Episode 8: ~The Angel that Can't fly-- the Virgin saint, Erica~

In the aftermath of their joint combat with the Tokyo Imperial Assault Force, the girls resolve to become even stronger. Oogami approves and relays their request to Grand Mere, hoping to plan some special training.

Some time later, Grand Mere informs Oogami that she has requested special coaches for the Paris Floral Assault Group be sent in, in order to help with their training, and that these coaches have arrived. She sends Oogami to go fetch them, declining to name them when asked.

When Oogami goes out to find them, he recieves a message that the special coaches have gotten lost. He heads out to find them. En route to doing so, he encounters Erica, who has lost control of a mass of melons, and ends up getting overrun by them. After being almost flattened by the melons, Oogami realizes Erica is blushing furiously, having seen something up close she never ecpected to. When he looks to see what he's looking at, he sees three Japanese warrior monks, known as Komusou. For a brief moment he wonders why they are in Paris-- then one of them speaks.

Immediately he recognizes Kohran's voice. The other two "monks" turn out to be Maria and Kanna, fresh from Japan. Apparently the costumes were the only ones they could get from the Grand Imperial Theatre, and Kanna didn't want to use something else.

Erica immediately gushes at seeing other members of the Tokyo Imperial Assault Force, leading them to conclude that Oogami must have it very rough in Paris indeed.

Back at Chattes Noires, things get started. Maria takes charge of fighting strategy, Kanna battle technique, and Kohran training in how to maneuver the Koubu F.

Everyone is having a decent time in training, with the exception of Erica, who advocates praying to god to save ostages in a crisis, shoots herself in the face during the paintball trials, and destroys the Koubu-F simulator by hitting the self-destruct button.

Reviewing the training, Erica is the only one with failing grades. While she has very high Spirit power, she is still too clumsy. Kanna acknowledges this, but points out that Erica's gift of entertaining people is a marvelous talent. Maria speculates that Erica's spirit power still has not fully awakened.

Several days later, there is a special show at Chattes Noires, showcasing both the Paris and Tokyo squad members, as the Tokyo members will be departing in the morning. The Paris members admire them for wanting to come on stage, and decide to throw them a farewell party. The only person missing is Erica, who has gone off on her own.

Erica is by herself, wondering if she really is just baggage to the team.

Three days later, everyone is still looking for Erica. Reports come in of a strange person lurking outside the theatre, peeping through the windows, and Oogami is pressed to investigate. He heads out and challenges the man, only to be stopped by Erica-- the man is Father Leno from the convent.

Leno goes inside with Oogami, eager to discuss something with him in private. Leno reveals that Erica has been cut off from the convent for about six months due to her clumsiness. As he explains:

"At first, she just did cleaning. I foolishly left her in charge of cleaning the sanctuary. When I went to check up on her, what I found was the statue of the Virgin Mary in pieces. When I left her in charge of plucking the grass... the flowers, the trees, everything! was pulled out and the flower bed was completely bare. Even with cooking-- Because of the soup that Erica made, those unfortunate people we were feeding became even more sorrowful!"

Nonetheless, Erica continued to live at the convent, but has been making things worse.

Oogami deduces that Leno wants to ask him to tell Erica not to come back to the convent. Leno confirms this. and Erica runs off in tears, having overheard the whole thing. She runs off in the rain, not knowing where to go.

Hearing that Erica left, everyone splits up to go find her, except for Lobelia, who has no time to keep "playing friends" with them, going to the bar to drink. (In fact, she's going to look too, getting leads at the bar.)

After running about the city, Oogami finds Erica standing at a bridge. She is crying, lamenting her failure at the threatre and the convent. Oogami tells her to come home to Chattes Noires, but she says she has no place there and doesn't want to trouble them anymore. Feverish, she almost passes out.

Oogami takes her back to his apartment and gets her a fresh change of clothes. He lets everyone else at Chattes Noires know she's safe. Sleeping on the tatami, he lets her sleep in the bed.

