Episode 6: ~A Day off in Paris~

It has been a relative time of quiet in Paris, and Oogami decides to go to lunch with the team-- who, annoyingly, can't even decide on what to eat. This despairs Oogami, who realizes the troupe's teamwork is in bad shape.

Later than night, Grand Mere calls him and the others to Les Chattes Noires to tell them that, due to basement renovations, the theatre will be closed for the next two days. At first, Oogami plans to go sightseeing, but Grand Mere convinces him that he should take one of the girls in the squad out on a date.

Geting some breakfast, he hears the familiar strumming of a guitar, and turns to see his old friend from the Japanese Naval Academy and captain of the Japanese Imperial Assault Force's Moon Division, Yuuichi Kayama.

Kayama says he came to Switzerland on a Navy training trip and decided to make a detour to Paris to see Oogami. Iniviting hself to go along with Oogami, he asks for a tour of the city.

They first meet up with Erica and Coquelicot, who are going to the amusement park. Kayama passes himself off as a foreign trader from Japan, affecting an odd accent. When Erica replies to him, she adopts the same accent, utterly confusing him.

The next day, Oogami shows Kayama around Paris, finally taking him to Chattes Noires where he has a secret meeting with Grand Mere.

After the meeting, they tour the stage area, where Ci explains that the dancers at Chattes Noires perform their revues separately, not in a group like in a play. Oogami ponders this fact for a moment.

Afterwards, Ci heads for the showers. Oogami and Kayama heat there too, their bodies "heading for the shower room of their own accord". There, they see a most majestic sight:

After being ratted out by Napoleon's hissing Grand Mere decides to dock Oogami's pay for three months and leaves Kayama's punishment to General Yoneda back in Japan.

Finishing up their tour, Oogami relates to Kayama that the Paris Squad members are capable, but far too individual-minded. Kayama tells Oogami that if that's the case, he needs to understand the unique temperaments of each member.

Oogami realizes that the best way to do this would be to go out with the squad members on his day off and get to know them better.

The next day, he goes out on a date with some of the squad members.

[Editor's note: This is where events vary depending upon which girl is picked in the game. I only have illustrations for Lobelia and Erica, since I picked them. All the dates will be covered in the "Side Trips and Sight Gags" section, since it's not really sane to try to work them all into one coherent narrative]

As the date ends, Oogami is knocked unconcious and recieves a psychic message from the mastermind behind the Kaijin, who informs him that the Kaijin are the Earth's anger against cities, and that through them, Paris will fall.

Back at Chattes Noires, Grand Mere explains there's been a massive enemy attack on the Champs Elysees that far outclasses anything that's gone before. In less than five minutes it was a burning wreck.

As the Assault Force reaches the Champes Elysees, they find the avenue in a sea of flames, and are immediately attacked by a powerful blast of energy.

A being addresses them, whom they incredulously find is a squid of some kind. Incensed at their reaction, he retorts that he is not a squid, but in fact, "the Duke Calmar." Shockingly, Calmar resurrects every one of the previous Kaijin that the Squad had defeated previously-- Ciseaux, Python, Leon, Nadel and Corbeau, and tasks them to destroy Paris.

Almost immediately, the squad splits up, with each member trying to fight the Kaijin on their own. Some of the members promptly get captured, leaving the others to rescue them. They manage to regroup, but once again, Calmar easily baits the team, and they foolishly rush him headlong, with no organization. Everyone is too busy trying to lead, and make themselves easy pickings for the upgraded steam-beasts that Calmar is deploying.

Tiring of the battle, Calmar deploys his personal steam-beast, "Symphonie", and makes short work of Oogami and the others, leaving them a defeated mess in his wake. Sparing their lives, he departs, declaring them "an existence as defenseless as Paris" not worth destroying or crossing swords with. Despondent, everyone mourns their stinging loss. But even as they do, elsewhere Kayama vows to send a ray of hope their way...

To be Continued

Side Trips and Sight Gags
Lobelia almost gets Kayama arrested by giving him a pocketwatch she stole as a "memento of Paris" just before Inspector Evian shows up and finds him with the goods.

The horse Jean bet on lost its race when its jockey fell off its back. He lost his entire month's salary.

When Oogami tried to ask Glycine out on a date, she was so abrasive and demanding that he said it felt "more like arranging a duel than a date".

A Date with Erica

Erica sneaks up on Oogami, covering his entire face with her hands, trying ot get him to play "guess who" with her, but his mouth was blocked so he began to suffocate.

Erica takes Oogami to watch her play soccer with some local kids, but they won't let her play unless he joins in too, so he does. Playing, she takes the soccer ball to the face, but managed to score a goal with it.

Afterwards, she sees a boy sitting all by himself on the sidelines. She explains that as a child, she was very timid, and unable to muster up the courage to ask the other kids ot let her play with them, so she was always alone like that boy. She felt that she only became an adult when she was finally able to ask to join in.

