Episode 7: ~The Light comes from the East~


Dreaming, Oogami finds himself face to face with the mysterious Pierrot from his visions earlier. The Peirrot demands to know why humans continue to take things from the Earth. Oogami, too confused to answer, demands to know who is communicating with him, causing the Pierrot to cut off the dream.

Oogami wakes up, still feeling broken from the last battle, despondent that even the true power of the Paris Floral Assault Squad was no match for Calmar and his forces. Worried, he tries to figure out what to do.

Listlessly, he goes through his day, with both Mell and Ci noticing how depressed and tired he looks. Talking to them about how the team's teamwork fell apart so easily, Mell and Ci point out that Parisians value individuality over team concepts. Oogami ponders what the Tokyo team would do, and looks at a picture of them as he thinks, which Lobelia promptly steals from him and shows the others.

As the others start to ask him questions about Tokyo's Flower Division, Grand Mere hands them a file to examine. Oogami is rather surprised Grand Mere just happens to have one on hand, but before he can press her on the details, a rock smashes through the window, with the Japanese words "Light comes from the east; Sakura blooms in the city of Paris" written upon it.

Incensed that her window has broken, Grand Mere instructs Oogami to find out who did it, post-haste.

Later in the day, Oogami reports back what little info he has-- that it was a man in a white suit carrying a guitar, running by while chewing on French Bread.

As he makes his report, the others notices someone peeking into the entrance of the theatre. They give chase, with Erica's portion of the chase ending prematurely as she bangs her head onto a signboard. Erica asks Oogami if he's solved the puzzle of the letter. Oogami replies that he hasn't, and Erica mentions her interest in seeing the "World Flower Exposition" that just opened. Oogami wonders if there might be a Cherry Tree there-- which would explain the "blooming cherry blossoms" portion of the note.

Excited, Erica rushes off to the exhibit with Oogami. When they reach the exhibition, they find a cherry tree just like the one in Ueno Park in Tokyo... and something else.

Shinguuji Sakura, Iris Chateaubriand, and Sumire Kanzaki appear, with iris revealing that they traveled an entire month by sea to get to Paris.

Erica introduces herself to the girls very enthusiastically, to the point where they are a little intimidated by her, especially Iris.

Sakura explains that everyone in the Japanese Imperial Assault Squad has heard about what has been going on with Oogami in Paris, and that, unable to stand it any longer, they've made their way to Paris.

Excited. Erica decides to get a welcome party for the girls going at the theatre, and heads off to get things started.

Later that day, at the theatre, introductions are made and the party begins-- but peace is not to last.

Glycine begins to argue with Sumire, arguing that the duty of defending the people should be left to nobility, not commoners, or "Noveau Riche", pointing that barb at her directly. Sumire finds the notion of a nobility founded on tradition alone odd. Sumire finds Glycine rude and lacking in manners.

Even as Oogami and Hanabi try to defuse the situation, Iris and Coquelicot start to argue with each other, due to Coquelicot's informal way of addressing Oogami.

Sakura and Erica then begin to argue over whether or not Oogami will remain in Paris or return to Japan. When Erica is informed that Oogami will have to return, she becomes upset, angry that what happened between her and Oogami in bed was just a game.

Shocked, Sakura demands to know the truth from Oogami, who is just as clueless. The fighting between the two squads gets worse, and Sakura asks Erica flat out what happened, to which Erica replies "Yes... I'm sure we were together-- in my dream."

That situation defused, it is decided to have the welcome party again. But Oogami realizes the tension between the groups still needs to be resolved once and for all, and goes to Grand Mere for help.

Grand Mere reminds Oogami that both groups of girls are in the business of performing for the audience, and if he can find a way to leverage what they have in common, there may be some way to get them to make up.

Later that night, while doing his rounds, Oogami meets Kayama, and discovers he was the one who threw the rock into the window of Grand Mere's office. Kayama hands him a flyer for a dance contest. Oogami decides to propose that they all enter the contest together, so they can make up.

