Episode 9: ~ The Fenced Island: the Isle of Cite~

A mysterious group of people are gathered at a table. They discuss how astonishing it is the enemy would base themselves in the place that's been called "The Heart of Paris." The enemy has proven to be stronger than they ever estimated, and now, based as they are in the Fortified Notre Dame Cathederal, which is naturally protected by the Seine River, they are even more dangerous than ever. They discuss how the French Special Forces were soundly defeated while trying to penetrate the Isle.

Now it appears that spirit power is building under Notre Dame, at such a rate that the entire city of Paris might be blown away by it.

They note that Paris has entered the same period of Crisis as Tokyo had endured in the past, musing that this must be the eventual fate of large cities, which carry within them both the light and the darkness.

Someone else points out that Tokyo was saved twice by the Imperial Floral Assault Squad, but Paris seems to be in worse shape. Grand Mere arrives and begs the council to entrust the city's future to the Paris Assault Squad.

The next day, Grand Mere informs the Paris Assault Squad that "the higher ups have rendered their decision." The squad is to make a general offensive against the enemy's home base at Notre Dame.

Glycine is enthusiastic about the prospect, relishing a chance to repay Calmar for his actions, but Lobelia bitterly points out how easily outclassed they were last time. Hanabi reluctantly agrees with Lobelia, leading Coquelicot to ask if they really have gotten stronger.

Oogami and Glyine both remark that they have teamwork and the Koubu F2 to help them now. Lobelia remarks that Erica will also be a great help, like she was against Corbeau, but Erica only half-heartedly responds to the sentiment.

Grand Mere informs them that the city of Paris is to be evacuated on the premise that a great Earthquake is impending. She dispatches Oogami and the others to make sure the city is evacuated, and asks him to also speak to Erica to see why she is still depressed.

Oogami and Erica meet, and he asks her why her good cheer has vanished. She explains that she's afraid of her power, because due to her clumsiness it is possible that she could hurt others with it.

Oogami reminds her that her power emerged for the sake of helping others. He points out that with her good heart, Erica would never use it to hurt people, and she has comrades to help her.

Feeling better, Erica heads off to help make sure the evacuation is underway, and promply bangs her head on the door. Relieved that old Erica seems to be back, Oogami heads out as well.

Meeting Glycine along the way, they talk for a few moments. Glycine states that for her, Paris is a city to be protected in the name of House Bleumer, and that most likely her children will defend it as well. She asks Oogami why he, a foreigner, feels the need to protect it. He replies that for him it is a second home that is priceless to him-- and it's where Glycine and the others live.

After spending much of the day tending to the citizens of the city and telling them to leave, Oogami is startled around 3 PM as the bells of Notre Dame begin to toll.

Oogami gets to a spot where he can see Notre Dame, just in time to see a huge weapon descend from the sky and unleash destruction across Paris.

At their base in Note Dame, the Kaijin are flush with excitement at the deployment of their weapon, "Obscur", whose initial attack Clamar describes as nothing more than a "mere side show".

In shock, Leon asks if that means the Obscur is even more powerful than what they've seen. Calmar agrees, noting that with the next attack, the entire city of Paris would evaporate. Since it needs time to gather Spirit Energy, it would take a day before they can attack again. He sends Leon out to keep the Paris Floral Assault Squad busy until then.

The Kaijin rejoice, but unbeknownst to them, someone has seen and memorized their entire discussion.

Back at Les Chattes Nores, Mell reports that because of the attack by the Kaijin weapon, four districts of Paris have been utterly destroyed. The theatre was not targeted because it had its spiritual barrier strengthened.

As the team debates what to do, Reni Milchstrasse and Soletta Orihime arrive, chastising them for not gathering enough information.

Glycine and Orihime immediately clash, both being nobles. Oogmai quickly gets them to settle down.

Grand Mere reveals she called in Orihime and Reni to gather information for her. They reveal the contents of the Kaijin's discussions, and their plan to destroy Paris at sunrise. Leni was able to get the information by lip-reading through binoculars.