Erica goes to ask the boy to play, but he runs off. Erica realizes it's probably not the right time-- he needs to ask of his own accord. Oogami ponders that the feeling of joining in because you want to-- and not because you're told to-- are more precious, and realizes that the same thing may apply to the teamwork problem of the Paris Floral Assault Squad.

At the end of the date, he gets brained by a soccer ball and recieves a psychic message while he's unconcious [see main plot summary].

A Date with Glycine

Glycine arrives to meet Oogami, informing him that she has prepared horses for them at the edge of town. Asking her why, she declares that she is going to teach him the joy of the hunt, reasoning that since hunting uses horses and weapons, it will be good battle training as well. Afterwards, she says, they will skin and eat the animals.

They head into the woods, and Glycine is knocked off her horse as they chase a rabbit. Oogami helps her up, and Glycine is incensed at showing disgrace before him, but Oogami brushes it off.

They chase the rabbit, splitting up to try and cut off its escape route... but it appears on the other side of them somehow. Glycine is shocked, saying she's never seen a rabbit move so fast.

They realize they've become lost in the forest, but Glycine is determined to go after the rabbit. Chasing it down, they realize there were in fact two rabbits, who were working together to protect their offspring hidden in the thicket.

Seeing the baby rabbits, Glycine's aloof demeanor crumbles for a moment as she coos over the cute animals.

Glycine spares the rabbits, and notes that even though they may have been weak rabbits, if two of them join forces, they can win against even humans baring weapons. Oogami notes that's a lesson the squad could benefit from as well.

Oogami's horse having run off sometime prior, he rides on Glycine's horse with her. To test his skill, she surprises the horse a little, and he gets thrown off, recieving a psychic message while he's unconcious [see main plot summary].

A Date with Coquelicot

Oogami waits for Coquelicot-- she's very late for her date. Suddenly, she appears, seemingly from out of nowhere. Seeing Oogami's shock, she explains that she overslept, so she ran across the rooftops to make it to him faster. She tells him that for their date, she's going to make him a special meal.

Coquelicot takes Oogami to the Circus, and bids him wait while she cooks, giving him a banana to eat while he waits. Looking at the ingredients, Oogami figures she's making food for the animals first, and goes to investigate with the banana. As he gets near Coquelicot, she shoos him away, as she was actually preparing his meal. At that moment, a random monkey which was attracted by Oogami's banana latches onto his back and then snatches away all the food.

With Coquelicot's plans ruined, Oogami decides to invite her to his place, where he will cook for her. Working together, they prepare a nice meal, Oogami realizing that the teamwork helps a lot, and that it's something the Paris Assault Force could stand to learn.

As their date ends, they start packing up the cooking supplies, and Oogami gets brained by a falling pot, recieving a psychic message while he's unconcious [see main plot summary].

A Date with Lobelia

Lobelia arrives late for her date, and is shocked that Oogami waited for her. Lobelia asserts that on Oogami's low pay, they can't go anywhere nice, so she will help him "increase the funds" for their date. They head to a casino, where Lobelia makes Oogami front the money for her game.

She treats Oogami to a glass of wine, but tells him to only drink when she touches her glasses, telling him it's a custom that he wouldn't understand, being an outsider-- but that if he doesn't do it, she can't guarantee his life.

Lobelia starts playing cards, and seems to be losing. Then she touches her glasses, and Oogami drinks. She then decides to call her opponent's bluff and begins to win. Oogami eventually realizes she's seeing the reflection of her opponent's cards in his glass, and blurts out that Lobelia used him to help her cheat.

This, naturally upsets her opponent, who decides to kill them both. Oogami angrily interjects when he threatens Lobelia, saying that Cheating and violence towards a lady are things only a coward would do.

Liking Oogami's forthrightness, the man offers him a chance-- They will each pick a card, and whoever has the high card wins-- if Oogami loses, both he and Lobelia will end up sunk in the Seine.

Oogami wins the draw, mightily impressing Lobelia. The gambler's henchmen move in to attack them anyway, but he stops them and enquires Oogami's name. Oogami introduces both himself and Lobelia.

Hearing Lobelia's name, the Gambler panics, realizing he's been sitting across the table from "the Devil of Paris" all this time. Oogami and Lobelia leave. As they discuss the night, Oogami realizes that while the cheating was wrong, the teamwork involved between himself and Lobelia was valid. Lobelia snatches oogami's waller as she usually tends to do, and he goes after her, eventually getting knocked out, recieving a psychic message while he's unconcious [see main plot summary].

A Date with Hanabi

Hanabi arrives late for her date, staying a good distance away from Oogami, embarassed. Oogami realizes she's tense, and tells her to relax. She complies. He suggests they go to a movie. She complies. When he questions why she just does whatever he says, she replies that "A woman should keep quiet and follow what a gentleman has decided."

