Episode 3: ~The Lovely Pirate Girl, Glycine~

Oogami goes over some internal Chattes Noires reports that indicate the largest problem the Squad has had so far is a lack of teamwork. While pondering what kind of special training he can use to help improve their teamwork, he decides to make everyone have fun with some games, reasoning that if the training feels like a game, it will be received better.

Oogami decides to teach the girls some Japanese gsmes, which the team doesn't quite know what to make of. Erica and Coquelicot love the idea, while Glycine flat out questions Oogami's sanity.

They play some games like "Kick the Can", Badminton, and "Red Light, Green Light".

While Erica and Coquelicot have fun, Glycine gets angrier and angrier, stating that the Japanese games are stupid and don't require any intelligence. She feels that playing them is a waste of time.

Oogami tells her that having fun is the important part, and that she should get past her prejudices. Glycine, incensed at the idea that she is prejudiced, challenges Oogami to a duel, with the stakes being that if Oogami loses, he will be her servant.

Oogami accepts, and they go to the Bleumer mansion to duel.

Glycine explains the rule of the duel, and selects an axe for her weapon. Oogami decides to do the same. They ascend to the top of an ancient sailing ship that Glycine has on blocks on her estate, climbing up to one of the masts, lashed to it by one of their legs.

As Erica prays for their safety, they fight. During the battle, Glycine slips, and Oogami hesitates, not wanting to hurt her. This angers Glycine more, and she lunges forward, taking the opening Oogami has provided. She knocks Oogami down, and wins the duel.

After his loss, Oogami is brought before Glycine's caretaker, the maid Tarebuu. There he is assigned to assist the maids at the mansion. Unfortunately, there are no male servants' clothes available, so Oogmai is forced to wear a maid's outfit.

Erica and Coquelicot arrive, wearing Maid uniforms as well. Erica came because helping those in need is her job, and Coquelicot was worried about how he'd make out all by himself.

Before works begins, Glycine reinforces to Oogami that under no circumstances should Tarebuu be told of the works Glycine does at Chattes Noires.

During the course of the day, Erica and Coquelicot both broke the same flower vase (Erica by being clumsy, Coquelicot by playing around with it). When an incensed Tarebuu decides to punish them for it, Glycine steps in to protect them, claiming that she broke it in her youth-- even though the vase was intact previously. She takes her leave before the others can thank her.

Taking a break from his work, Oogami plays a game of shogi against Glycine using her chess pieces, getting her interested in a Japanese game.

After the break, Tarebuu finds Oogami, informing him that an important guest, Count Riche, will be arriving at the manor imminently. Oogmai gets some tea for him, and Riche enquires if Glycine has gotten herself a new pet. Tarebuu explains that Glycine wants a commoner to study a noble's lifestyle and sends Oogami off to summon Glycine.

Before he can get to her, insanely curious about Riche, Coquelicot and Erica get Oogami to peek in on him. There, they see a Japanese woman with him, but get caught by Tarebuu before they can see more. She scolds them verbally, and Riche sees the scene. He tells Tarebuu that "It is no use wasting your pity on vulgar commoners such as these. You must teach them physically!" He advances on Coquelicot with the intent to strike, and Oogami protects her. Tarebuu sends Oogami off to get Glycine once again.

Oogami gets lost in the manor, and looking out a window, sees Riche in the courtyard trying to catch the pigeons there with a display of bloodlust. He decides to be cautious around this noble, and goes to find Glycine.

When Oogami does find Glycine, she sadly reveals that Riche may become her fiance, as part of her fate to defend the honor of the Bleumer family. She leaves him, with a lonely expression on her face.

While cleaning the great hall of the manor, Oogami finds an earring that belongs to Glycine. He goes to deliver it to her, getting whacked in the head by an opening door and knocked out cold. When he wakes up, he is being taken care of by the Japanese woman he'd seen previously.

Identifying herself as Kitaoji Hanabi, she reveals she's heard of Oogami from Glycine, being the only person Glycine has told about Chattes Noires. She also reveals she's heard mainly good things about Oogami from Glycine. She tells Oogami that her father, a baron, has had many dealings with the House of Bleumer, so they are taking care of her while she studies in Paris.