Orihime and Reni tell Oogami that they intend to completely infiltrate the Isle of Cite to get more information. He approves and sends them on their way.

With 13 hours left until the Kaijin's attack on Paris, Oogami decides to take a nap in preparation for the battle, telling Mell and Ci to let him know the minute Orihime and Reni report in.

As Oogami sleeps, his dreams are visited once again by the strange figure, who this time accuses him of losing his way, and stating that it seems nothing that can be said will help any longer.

Oogami then has a horrible vision of the future, in which he sees Obscur's second attack on Paris.

Oogami awakes in a cold sweat, with only four hours remaining until the deadline.

Grand Mere draws Oogami aside and tells him that he must select a vice-captain from amongst the girls to serve as his counsel, and to stand in his place, should he be defeated.

To make matters even more stressful, Grand Mere tells Oogami that eventually he will return to Tokyo, and that the vice-captain will serve as his replacement once he goes.

[for purposes of this summary Lobelia was chosen]

After choosing his vice-captain, Oogami is alerted to an incoming transmission from Orihine and Reni. They reveal the enemy's hideout is directly under Notre Dame, and decide to investigate further despite Oogami's protestations.

Only an hour remains until sunrise, and everyone prepares to sortie.

When the Paris Assault Squad arrives at Notre Dame, they are met by Leon, who haughtily informs them they will regret coming to the island, showing them Reni and Orihime, who are trapped in large cross-like structures outside the cathedral.

He traps the squad behind an energy barrier, informing them that anyone who touches the barrier will die, and tells them to just sit and wait until Obscur brings death to Paris and themselves.

Despite her condition, Orihime informs the others that the barrier can be brought down by attacking its supporting posts at the right moments. Enraged, Leon attacks her and sends his minions to destroy the Paris Assault Force.

Working together, they destroy the barrier, but Leon deploys his trump card-- telling Oogami to throw down his weapons and surrender before him, or he will kill Reni and Orihime.

Oogami, having no choice, prepares to do so, but Kayama arrives and saves the duo in the nick of time, allowing the squad to fight at full power, defeating Leon.

Dying, Leon's last words are to beg Calmar to launch the Obscur and destroy Paris.

The Paris Assault Force quickly makes their way underground to stop Obscur.

Underground, Calmar callously observes Leon's death, adjudging him "an incompetent dullard... only useful to buy time." He initializes the Obscur, and it begins its powerup.

The Paris Assault Squad arrives, and Calmar decides to have a contest-- to see if they can defeat him before Obscur is fully awakened. He transports them, and Obscur into the sky, informing them that once the bells of Notre Dame toll five times, everything they see below-- the city of Paris-- will be destroyed.

Calmar is defeated by the fourth bell toll, but tells them the device has already built up enough power to destroy the city.

Oogami tells the others to send him their power, and they all combine power, and destroy the Obscur.

Mell and Ci meet the others in front of Notre Dame, and they all join in a victory pose with Grand Mere.

That night, Soletta and Reni go on stage at Chattes Noires, and all feels well for the first time in a long time.

But elsewhere, something has awakened... The final battle for Paris is about to begin...

To be Continued

Side Trips and Sight Gags
Coquelicot found a stray cat she named Ichiro.

Running into Lobelia, Oogami finds her waxing nostalgic about prison, because it's where she met him and her life changed.

Leni is an excellent lip reader.

Orihime tricks Glycine and Hanabi into learning a fake dance called "Tenteko-Mai" which is just bus movements. This enrages Glycine, but Oogami gets them to make up.

Kayama's Secret File
If the electromagnetic waves are just right, one can make Kinematron transmissions from Paris to Tokyo.

Soletta Orhime's family was known as "The Red nobles".

The House of Bleumer was born in northern Europe, and as foreigners raised in France, are not truly acknowledged. Glycine therefore fights in order to have the House of Bleumer acknowledged in the world of French nobility.

