured young man. She reminds him that soon it will be time for him to go back to Japan, but she isn't quite done with making him a gentleman.

She then excuses Oogami for the night, slyly noting that he seems to have other plans for the evening.

Oogami then makes his way to meet Lobelia. He apologizes for being late.

Lobelia replies that for making her wait, she's going to make him make up for it with some of the finest quality wine. She says she's going to take him some place "Really nice."

Hearing that, Oogami tells her that when she says it that way, he gets a frightening feeling.

Lobelia is amused and tells him he'll just have to wait and see where it is.

She takes him to the top of a hill that overlooks all of Paris and reveals that back when she was thief all the time, she would some up there to rest. She muses on the fact that night-time scenery can take the same place and make it some place totally different than what it is in the daylight.

Oogami agrees, reflecting that day and night can show people entirely different sides of the same thing.

Lobelia then continues that while that might be true for places, for people, villains are villains through and through, and good guys are good. She remarks that she's taken a liking to him but she's a villain, and he's a good guy, and like oil and water they can never mix.

Oogami tells her that's not true, and that she's begun to change. Lobelia dismisses that as "sleep-talking." That she's a villain and that will never change.

Oogami retorts that she 's wrong-- she just hasn't noticed it yet.

Lobelia scoffs, wondering if Oogami will even stay in Paris long enough to see if she will notice it. She calls him out on the fact that Grand Mere told her he has to return to Tokyo at some point.

Fearing Lobelia's feelings might be hurt, Oogami asks her to forgive him, but she angrily retorts "as if I could ever forgive you!"

Taken aback by the sudden venom in her voice, Oogami asks her what's wrong, but Lobelia seems to answer with a presence not her own.

"We will not forgive you!" she declares.

Oogami realizes the voice and presence is that of the strange Pierrot he's been seeing in his dreams. He listens as "Lobelia" continues "If your enemies are those who pose a threat to peace, then these girls are not your friends. If you're wondering why, It is because within these young girls flows the same blood as that of the Kaijin you fought, the blood of the Parisi, which has lasted since time immemorial."

Snapping out of it, Lobelia wonders what caused her to lose conciousness.

Oogami asks her if the word "Parisi" means anything to her, and she says it may be a term she heard once as a kid.

At that moment, the ground rumbles heavily, shocking them both. Oogami wonders if it's an earthquake, and they look down at the view before them and realize...

...Paris is burning.

Lobelia angrily wonders if the Kaijin are still running loose and Oogami replies that it can't be, they defeated them at Notre Dame.

The Portable Kinematron rings, and Oogami receives orders to return to Chattes Noires immediately.

Back at Chattes Noires, Mell and Ci report to Grand Mere that cause of the disasters striking Paris are vegetation which has suddenly appeared underground within a two kilometre radius of Notre Dame Cathedral. It doesn't match any known organism on Earth, and its cells seem to have a small trace of mystical energy in them. Currently the vegetation is in a lulled state.

Glycine remarks that the epicentre-- Notre Dame Cathedral, was the Kaijin base. Lobelia realizes that this implies something didn't die in their last encounter.

Hanabi additionally speculates that this could mean a new Kaijin has appeared.

Grand Mere tells Oogami to give the order to move out. The Paris Floral Assault Squad sorties.

They head to Notre Dame, which is overrun by invasive vegetation.

Seeing the damage, Oogami wonders if it was true-- if another Kaijin had survived.

Hanabi notes that if this plant spreads all throughout Paris, the damage will be catastrophic.

They detect the presence of something near the Cathedral. Calmar's Mecha appears.

Oogami declares with shock that Calmar should be dead, to which he replies, "Who knows? I may have died once... but Paris is longing for me, calling for me to destroy it!"

Oogami demands to know if the vegetation is Calmar's fault, but he denies it, saying that all he wants to do is destroy the Paris Assault Force.

Ci relays that explosives have been set on the back of Notre Dame which need to be defused in addition to defeating Calmar.

Oogami splits the squad in two so they can manage both tasks.