Unable to sleep, Erica talks to Oogami, revealing that she hates her clumsy self, and makes fun of her failures so the others around her won't hate her, which is why she tries to be cheerful all the time. Usually it works, but now she's overwhelmed to the point where laughing is painful.

Oogami reassures her that everyone cares for her, and she finally falls asleep. Oogami sees her body radiate with strong spiritual power as she rests, almost overflowing. He realizes that if she can awaken her true power, she may begin to like herself.

Elsewhere, Calmar reveals that he has discovered the base of the Paris Floral Assault Squad, and sends Nadel to destroy Chattes Noires, with Corveaux observing to see the squad's power level in case Nadel dies.

That night, Oogami is troubled as he sleeps, the figure in his dreams torments him, asking him why people make cities and kill nature.

Waking, he sees Erica, who asks him if he had a nightmare. He tells her yes, and she decides to drive away the memories of the nightmare with a special dance.

After surviving the dance and barely surviving the breakfast Erica made for him, Oogami gets word on the Kinematron that Chattes Noires is under attack and both he and Erica are needed back there urgently. running outside, they meet the girls , who reveal it was a trick to get Erica to come back so they could talk to her properly.

After expressing their feelings to Erica, Erica finally decides to stay, and then the Kinematron goes off again-- this time Chattes Noires is under attack for real.

The Paris Attack force decides to sortie, but Lobelia points out that their Koubu are no match for the upgraded Steam Beasts. Grand Mere tells them not to worry-- Kohran and Jean have finished their work on the Koubu F2 upgrade units, which represent the best of Japanese and French technology.

The group sorties. During the battle, everyone is marvelling at the enhanced speed and power of the Koubu F2, except for Erica, who can't get her unit to move as she wants.

After Nadel is defeated, Corveaux attacks, specifically targetting Erica, who can't get her Koubu to work at all. Everyone does their best to cover Erica, but their units are getting severely damaged.

Frustrated and horrified at seeing everyone hurt, Erica prays for a miracle, begging God to help her achieve the power to save everyone.

Corveaux makes one last savage attack, and in reply Erica's powers explode, healing everyone, and enabling her to fight at full power. After a fierce battle, Corveaux is defeated by a massive attack on Erica's part... and then Erica promptly becomes clumsy once more.

After the battle, Erica finds that the attic of Chattes Noires has been converted into her new room. Father Leno arrives, letting her know that he and the sisters at the convent still love her and want her to come visit.

Elsewhere in Chattes Noires, Jean activates the high-powered steam Radar that Kohran made, and is able to at last pinpoint the Kaijin base-- Notre Dame Cathederal on the island of Cite.

Grand Mere decides that now is the time to strike the enemy, even as Erica quietly reflects on the true power within her, scared.

To be Continued

Side Trips and Sight Gags
Lobelia and Maria have a duel-- knife vs. Gun to see who can shoot an apple off of Oogami's head with Glycine as the judge. Maria won the duel as Oogami sneezed at the critical moment, which would have caused Lobelia's blade to hit him, and Maria shot it out of the way into the apple.

Kayama's Secret File
Sakura gave Ci some Osenbei as a souvenir from Japan, and promised to send her some Omanjuu.

Coquelicot, having learned from Hanabi that all the seas and rivers in the world are connected, has thrown a bottle into the sea, in the hopes it will reach Japan.

Lobelia knows a great deal about the fermentation and preparation of Alcoholic beverages.

All Hanabi's knowledge of Japan comes from outdated books in the Paris Library, which is why her notions and attitudes about Japan are so old-fashioned. She yearns to be a "Yamato Nadeshiko" -- a Traditional Japanese woman.

Erica is very good at shopping.

Every year, Glycine is to participate in a traditional event called "Harold's Holiday / Memorial Day" but she avoids it because she has to eat and entire plate of Octopi in honor of her ancestor King Harold, who ate octopus when he was about to starve to death, and thus saved his life.