Of course, when the idea is broached to the girls, they, for the most part, decide to use the competition as a way of settling grudges amongst themselves.

Elsewhere, Calmar decides that his next target will be the Eiffel Tower. He deploys Ciseaux and Python to destroy it.

The day of the dance contest, tensions are running high between the Paris and Tokyo groups. As the Paris team goes up to perform, the Tokyo girls notice issues with their teamwork.

The Tokyo team takes the stage, and despite their pride, the Paris team can see the qualitative difference between them, admiring the difference between them. While the level of skill in dancing is the same, the Tokyo team has something extra-- their movements seem much more cohesive.

As they watch, Erica notices in horror that the heel of Iris' shoe is about to break, and it looks like disaster for the Tokyo team's performance.

Sakura and Sumire, however, quickly get in front of her, blocking the audience from seeing, and allowing her time to take off her shoes and continue dancing.

In shock, the Paris team (except for Erica) realizes they've been beaten, and that this is the level of teamwork they've been missing. Oogami reminds them that "true teamwork comes not from thinking of yourself as the center but from the other person's feelings."

Before the winning team can be announced, Ciseaux and Python attack the grounds. As the Tokyo group defends the civilians, the Paris group sorties.

Grand Mere informs the Paris Assault Group that the Kaijin have begun to climb the Eiffel Tower; however the matter isn't as simple as just battling them-- since there are two Kaijin units, the sad fact is that a combined attack from the enemy would overwhelm the Paris Floral Assault Squad. Therefore, she decides that one Kaijin unit must be taken out at a time. With everyone resolved to work together, the group heads for the Eiffel Tower.

Ciseaux and Python prepare to cut down the Eiffel Tower in order to cause mass panic. Filled with confidence, the Paris Assault group attacks, but are still outmatched by both the Kaijin, who gloat. As they stand on the precipice of defeat, the Tokyo Imperial Assault Force arrives!

Sakura, Iris and Sumire immediately attack, explaining to a shocked Erica that they had their Koubu shipped to France with them in the event of an emergency like this.

Iris sees Ciseaux and immediately gushes over the "Bunny" that is their enemy, Ciseaux. This just serves to enrage him. The units decide to split up and take one one Kaijin each.

The Paris Squad, reinvigorated, finally gets its act together, working with incredible team spirit, fighting at a level completely unlike in their previous encounters.

Iris, for her part, is so taken with the idea of the cute rabbit, that rather than straight up defeating Ciseaux, she starts telekinetically playing with him until Sakura tells her not to play with her enemies.

Working together, the two units handily dispose of the Kaijin.

The next day, a trophy arrives at Chattes Noires, revealing the results of the interrupted dance contest. The organizers split the decision btween both squads, so they both won.

To be Continued

Side Trips and Sight Gags
Father Leno asked Erica to buy some bread for the church, but she ended up buying Lilacs instead, blowing the churches's food budget for a week.

Ci gets Oogami to be a couple with her so she can get flowers for the theatre at half-price thanks to a "Couple's Day" at the flower shoppe.

Father Reno brings a group of Children to Cirque de Europe to see the circus, but they were closed, so Coquleicot did a magic show for them to keep them happy.

Kayama's Secret File
While entertaining a guest as "Saphir", Lobelia shared drinks with him, but polished off two bottles on her own.

Lobelia gets in a bad mood when she wakes up.

During the voyage of the Bleumer family to France, they fell ill with a strange disease. A black-haired man-- a prisoner of war-- negotiated with the denizens of a nearby island for fresh vegetables and saved them. The family became indebted to him. The man's name started with an O, but the book was too badly damaged to see the rest of it.

Grand Mere made an archery practice range in the absement of Chattes Noires so Hanabi could practice archery there at any time.

Mell has issues selling directly to people.

Glycine usually prefers her coffee espresso black, in order ot enjoy the bitterness.

Hanabi sees Sakura as the "Yamato Nadeshiko"-- the archetypical Japanese woman-- and wonders if Sumire is one as well, but somehow finds that Sumire's image does not jibe with the one in her head.