As they continue talking, Oogami realizes Hanabi has never been to Japan, having lived almost her entire life in Paris. They get to the movies, but it's a heavy romance film, which Oogami realizes is making Haanbi uncomfortable. Suggesting they leave, the duo starts to head outside, but Hanabi bolts out.

Catching up to her, Oogami finds out she doesn't really remmeber much since she entered the theatre, being oversome by excitement. Hanabi becomes even more embarassed when she sees that everyone around her is a couple. She feels embarasse dby men and women being so friendly with each other in public.

Oogami commiserates, saying that as a Japanese person he feels the same way, and that makes Hanabi feel better. Oogami points out that Hanabi has changed. At first she doesn't understand, but he points out she's standing in water-- something she couldn't do before. She realizes that being with Oogami she's lost her fear of the water, having become stronger by being together with everyone.

The duo split up, heading for Chattes Noires. On the way there, Oogami gets knocked out, recieving a psychic message while he's unconcious [see main plot summary].

Kayama's Secret File
Jean likes to bet on the races at the Longchamp horse track, but his luck is rotten there. According to Grand Mere, no one who's ever gone there with him has won.

Grand Mere considers it her mission to make Oogami a proper gentleman.

Oogami has gotten used to a croissant and coffee for breakfast, but is also fond of rice and miso soup.

According to Kayama, Ambassador Sakomizu was called the 'Iron Wall Sakomizu' when he was in Japan, due to his reputation for being completely reliable in matters involving political strategy.

Erica likes pudding but can't eat tomatoes.

Kayma carries a dummy wallet on him that doesn't have money in it.

Requests for touring the Bleumer Mansion have to be made a month in advance. It takes three days just to see all the major art pieces contained within.

Bleumer Mansion was built with the sole purpose of being Glycine's home in Paris.

Glycine has a perfume made from a mixture of three hundred different types of flowers, called "Platinum".

Hanabi is a calligraphy master. She began when she was three.

As soon as the weather gets nice, Ambassador Sakomizu leaves his office and wanders off.

The cooking at Chattes Noires has recieved a three-star rating.

Reading a poem anthology while drinking a cafe often calms Mell down.

When Mell wears suits she gets mistaken for a man.

Ci's maid outfit is custom made and has to be remade every six months because she is still growing; it keeps getting tight around the bust.

Both Mell and Ci's outfits are slightly different to reflect their different styles.

Ci wants to become a Patissier-- A cook who specializes in making confectioneries. But she eats everything she makes.

Erica sleeps in the nude. (She had to put her clothes on when called laste at night on the Kinematron)

Oogami learned to ride a horse in the Japanese Naval Military academy.

Oogami knows how to cook Borschch from Maria, and he can cook other simple things as well.

Coquelicot's date with Oogami was the first time anyone had made a meal especially for her.

Hanabi's maternal grandmother is from Paris, and she was brought to Paris when she was three. She only knows of Japan from books and newspapers.

Hanabi likes watching Japanese films, because there she can see the type of ideal woman she aspires to be.

Quotable Quotes
Kayama: Wha-wha-wha-wha-what's with that girl Erica? I can't make heads nor tail of her.
Ogami: ...That's just the way Erica is.
Kayama: You really have it tough, Ogami...

"Appearing in unexpected places at unexpected times is my credo." --Lobelia Carlini

"You've come at just the right time, you dumb-faced Japanese combo." --Lobelia Carlini to Kayama

"It's a loss because you think of it as a loss. Why don't you just think of it as depositing your money at the horse track? It'll soon gain interest, and you'll get twice as much back!!" --Yuuichi Kayama to Jean

"The ancients have said...'the eyes speak more than the mouth.'" --Yuuichi Kayama

"If you know your enemy, and you know yourself, you will be safe in a hundred battles." --Yuuichi Kayama

"'Let me join in too'... The words themselves are simple, but they're pretty hard to say, huh." --Erica Fontaine

"You lost consciousness when that face that came flying at you hit your ball, Mr. Oogami." --Erica Fontaine

"Hunting is a thing for giving thanks for the blessings nature has given us. It's far different from a meaningless waste of life." --Glycine Bleumer

Glycine: How cute!!
Ogami: Eeh!? G- Glycine!?
Glycine: Er... ah... ...is what someone might say, someone like Erica or Coquelicot.

"Battle alone is not what makes a noble's honor. It is also necessary to have a compassionate heart." --Glycine Bluemer

"Just one happiness is enough. If two good things happen in one day, I'll be worried about tomorrow." --Coquelicot

"Women use their money only until a date. Men use their money during a date. That's how it is." --Lobelia Carlini

"I don't want to be referred to as a country type by someone with as bad a fashion sense as you've got." --Lobelia Carlini

"Anyone who interrupts my vacation, I can't leave alive." --Lobelia Carlini

"All the world's a stage... and all the people its players... In Paris, I, Masque de Corbeau, shall produce the play of hell!" --Corbeau

Kayama has amazing teeth.

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