Coquelicot can make medicines for her circus animals using forest herbs.

Ambassador Sakomizu sometimes has people pretend to be him and do work in his office so he can sneak out and enjoy the outdoors / feed the pigeons in order to blow off stress. Unfortunately his efficient secretary usually catches him.

Kohran admires the design and engineering of the Koubu F. Jean takes her on as a "disciple" and teaches her his techniques.

Erica makes clothes for Coquelicot.

Erica was the first person to ever praise Mell, telling her she was good at administration. She also helped take Mell out of her self-contained world of work. Mell wants to be more like her.

Kohran made the plans for upgrading the Koubu F.

Quotable Quotes
"O-- oh no-- my body's moving by itself toward the shower... I need to solve the problem of why the shampoo bubbles don't disappear." --Ichiro Oogami, on why he's proceeding to peep on Mell and Ci in the shower.

Oogami: Hmm? Why are there melons in a place like this?
Erica: Someone!! Stop the melooooooooooons!!!

Oogami: This is Erica. A member of the Paris Imperial Assault Squad that you will be coaching.
Kohran: Ah, so that's who she is. You seem to have it pretty tough.

Erica: You are our special coaches!? In short, you're the people who will be coaching us especially?
Kohran: Isn't that phrase longer...?

Maria: ... An enemy takes a hostage. In this situation, what should you do?
Erica: I got it! You pray to God for them.
Maria: Incorrect. How about Coquelicot?
Coquelicot: You first go and save the hostage!!
Maria: Exactly. You understand well.
Erica: I guess I got it wrong.
Lobelia: Ahahahahha, isn't it ok to be yourself?
Glycine: Really-- this isn't the time to be laughing.

"This is my intuition but... I think that Erica's spiritual energy has not fully awakened yet. I feel it deep within her. A power completely enveloping, very gentle." -- Maria Tachibana

Glycine: The rules are, on my signal, at the same time, shoot an apple off of the Commander's head. Is that ok?
Ogami: Wh...what?! Aren't I the one in danger!?
Lobelia: Ah, that's cool. No matter if the Commander is killed or doesn't die, I'm cool with it.

Coquelicot: Ehehe, Miss Kanna... you're totally just like my beloved Cleopatra.
Kanna: Cleopatra!? Isn't that the name of the girl unequaled in beauty? Don't waste that comparison on someone like me.
Coquelicot: Cleo is an animal at the circus. We've done magic together. Cleo is a beautiful gorilla. When she eats, it's totally like you, Kanna!!

Lobelia: Yo, if it ain't the commander. Have you found Erica?
Oogami: No... not yet. It looks like you haven't found her either.
Lobelia: Huh? What are you saying? I'm just taking a walk.
Oogami: Even though you're soaked with no umbrella on a rainy day?
Lobelia: Sh... shut up, idiot!! Taking a walk soaked in the rain is great!

"Don't console me... I didn't know Erica's feelings. I didn't know the ever-smiling Erica's true feelings." -- Glycine Bleumer

"It's ok if you fail. If the range you obtain is the best you can do, one day you'll master it." --Erica Fontaine to Hanabi Kitaoji

"It's ok not to know her as long as you get to know her. In my opinion, it's never too late for people to get to know each other." --Hanabi Kitaoji

"Ehe! I knew maracas would be best for the morning!!" --Erica Fontaine

Ogami: Minestrone soup you said? Is it this? It's got a sour and strange taste...
Erica: How is it, isn't it delicious!? I decided to boil it with vinegar to bring out the hidden flavor!

Glycine: Erica... come back to the Chattes Noires. You're an important friend.
Hanabi: Please, Miss Erica. Come back to the Chattes Noires.
Coquelicot: When you're not around, the Chattes Noires is boring. Please come back, ok?
Lobelia: If we're shorthanded, my duties increase... so come back... fool.

"We're all friends. In times when we sadness, in times of laugher,no matter what, we want to always be together!" --Ichiro Oogami


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