The cakes Ci bakes are better than what can be found at the store.

Erica's act onstage is called "Black Cat Erica and the White Cat Dancers' Black Cat Waltz".

Grand Mere's cat Napoleon hates men.

Lobelia sold Sumire a painting for two million francs that was worth only a few hundred at best.

Lobelia gains insight about people by watching them fight.

Hanabi's father sent her a set of Japanese wind chimes for her birthday.

Inspector Evian often feels powerless compared to the Paris Floral Assault squad and often thinks of haivng the police take up arms against the kaijin as well.

Sumire points out that her family is powerful enough to ship Koubu over the ocean without any problem.

Quotable Quotes
" You too, Mr. Oogami!? I had one too - a strange dream. Really-- tTo think a strawberry could be that huge..." --Ci Caprice

"For me, this face is a tool for work." --Lobelia Carlini

"You mustn't think of fighting solely to win. We fight to protect something important to us." --Ichiro Oogami

"Going through lifewithout knowing how delicious a cafe au lait would be terrible." --Erica Fontaine

"The thought of learning something from Erica made me a little uneasy, so I'm glad you've come." --Glycine to Oogami

"You've made a woman place her hopes in you. You be sure to take responsibility for that." --Grand Mere

"Searching for something is just like love-- You can find it in the most unexpected places." --Grand Mere

"Don't worry about it. One loss isn't a loss. It's only after you've lost to the same opponent twice that you can say you've really lost for the first time. So all you have to do is win next time... right?" -- Jean

Sumire: Hmhmhm, we've heard all sorts of things about your activities from Manager Yoneda, Lieutenant.
Sakura: And so, we came to Paris, unable to bear it...... and that's the way things are.

"Tradition? You nobles of old are no more than rock-hard blockheads." --Sumire Kanzaki

Oogami: What's the cause of [Iris and Coquelicot fighting]?
Lobelia: You. To get into a fight over a man as dull as you... you don't do too bad.

"Captain, you've got it tough, huh... Fighting the enemy, and babysitting. What are you going to do about this?" --Lobelia Carlini

"Why not [have the welcome party again]? I can eat some good food again, and I can see a fight too." --Lobelia Carlini

"Such a lot of amateurs...... It is as if they are playing house." --Sumire Kanzaki, on the Paris Floral Assault Squad.

"Mr. Ogami. You shouldn't use the words 'If I had only'. No matter how much you say 'If I had only,' it won't do anything about the past, right? Therefore, at times like that, you should say 'Next time, I will.'" --Erica Fontaine

"If I were to trick the poor, it would tarnish my name." --Lobelia Carlini

"When I'm happy, I rejoice. When I'm sad, I cry. I've made it a point to be true to the emotions that I personally feel." --Erica Fontaine

"Women give men dreams... Men pay for the dreams." --Lobelia Carlini

"Lack of sleep is the great enemy of the skin." --Kanzaki Sumire

Glycine: Nouveau Riche woman...... See full well the genuine French can-can.
Sumire: Hmph. I cannot wait to see the Paris Floral Assault Squad's... true skill, or whatever.

Ci: We've finished leading the civilians to safety, and the kaijin appear to be climbing the Eiffel Tower.
Lobelia: Hmm...They say idiots or whatever like high places, after all.
Erica: I like high places too.

"I lost to her in the dance, but I will have Sumire acknowledge me in battle." -- Glycine Bleumer

Ogami: the power of teamwork. You understand now, don't you?
Hanabi: Yes...... Hearts that feel for one another can produce many times more power......

It seems to be implied that around the 10th century, Oogami's ancestor was caught by the Bleumer Family as a prisoner of war, and he saved them from disease. If this is the case, he must have been released and made his way back to Japan subsequently.

Glycine's comments to Sumire seem to indicate her family has come into wealth recently as opposed to descending from a long tradition of wealth and power. However, since Glycine's line dates back to the 10th century, "recently" is a relative term.

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