Episode 4: ~The Prisoner, Lobelia~

Grand Mere calls Oogami and the others to her office, handing him a list of potential candidates for the Paris Floral Assault Squad, explaining that the incident with Coquelicot's awakening has revealed that there are likely others with high spirit power amongst the Parisian public, and that the squad needs to recruit new members due to the increasing strength of the Kaijin.

Glycine requests a new member who has dignity and decorum. Before Oogami can even look at the candidate file, however, Grand Mere points the one she wants-- a woman who attacked the Reimon mansion and was recently arrested-- "the greatest villain in all of Paris", Lobelia Carlini.

While Oogami reels from the shock of this, Grand Mere adds that if one were to add up all of Lobelia's crimes, her sentence would be a thousand years. She explains that Lobelia has a tremendous amount of spirit energy, and says that she is willing to cut a deal-- if she works for the Paris Floral Assault Squad, her prison sentence will be commuted.

Even as Glycine protests, Grand Mere orders him to interview Carlini at the Sante prisoon where she is being held. The others decide to go along for support.

At Sante Prison, Oogami and the others present themselves to the Warden, who forbids them from seeing Lobelia, claiming that she isn't human, but a devil in human skin with no conscience in her heart at all. He doesn't want to be held liable if she escapes.

Oogami and Glycine firmly insist, and agree to take responsibility if Lobelia escapes. The Warden agrees, but explains that Lobelia is kept underground isolated in a special cell 15 meters down, reinforced with a special alloy that prevents her from breaking out, and even with all that, he still feels that she will escape. He doesn't guarantee their lives if they go to see her.

When they go to see her, they find her straitjacketed at the bottom of the pit. She immediately uses the power of her mind to send a geyser of flame at them, but Erica deflects it with a barrier made of her spirit power.

Lobelia then groans as if in pain. Erica rushes over to her, pulling off her straitjacket so she can heal her. Lobelia immediately takes Erica hostage. The warden arrives, having gotten a signal that her straitjacket was removed. Lobelia demands the warden open all the locks in the prison. Oogami interjects, telling Lobelia this is all unneccesary, because if she agrees to work with the Paris Floral Assault Squad, she will be set free.

Lobelia refuses, saying that she only uses her power for her own sake, and that what happens to Paris is no interest of hers. Erica then decides to try convincing her, utterly confusing Lobelia in the process and weakening her resolve. Erica gets away, and they restrain Lobelia once more.

Oogami tries to provoke Lobelia by impugning her pride, but Lobelia sees through it and points out that approach would probably only work on "Blondie there", meaning Glycine.

Giving up, Oogami goes to leave, but Erica stops him and heals Lobelia's wounds. Oogami saw Lobelia's face at that moment and realized she was no villain.

As they leave Lobelia's cell, they meet Grand Mere., who had gotten a call from the warden. She discusses things with Oogami and decides he should stay int he prison for a while longer to try and convince Lobelia, who, for her part, is actually considering Oogami.

Elsewhere, that night, a woman walks through an art museum, remarking that the nights have gotten quiet since Lobelia was placed in prison. She looks at a painting, and decides to improve it by tearing it with her claws. She declares it beautiful and signs it "Nadel".

The next morning, Oogami wakes up in the prison, having spent the night there in a cell. Coquelicot, Glycine and Erica come to meet him, and they all meet the Warden in his office.

The Warden informs them that roughly eighty percent of all criminal events in Paris are the work of Lobelia Carlini, calling her a devil "who will use any means neccessary to satisfy her own desires," and refusing to release her.

Glycine reveals that the people Lobelia were attacking were villains as well, and that the Lord Reimon, whose manor was attacked, was a disreputable landlord who bought up land from the poor.

The Warden retorts that before the manor was exploded she took all the jewels and valuables from it.

The argument is cut short with the announcement that Lobelia escaped after injuring some guards and that she is to be shot if she resists capture.

The others rush to get to her.