As the battle continues, it begins to snow, and they cannot help but admire it. Oogami and Coquelicot agree to have a snowball fight after it's all over.

Lobelia tells Oogami that she feels like the plant is calling out to her somehow. She says it's like a familiar sensation.

As the tide begins to turn in the Paris Assault Force's favour, the Pierrot tells Oogami that "the bonds of trust are fragile indeed". Oogami demands it show itself, and it replies it will soon enough.

Calmar is finally defeated, and as he dies he exclaims "Remember this well! Even if I am to perish, the destruction of Paris cannot be stopped!! For as long as Paris remains Paris. the tune of destruction will not cease to resound!!"

Oogami wonders at his last words, thinking to himself that Calmar didn't seem as strong as he did last time they fought.

Coquelicot suddenly points out that one of the roots in front of Notre Dame has started to glow.

Glycine wonders how this can be, considering that Calmar was just defeated. She wonders if there's no connection between the plant and the Kaijin.

At that moment, the Pierrot appears, saying there is, and saying "Pleased to meet you-- that is how I am expected to greet you, is it not?"

Oogami angrily asks the Pierrot who it is, and if it has any connection to the Kaijin. It replies it does not, and that it is not in league with them... but nor is it an ally of the Paris Assault Squad.

Oogami demands that if that's not the case, then what exactly is the Pierrot, and is it the leader of the Kaijin.

The Pierrot replies that its name is Saryu, and it conveys "the great will of ages past".

Saryu explains that in the past, the land was bountiful and blessed by nature. It shows them a vision of long ago.

Glycine angrily asks Saryu to stop the illusion, but Coquelicot says it evokes a familiar feeling in her, like she's seen this long ago.

Saryu states that is because this is a memory of a long ago past that the girls have inherited from their ancestors. That the Isle of Cite, which floats in the River Seine used to have a tribe dwelling upon it that lived on the land together with nature.

Oogami guesses Saryu means the Parisi and Saryu confirms, saying that they lived in peace with the Earth, but that peace did not last.

Declaring "Look well, those forms you bear, which have taken the wrong path," Saru shows them visions of the Romans sacking the land and destroying the Parisi, declaring that "That which has been trampled under the feet of humans who have lost their way, carving the malice of the Parisi deep into the earth...is Paris."

Erica gasps, shocked that Paris had such a history behind it. Saryu continues, saying that "Humans feared the Parisi, and constructing ramparts in Paris that made use of sorcery, they tried to seal off their malice."

Oogami asks about the ramparts made with Sorcery.

Saryu explains that the barrier made by the ramparts forced the Parisi into a deep sleep. But when civilization was rebuilt, humans destroyed the ramparts, thus allowing the Kaijin to be born. the Kaijin represent the malice of the Parisi, and the members of the Paris Assault Squad are blood relatives of the Parisi. To show them proof of this, Saryu allows them to see a crest on the back of their hands that bears the mark of the Parisi.

Lobelia tells Saryu to cut the crap, but Hanabi reminds her of that strange feeling of familiarity they've all been experiencing.

Coquelicot remarks that she feels as though she had lived as a Parisi long before she was born. Erica reasons that the reason she had incredible power, and the reason the others have such strong spirit power is because of the blood of the Parisi.

Saryu says the five girls are all legitimate successors to the Parisi bloodline, and that great power resides in the "dying soul of the Parisi." That as the kaijin died at the hands of the Paris Assault Squad, it brought more power to the force sleeping beneath Notre Dame.

Oogami realizes with horror that the Kaijin had wanted to be defeated. Saryu continues on that by destroying their bodies, the Paris Assault Squad released the Kaijin's souls, which went back to the slumbering force under Notre Dame and fed it, that they were martyred priests sacrificed to it.

Saryu then summons a Great Oak Tree bearing the souls of the Parisi.

Oogami calls out to the others, asking them to lend him their strength to oppose this, but they all say they can't, still overwhelmed by their experiences.

Saryu crows that no one who bears the blood of the Parisi could ever oppose this, and calls for the tree to raise and destroy Paris.