Sensing that Hanabi knows Glycine well, he presses her for information about Glycine's "fate". She reveals that daughters of the House of Bleumer must look for a "completely flawless bridegroom"-- a man with both strength and dignity, since history and tradition are held in very high esteem by the family. All she knows about Count Riche is that he is a member of one of the highest ranked noble families in Paris.

Oogami thanks Hanabi for her help and goes to see Glycine in the courtyard of the manor, delivering her earring to her.

Glycine reveals that when comparing her life to those of her viking ancestors, who battled the raging seas to defend their family and friends, her current duties of defending only rank and honor feel empty. She resigns herself to her fate, considering herself just another part of the House that she is to inherit. Oogami turns it around, stating that the pride and spirit of the House is within Glycine, and she is more than just a mere part of it. This gives Glycine something to think about, and she excuses herself to ponder the situation.

Their work as maids in the Manor done, Coquelicot, Erica and Oogami take their leave from the manor. Hanabi tells them Glycine will not be coming to the Theatre tonight as she had to make preparations fo the arrival of Count Riche the next day. As they leave, Gycine watches them sadly from a balcony, lamenting that she has no choice but to live with the House of Bleumer, and that she can never be like the others.

As he does his rounds for the night, Grand Mere tells Oogami that there have been an increasing number of Nobles vanishing, with no associated ransom demands. She believes it might be the work of the Kaijin and has him investigate.

Later that night, another of the Beast-Man Kaijin appears, a lion, who declares himself the only true noble. e states that all the humans who call themselves nobles are committing sins, and that he will punish them with such humilation that they would wish for death... and that his next target.... is Glycine Bleumer.

The next morning, as Grand Mere shares photographs of the nobles who have been kidnapped, Erica and Coquelicot realize that one of the kidnap victims was the man seen at Glycine's manor the day before-- Count Riche. Grand Mere is shocked, since he's been missing for over a week.

Grand Mere sends Oogami alone to investigate discreetly so as not to tarnish the reputation of House Bleumer. When Oogami gets to the manor, in order to draw out Riche, he challenges him to a duel.

As Glycine watches them fight, she realizes Oogami is totally different than when he was battling her. She wonders if he was holding back when fighting her.

Riche is beaten, and is incensed that a "mere human" could defeat him, revealing his true identity as "Leon", a Kaijin.

After Riche flees, Glycine confronts Oogami, demanding to know why he held back during their duel. Oogami remains silent, eventually just telling her "Glycine... I defend what you defend. That's my way of doing things."

Glycine understands, then realizes that the Kaijin Leon must be dealt with. They rush back to the Theatre, where Grand Mere reveals that they were able to track his hideout to the Bastille, which can only be approached through the sewers.

As they works their way through the sewers, Glycine realizes that Oogami tries to use every new experience to improve himself, and that she too much move past the customs of the Bleumer family to do so as well.

Making their way to the gate where the nobles are held, Oogami and the others Charge ahead, leaving Glycine to keep watch. Glycine watches them go, realizing that even has they charged ahead, she was still apprehensive about going into the sewage. She realizes that while she thought she knew the true spirit of a noble, her actions weren't true to that.

Suddenly, Leon appears, bringing down the gate to try and trap Oogami and the others inside. Glycine jumps in the way and holds the gate up, even as her Koubu starts to flood with sewage. Leon mocks her, wondering how long she can stand being in that sewage. Glycine retorts that Oogami taught her that no matter how filthy her body gets, as long as her heart stays pure, she willl maintain her pride as a noble. Leon demands she plead for her life. She does not, and he leaves her to drown.

At that moment, Oogami and the others return, saving Glycine after having rescued the other nobles.

They defeat Leon, and Glycine decides to rely on Oogami for learning more about the true meaning of Nobility.