Along the way, Oogami sees Coquelicot tied up by prisoners, but it turns out she allowed it so she could demonstrate her rope-escape magic. She then makes them go back to their cells like they promised in exchange for the demonstration.

Glycine, for her part, was lecturing prisoners on the virtues of good behavior, ordering them to refine themselves further.

Eventually, Oogami, Glycine and Erica find a time bomb set to go off in the prison. They defuse it and make it back to the Warden's office in time to revent him from being taken hostage by a prisoner. The Warden promises to cut the prisoner's sentence if he reveals where Lobelia is, and the prisoner does-- she's been hiding in her very own cell, waiting for the guards to leave and search outside. The Warden then cuts the prisoner's sentence... by three whole days.

Going back to Lobelia's Cell, Oogami calls her out of hiding, then to his surprise, Grand Mere confronts Lobelia directly. She offers Carlini a deal-- for every meritorious deed she performs, ten years will be taken off her sentence.

Later that night, Lobelia takes the stage at Chattes Noires. After her dance, Inspector Evian arrives, shocked to see her there. Grand Mere interjects, calling Lobelia "Saphir" and explaining that she is the newest dancer at the theatre.

Lobelia, for her part, adopts a cloying, sweet persona completely the oppisite of her normal self and thoroughly fools the Inspector.

Evian talks about the recent rash of museum breakins and associated vandalism, and, while he initially suspects Lobelia, it becomes clear it's not her handiwork. He departs, promising to see "Saphir's" next revue without fail.

Grand Mere then summons everyone to the Conference Room, where she lays out the facts about the attacks, believing them to be the work of the Kaijin. As Lobelia studies the map, Glycine wonders if the thought of those villainous deeds are making her happy. Lobelia snaps back that she doesn't want to hear anything from a "rotten noble."

As the two begin to squabble more, Grand Mere interjects, showing Lobelia a copy of her death sentence, which was written by the Minister of Internal affairs. It allows Grand Mere to kill Lobelia at any time if it becomes necessary. She calls it a "contract" with Lobelia-- as long as Lobelia does nothing evil, the document will be nothing more than a scrap of paper.

Lobelia approves of the tactic, and settles down. Grand Mere asks her where she would strike next if she was the villain, and Lobelia replies that she would go after the Louvre-- which scandalizes Glycine, who thinks it would be the Orangie museum. Lobelia points out all the attacks are happening in a line-- a line which goes right towards the Louvre. Also, they correspond to the order of the museums in a tourist handbook.

Eventually, Lobelia convinces Oogami, and they go to stake out the Louvre.

After an hour of nothing happening, the police guards at the museum collapse. Oogami holds everyone back, not wanting to tip his hand.

Eventually, Nadel arrives to deface the Mosa Lina. Oogami and the others emerge to stop her, calling her a criminal. Nadel replies that she is not a criminal-- rather she elevates the paintings she defaces to the status of art. Lobelia angrily retorts that because of her vandalism, all the paintings she wanted to steal were made worthless.

Nadel sends scorpion-beasts after everyone but Lobelia, who Oogami sends after her. When Oogmai catches up to Lobelia, she and Nadel are standing around chatting. Lobelia tells Oogami she's been pondering robbing the museum with Nadel. Nadel says Lobelia can take half of Paris for her own.

When Oogami swears to cut down Lobelia if she joins forces with the Kaijin, Lobelia replies she was just joking, stunning Nadel. Nadel leaves some steam beasts behind and flees. Lobelia sighs, she had been so close to catching her. Oogami asks if she was palnning to entrap Nadel all long, but Lobelia only replies "Well now, who can say? Half of Paris was pretty appealing."

The Paris Assault Force regroups at Chattes Noires and, after Lobelia negotates to get 30 years knocked off her sentence for the mission, mounts a second offensive at the Louvre.

After Nadel is finally cornered, she holds the Mosa Lina hostage. Everyone is stuck, pondering what to do until Lobelia summarily incinerates it with her pyrokinesis.