Oogami has no choice but to retreat with the others as the Tree erupts into the city., the massive roots causing damage all over the city. The police, helpless against it, call for an evacuation of the city.

Back at Chattes Noires, Ci reports that the Great Oak Tree is still growing and spreading out throughout the city.

Mell relays that all major roads have been destroyed and innumerable buildings have been crushed. There are no municipal functions left, and by tomorrow evening the entire city will be engulfed.

Grand Mere solemnly declares it the worst case scenario.

Oogami is despondent, lamenting that this is all because they defeated the Kaijin.

Grand Mere interjects that he's wrong. If it were just the tree, it would be no problem. But the girls have lost their will to fight.

Glycine sharply interjects that they have not lost it. Hanabi explains that knowing the history of the Parisi as they do now, they simply can't go along with defending Paris as it is now.

Grand Mere angrily tells them not to go soft on her now.

Lobelia snarls that they're not just machines, they're humans and they can't just be ordered to do something.

Coquelicot says that she can't fight, because she's Parisi.

Oogami snaps at them, telling them they've been deceived by Saryu.

Mell suddenly reports that the tree's reaches the Theatre and is about to breach the outer walls.

Ci reports that protective shutters are down but the basement hangar will be breached in ten minutes.

Grand Mere orders an evacuation.

They head to the basement, where they see a new model of the Éclair-- the Éclair Forte-- which is designed to forcibly penetrate enemy territory. The Koubu are already loaded and on board, so they quickly board and head out.

As the tree's roots scream towards the Éclair through the underground tunnel, the Éclair breaks free of its mooring and speeds away, using its grappling arms to tear away roots that are trying to grab it.

Mell reports that small weapons of an unidentified type have launched from the Great Oak Tree and are heading for the Éclair's steam units. If the units are damaged, the Éclair will explode.

Oogami orders everyone to move out, but they hesitate. Grand Mere emphasizes that if they don't take care of this now they will all die.

They still don't move. Oogami finally decides he will go alone if he has to. Seeing him act, his vice-captain (Lobelia in this case) decides to go with him as well.

As the battle goes on, Lobelia is, on the one hand, pleased that the others aren't around so that she can fight as she wants, but on the other hand, she finds herself upset that because of the blood of the Parisi, she might not be able to fight alongside the others any more, to listen to their "stupid talk", or get into arguments with them.

Oogami reminds her of all the things everyone has gone through, that they've always joined forces when it matters and they're still friends, and more than that, family.

Lobelia appreciates the sentiment, but plays it off by saying she already knew that, and if they died they wouldn't be able to pay her bonus any more, so he has to protect them.

They battle the strange creatures-- called Calamites-- and manage to fend them off. But just as they manage that, Ci radios to inform them that there's a shutter door that didn't open blocking the path of the train.

With a collision imminent, Oogami orders that they fire the main gun on the trail to blast it open.

As more enemies appear, the rest of the Paris Assault force finally arrives, unable to stand by any longer as Oogami and Lobelia fight alone, and realizing they care more for each other than any blood of the Parisi.

The Calamites are defeated again, but Mell reports that the Éclair's steam units have tart to go out of control.

There is a huge explosion from the train.

Oogami wakes up after having been thrown clear from the Éclair, and finds Lobelia. They see a huge crater and realise it must be from the explosion of the Eclair. Oogami worries that everyone might be killed. Lobelia makes up her mind to go back in the crater and try to find survivors. Oogami orders her to stop, and she accuses him of wanting to abandon the others. He points out that if they too fall, so will Paris.

For the moment, they withdraw.

Lobelia is taking it hard, wondering if the others could have been saved. She angrily remarks "God damn it, And here I thought it wouldn't hurt me one bit if those guys went off and died. Why do they have to make it so hard on me?"

Angrily, she declares that she's had enough, that if she has to "go on with these feelings some rotten woman would have, I feel like I'll go crazy!" and she says it's all his fault, that he's made a mess of her, and that he needs to take responsibility for this.

Oogami asks her what she means by that, and Lobelia angrily says she'll show him.

Oogami, worn out from the battle, starts to sleep, but suddenly wakes and finds a note near him that reads "I'll be waiting one step ahead of you, in hell. --Lobelia."