Quotable Quotes
"Philippe... I have been taught the magnficence of living by this man." -- Hanabi, about Oogami

"I, Glycine Bleumer... swear upon this axe, that is unto another half of myself, that I will defend the city of Paris through to the end." -- Glycine Bleumer

"Days like these are all sentimental and get to be a real problem for me." -- Lobelia Carlini, on the deserted Paris streets.

"When I was in prison, I had a lot of free time, so I thought about some strange things. The other side of the wall, and this side of the wall... It got me wondering about which was the inside... and which was out." -- Lobelia Carlini

"Rather than being caught, it looks like doing the catching myself is more my style." -- Lobelia Carlini

"Monsieur... This alone I want you not to forget. Buildings and cities can be rebuilt if they've been destroyed. But the same doesn't hold for people's hearts. Especially... the scars of a heart that's lost its loved ones... That stays with you, you know... for a long time." -- Grand Mere

Maria: Captain, battles are not controlled by the difference in machine ability alone.
Kanna: That's right, Captain. In the end, really...it's a heart that trusts its comrades.

Erica: Mr. Ogami, you're going to help too!? Now we'll have enough [power] for half a man!!
Coquelicot: If you're going to say that, it's "the strength of a hundred men."

"Erica, your smile has the charm to make everyone as one. That smile itself is what's important." -- Ichiro Oogami

"You, for me, were a foreigner for only a short time..." --Glycine to Oogami

"Coquelicot. You know what it's like to be hurt, right in your heart, so you know true kindess." - Ichiro Oogami

"This is a little side show before the destruction of Paris. Burn the image of your dear dying friends well into those eyes of yours!" - Leon

"I'm so happy... Appearing at the best part is what makes me the happiest!" -- Kayama Yuuichi

"Let us just see how much your skill is increased, you whose existence was like that of mere scraps of paper." -- Calmar to the Paris Assault Force

"Did you think that I would give up that easily? Paris is mine! It'd be wasted on a kaijin like you!" -- Lobelia to Calmar

"It's over, it's over. Now then, I wonder how big a bonus I'll be able to get now." -- Lobelia Carlini

"To have such liveliness return to the theatre like this really brings out the true feeling that we've truly been victorious." --Glycine Bleumer

Erica: When I heard those words from you, Mr. Ogami, it was as if I were in a dream.
Oogami: I'm sorry, but I don't really remember--
Erica: That's terrible!! To forget such an important thing! You said we would live together when we won, didn't you!?
Oogami: Eeh!? Did I say something like that?
Erica: I fought wishing only to live in the city I love with the person I love! And despite that-- despite that-- to think you would forget!?!
Oogami: Wa- wait, Erica!! That's all a misunderstanding! I never said anything like that!!
Erica: It doesn't matter anymore whether you said it or not!
Oogami: Wa- wait just a second! I really didn't say it!!
Erica: No excuses! You were playing around with my innocence, weren't you!?

Coquelicot: The animals from the circus. They've just returned to Paris! And so, when I talked to them about you, Ichiro, they told me they wanted to meet you right away. So, I've brought them here!
Oogami: Co- Coquelicot... This lion's licking its lips at me...
Coquelicot: That one wanted to see you so badly that he's come without even eating his meal. Aren't you happy, Ichiro?
Oogami: Co- Coquelicot... This lion's nibbling at my foot...
Coquelicot: A little something like that's all right! Everyone, gather around - Ichiro said he's going to play with you!!
Oogami: U- uwaaaaah!! Save me, Coquelicot!!

Lobelia: Honestly... Thanks to the power of your love, Mr. Oogami, a heart of justice has awakened within me...
Oogami: Is that so... So you've finally come to understand too, Lobelia.
Lobelia: To think that the night could be this lovely... When I look upon such serenity... It makes me want to do some evil deeds! It's times like these that are best for stealing.
Oogami: Eeh!? What happened to your heart of justice awakening?
Lobelia: Don't believe things like that-- is it because you're an idiot? Now then, see you later!


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