The next day, Grand Mere sees everyone playing games, and tells everyone it's not a game, that it's designed to strengthen their teamwork, so they need to work hard at it, blowing the illusion for Erica and Coquelicot. Glycine, however, tells them Grand Mere was just joking, and getting them to keep playing, and getting Oogami to play as well. Oogami agrees, and promises not to hold back.

To be Continued

Side Trips and Sight Gags
Oogami has his fortune told by Mell (using playing cards). She tells him he will be involved in trouble with women.

Later, he goes to help Ci, who has something in her eye. Erica sees this and assumes Oogami is involved in Lechery.

Coquelicot brought a tiger cub with her onstage as part of her debut performance.

Oogami has to cover for Mell when the annoying noble Daniel comes looking for her, sending him off to look elsewhere.

Kayama's Secret File
Erica is not good at Badminton. Coquelicot can beat Glycine at it.

Glycine is useless at Kick the Can. "Red Light, Green Light" bores her.

According to Bleumer family tradition, duels are to be fought until either of the combatants is unable to fight further, with the choice of weapons up to each participant.

Tarebuu claims the House of Bleumer is the "proudest and noblest noble family of all nobility." Whether this is fact or hyperbole is unknown.

There are no male inhabitants of Bleumer Mansion.

One of the other maids at Bleumer Mansion is named Laura.

All the weapons in Glycine's room are real. She keeps them so she will never forget her fighting spirit as a member of the House of Bleumer.

Glycine's ancestors were Vikings who emigrated to Paris.

Glycine likes Orchestral Music.

Due to her work in the circus, Coquelicot is good with heights.

Tarebuu considers Mell and Ci the epitome of what maids should be.

Whenever Ci puts on her Chairperson's outfit, she becomes daring.

Dominick is usually late for work, with ridiculous excuses for it, like "the subway got backed up".

Mell has learned about thirty ways of telling fortunes. She thinks fortune-telling is "medicine for the soul" and that if you only believe in the good things, and cheer up, that's enough.

Jean has developed an anti-steam machine weapon called "Bonaparte" which lowers the temperature around the enemy to zero or below so the water in their boilers would freeze, causing the steam engines to no longer work. Unfortunately the prototype has an effective radius of 100 meters, making it a hazard to everyone.

Ambassador Sakomizu reveals that Coquelicot was not chosen from the list of potential candidates for the Paris Floral Assault Squad.

Hanabi and Glycine have known each other since boarding school.

Quotable Quotes
Ogami: Erica, you look cute, sitting on your rear. It suits you well.
Erica: R- really? I was just thinking a little that I might look pretty good!
Coquelicot: I don't think anyone would think that, normally...

"My ancestors crossed the ocean to come to Paris here. Their path was a harsh one. Fighting the ocean; fighting the winds-- they finally found peace in this land called Paris. It has been taught that one's fighting spirit means that one should take one's lifestyle with one's own strength. As a result, I fight. With the whole of the House of Bleumer at stake." --Glycine Bleumer

Ci: Wah!? Mr. Ogami, what are you wearing!?! You've got a skirt on!
Mell: Could it be...... you had those sorts of tastes?

"Those feelings of shame are the support that leads to pride. Keep that in mind." --Glycine Bleumer

"I think sometimes, that my life and this House of Bleumer are a pair-- If one of the two are missing, they're of no use." -- Glycine Bleumer

"I've got some side business to take care of. I need to have an adult conversation... with Grand Mere." -- Ambassador Sakomizu

"Ah, Mr. Ogami? I wondered who that was. What brings you to the kitchen? Could it be... you're after this strawberry tart of mine!" -- Erica Fontaine

"Glycine Bleumer. I shall carve humiliation onto that face steeped in pride." -- Leon

"I too... so as not to be shielded by the customs of the Bleumer alone... need to try new things and refine my own very self." -- Glycine Bleumer

"No matter how filthy my body may become, as long as my heart does not... I will not abandon my pride as a noble. That man taught me that. He taught me the heart of a true noble!!" --Glycine Bleumer

"Living honorably and true to oneself is the way to live as a true noble!!" --Glycine Bleumer

Coquelicot makes her Chattes Noires stage debut this episode.

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