He realizes that she means to head off on her own, and he yells out to her to stop.

With a start, Lobelia realizes he was awake. Oogami demands to know if she intended to fight the Great Oak Tree all by herself.

Lobelia replies flatly that it's a forced double-suicide. She intends to appease the Great Oak Tree with her own life.

Oogami can't believe it.

Lobelia replies that she's just a villain with a thousand-year sentence after all, and that no one would be sad to see her go. If she can take the tree down with her, it wouldn't be such a bad way to go.

Oogami angrily declares he won't let her go alone.

Lobelia replies that everyone else is dead, and only she, the villain, is alive. She says she didn't like them, but she needs to go die along with them, saying they'd be lonely in hell.

Oogami tells her not to give up hope, that as long as she doesn't give up, hope will answer her without fail.

Lobelia replies that as usual, he's a hot headed guy.

At that moment, there's a transmission from the Kinematron. "Even after God has left us, hope is in our grasp. We wait for you at L'Arc de Triomphe. - Grand Mere"

Shocked, Lobelia exclaims "You got a message from those guys who don't know they're supposed to be dead?!"

Oogami grins and says "That's right. You will come with me to L'Arc de Triomphe, won't you?"

Lobelia chuckles and agrees to tag along.

Making their way there they reunite with everyone.

Oogami remarks he was amazed anyone could have survived that explosion.

Mell and Ci say they thought they were done for, but a god of rescue appeared before them and saved them.

Grand Mere introduces him.

Shocked, Oogami blurts, "Ambassador Sakomizu! You rescued everyone, Ambassador!?"

Sakomizu chuckles and asks him if he could drop the "Ambassador" part, confusing Oogami.

Grand Mere explains that Sakomizu is the subdivision head of the Paris Floral Assault Squad, L'Arc de Triomphe branch.

Oogami is stunned that there's a base of operations under the Arch.

Sakomizu confirms it, and says they have their "final trump card" there as well.

Grand Mere confidently declares that it's a top secret weapon that will turn the tables on the entire battle in one fell swoop.

Lobelia grudgingly admits that it's embarrassing, but it just like Oogami said. One can't give up hope.


To be Continued

Side Trips and Sight Gags

Oogami, Glycine and Hanabi help a small boy get his hat that fell in the river and Hanabi apologizes for making Oogami get so wet.

At the market Oogami meets the racist Daniel again, who simply brags about knowing that the cover story of an Earthquake happening is false and that it was actually the Paris Floral Assault Squad that was engaged in battle

Oogami sees Lobelia scamming Erica out of her money, seeming to make it disappear in a flash of flame.

Lobelia claims that she makes things vanish permanently, but Oogami makes her show her arm and reveals the money.

Lobelia then gives it back to Erica and tell her that she should be glad it was just her doing it, and she shouldn't let other creeps take her money.

At the Bleumer mansion, Tarebou asks Oogami if Glycine is a member of the Paris Floral Assault Squad. Oogami declines to answer, and Tarebou decides that their discretion is to be respected as her duty is to serve Glycine.

Oogami also meets Inspector Evian, who says that after the battle in Paris the citizenry all banded together and there was no looting or robbery

At the Circus, Coquelicot is happy because she's got birthday cards from all over the globe.

Oogami helps Mell and Ci make a cake.

In the hangar bay, the mechanics beg Oogami to take Jean's alcohol away from him, as he is prodigiously imbibing, having drunk 28 of them under the table, and knocked out 15 when he got out of control. On;y 4 are left and beg Oogami for help. Oogami tries and miserably fails.

Kayama's Secret File

The outside of Oogami's Apartment Building

There are 37 mechanics in the Paris Floral Assault Squad, 38 if you include Jean

13510 is the Kinematron number for the TKD base. You can reach it if atmospheric conditions are right.

13720 is the Kinematron Number for Paris Wide

14400 is Ci's number

14680 is fortune-teller Catherine's number, she has a show called "the Crystal of Fate"

14500 is Mell's number

15300 is Grand Mere

14070 is Paris News

Father Renaud made Erica take her altar with her and gave her a picture of the Holy Mother, and Erica wishes she could grow up to have that kind of expression.