After Nadel is defeated, everyone acknowledges Lobelia's role in the victory, but panic about what to do about the destroyed Mosa Lina. Mell messages everyone, infroming them it was a fake prepared by the museum. Erica congratulates Lobelia, saying that she must have known it all along. Lobelia confirms this, saying it was obvious-- the Mosa Lina on display had no eyebrows. Shocked, Erica points out the real Mosa Lina has no eyebrows either. Lobelia just shrugs it off, pointing out everything turned out well in the end.

Afterwards, Erica tries to get Lobelia to do the victory pose with everyone, but she just walks off.

Back at Chattes Noires, the others find Lobelia counting some money-- a bonus she got from Grand Mere for defeating the Kaijin. Pleased with both the bonus and the years taken off her sentence, Lobelia tells Oogami she'll continue working with him. As Erica dashes to hug her with joy, Lobelia frantically tries to get away, threatening to burn her if she doesn't back off.

To be Continued

Side Trips and Sight Gags
Erica is chased by prison guards for running about with her machinegun out.

Kayama's Secret File
Ci collects memorial coins from various locales in Paris. She has one from the Eiffel Tower and one from L'arc de Triomphe.

According to the Bleumer family archives, their nobility stems from the title of Duke of Normandy, which was bestowed upon them by King Frank, making them the protectors of Paris in the tenth century.

Amabassador Sakomizu likes to feed pigeons in the park.

Glycine plays a kind of solitaire chess called "Trace Walker".

Father Leno's church has no phone.

Erica will return to the Church if she hears its bells ring.

Lobelia's prisoner number is 192455631, which signifies that she was imprisoned on May 5th, 1924, room six, number 31.

If even three pieces of art from the Louvre were destroyed, the cost would be over twenty million francs.

Quotable Quotes
"Let me say something to you and you alone. If it were up to me, for the sake of defending Paris, I'd make a deal even with the devil." --Grand Mere

Erica: Miss Lobelia...... Right now, I am happy.
Lobelia: Haah?
Erica: I am a nun serving God. Saving the most heinous of people, such as yourself, is my greatest joy.
Lobelia: Shut your mouth! Do you want me to stab you right in the heart!?!
Erica: God has said, "If you are struck on the right cheek, you should offer up your left." If I were pierced in my left heart, I would gladly offer up my right.
Lobelia: You're making light of me! The heart's only in the left side!!
Erica: There is that way of thinking as well.
Lobelia: O_o

Erica: Miss Lobelia, you are not the most heinous of people. In truth, you are a kind and honest person.
Lobelia: Don't say stupid things! Just what part of me are you looking at when you say half-asleep things like that?
Erica: Ah, this is off the subject, but--
Lobelia: Don't go changing it!
Erica: Referring to exactly where Miss Lobelia is an honest person......
Lobelia: The subject hasn't changed at all!! O_o;;

"Listen well, all of you! Life is a duel!! As a result, there are times when you will lose!! However-- as long as you do not feel you are beaten, it will not be a loss! In that case-- it will be your win!!" --Glycine Bleumer

"Hah! It makes no difference to me if a thousand-year sentence becomes two thousand years." -- Lobelia Carlini

"Hoh, you do understand, don't you. At times like these, whoever makes the first move loses." --Lobelia Carlini

"I'll make the Louvre the site of her cremation." --Lobelia Carlini, on Nadel

Erica: Mr. Ogami...... There're a lot of strange paintings here.
Ogami: Yeah, there are lot of paintings here I don't really understand...
Lobelia: Hah! This is why people who don't know the true worth of things scare me.
Glycine: The paintings here are all masterpieces that have left their names in history!!
Erica: Ehh, is that so!? So they weren't just mere doodlings?

"My sentence goes down, and I can get cash. The Paris Floral Assault Squad is heaven." -- Lobelia Carlini

This episode may take place in June of 1926, given Hanabi's discussion with Oogami about rainy seasons.

Neither Glycine nor Coquelicot can stand Lobelia in this episode.

Ironically, despite their polar opposite attitudes, both Glycine and Lobelia share a deep appreciation for art.

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