There are switches in Erica's room in the attic Grand Mere has told her never to touch, or she'd be fired.

Mell embroiders handkerchiefs for everyone Ci reveals Mell has gotten love letters from girls before.

Hanabi has a habit of always nodding her head along to anything Oogami says. She reveals later that she was taught ever since she was little that "a woman must not defy a gentleman."

The new dance hall opening that is ocmpetition for Les Chattes Niores has apaprentl;y hired a famous Japanese Sushi chef to be there, and has excellent pudding.

Mell is always very shy.

Ci loves the sleeping beauty fairy tale

(This bit lifted directly from Kayama's FAQ)

Special thanks goes to kyo kisaragi (des les chattes noires de France) for the following information.

In the year 52 B.C., the Parisii lived on the site of the future Paris, only on "ile de la cite" (the island of the city). This place was called "Lutce", which was regarded as the capital of Parisi. During the 1st century A.D., the Romans conquered their ground and moved them to the slopes of the "Sainte-Genevive mountain". In the 3rd century A.D., during the time of German invasions, the city was folded up in the island of the City and took the name of Paris.

Further details:

Paris - History of its foundation and its development

During the Middle Ages, Paris existed in the 3rd century B.C. as a simple village on an island, which was no different from the current "island of the City", being in the "Seine" and inhabited by a Gallic Tribe: Parisii. The oldest name known to indicate the village is Lutce (Latin : "Lutetia", a residence in a body of water). When the Romans arrived, the Parisii had sufficiently developed and were prosperous enough to have their own gold currency. Julius Caesar wrote (52 B.C.) that the inhabitants burned their city rather than to give up it to the Romans. During the 1st century A.D. Lutce thrived under the Romans and expanded to the left bank of the Seine. A series of invasions by barbarians started at the end of the 2nd century A.D. The city on the left bank was destroyed in the middle of the 3rd century and its former inhabitants found refuge on the island, around which they built a thick stone wall. From this hard beginning, in the 4th century, this place was known by the name of Paris. At that time, Christendom seems to have been spread as far as Paris. Texts from the 10th century cite St. Denis (Latin: Dionysius) as being the first bishop of Paris towards 250 A.D. A cemetery discovered in the meadows of the Crossroads of the Goblins shows that it very early had a Christian community on the banks of the Beaver (an affluent of the Seine leading to left bank); But it was definitely under St. Marcel, the 9th bishop (360-436), that the first known church, was built, out of wood, on the island. Towards the end of the 5th century, the Francs, under the reign of Clovis, took Paris of Gallic and made it the capital. It remained the capital until the end of the reign of Chilpric in 584, when the Mrovingiens successors went to install the capital. The dynasty of Charlemagne, Carolingiens, intended to leave the city to the Count de Paris, who in many cases had less influence on the administration. After the election of Hugues Capet, a count of Paris for the Throne in 987, Paris had acquired even more importance as a Captienne Capital.

Quotable Quotes

Ogami: Yeah, I suppose you're right. We may appear to be lovers ourselves.

Glycine: That puts me ill at ease. I do not mind being mistaken for lovers by others, but for you to misunderstand, it makes me rather angry. It is wrong to walk alongside each other. I would like you to stay a bit further apart from me.

You're a million years too early to try and take alcohol away from me!! --Jean

What we're trying to say - is that the owner's gone ahead and decided it for you while you were standing there frozen solid. --Ci

I... would like to be a mother to all the children living in this world. For those children who are crying, or suffering, so that I may be able to wrap them up gently with great love...That's the sort of mother I want to be. --Erica

Yo, Captain. What are you doing wandering around in the morning? Is it because you're an idiot? --Lobelia

Even if the blood of the Parisi or whatever does flow within me, I'll just use it for my own sake. -- Lobelia

To think someone like you would have a woman... - Lobelia to Oogami


This episode must take place one month after the last episode since Reni and Orihime are back in Tokyo.

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