Episode 2: ~The Angel of Magic, Coquelicot~

Grand Mere formally inducts Oogami as the captain of the Paris Floral Assault Squad's Flower Division, and assigns him a new job-- being ticket-clipper for the Theatre. She also takes the opportunity to issue him a portable Kinematron steam-powered communications device.

She reveals that the investigative teams sent out by the Theatre have determined that there is a force plotting the destruction of Paris, but that there is no more information they can provide about the kaijin Ciseaux. Nothing about his identity, his backers or his objectives.

In the dressing room, Glycine has a discussion with Oogami about his role as ticket-clipper, pleased that he realizes the reason Grand Mere assigned him the duty was so that he could acquire information from the guests who come to the Theatre. She reinforces the fact that as a noble, she can't leave the duty of defending Paris to him alone. She states that she's willing to throw away her life to defend her country and her people.

She shows him her dancer's outfit, stating that from this day forward, she will take the stage as a dancer. Oogami is a bit surprised that a noble would be okay with this, but she states that dance is at the heart of being a noble, and that she has learned all the theatre's dances from practice with Erica.

Oogami takes his leave and heads out to get some vegetables for the theatre kitchens at Ci's request, and runs into Erica, who is shopping for a new vase to replace the one she broke at the Monastery. As they begin to shop, a horse breaks away from its carriage, rampaging through the marketplace.

Oogami rushes to try and calm the horse, but is having no luck, when suddenly a small girl arrives out of nowhere and effortlessly calms the horse down, playing with it afterwards.

The girl commends Oogami for trying his best with the horse, calling him an "Old man". Oogami protests, stating that he's still young. The girl apologizes, introducing herself as Coquelicot. She explains she's from Viet Nam, and can't exactly remember how long she's been in Paris. As Erica takes her leave, Coquelicot shows Oogami where to purchase vegetables, at a market where she helps out, collecting a massive amount which she gets Oogami to hold.

They run into Lawrence Loran, a jeweler, who shares some bread with Coquelicot. As they talk, Coquelicot wishes that all people were as nice as him. When Loran protests, stating that he's just normal, she sadly retorts that all the adults around her just make children cry.

Coquelicot takes Oogami to the place where she lives and works, the Cirque de Europe. She reveals that all the vegetables she had Oogami carry were for the animals at the circus.

As Coquelicot tries to tend to a tiger who had injured himself tryign to jump through a ring of fire, the circus Ringmaster approaches, yelling at Coquelicot for slacking off. Seeing how much food she brought for the animals, he announces he'll cut he food budget in half, since that should be enough.

Angered, Coquelicot protests that it would be too harsh on the animals, and the Ringmaster declares that he'll just have to sell off the wounded tiger to pay for the food-- that he would make a decent rug. The Ringmaster then kicks the tiger. As Coquelicot tries to intervene, Oogami steps in to intervene, and the Ringmaster berates him, claiming that he is the most important person in the circus.

The Ringmaster then glares at Coquelicot, challenging her, asking her if she has any other complaints about him, and she backs off, to Oogami's dismay.

Satisfied, the Ringmaster tells Coquelicot to smile like she's happy and to get food in her stomach, leaving her to eat from a tray on the floor containing a very sparse meal. When Oogami asks in shock if that's all she has to eat, she sadly replies that it's a feast for her, and that if she stays at the circus, she can sleep out of the rain as well.

Oogami realizes why Coquelicot can't stand up to the Ringmaster, even though she insists she isn't suffering.

As the curtain prepares to raise on the circus, the animals start to berserk, and not even Coquelicot can control them. Enraged, the Ringmaster orders all the animals shot. Suddenly, a beautiful woman appears and calms the animals with one command.

Identifying herself as Karuchera, a traveling performer, she asks for a job at the circus. Smitten with her beauty, the Ringmaster hires her. Coquelicot is amazed by Karuchera's ability to speak to animals.

Returning to Chattes Noires, Erica asks Oogami to go to the circus the next day, revealing that she's never been to the circus. Oogami agrees, since the Circus is open in the day and the Theatre doesn't run shows until nighttime. After some persuading, Oogami manages to get Glycine to come visit the circus as well.

Later that night, on the streets of Paris, after a man tries to make a move on Karuchera, she transforms into a snake-woman, the Great Python, killing him for a jewel that he had in his possession, swallowing it.

The next day, Erica, Glycine and Oogami go to the Circque de Europe. Erica and Oogami go backstage to see how Coquelicot is doing, and find her getting along famously with Karuchera, almost in tears thanks not only to Karuchera healing the wounded tiger, but because she feels a kinship with the tiger, fearing that if she doesn't smile and pretend to be happy when she performs she might be cast aside.

Karuchera promises to protect both Coquelicot and the animals, making her happy.

When Oogami and Erica enquire as to why Karuchera and Coquelicot are so happy, Karuchera says that she once had a daughter, and if the child were still alive, she'd be about the same age as Coquelicot.

Seeing the time, Karuchera tells the duo to get to to their seats, as Coquelicot's show is about to begin.

As they take their seats, "Magical Angel Coquelicot's magic show of dreams" begins, and Coquelicot asks for a volunteer from the audience. Erica immediately volunteers, to Glycine's chagrin., finding out only after making it to the stage that she's chosen to volunteer to be the subject of Coquelicot's "frightening human bisecting magic".

Erica gets cut in two.

As Glycine heads back to the theatre, Erica and Oogami hang around for a minute to see what Coquelicot and Karuchera are doing. They overhear Coquelicot asking Karuchera if she can call her mama. Karuchera agrees, and the two leave, happy.

That night, the Ringmaster ogles a jewel, stating that the lives of the animals are nothing compared to it. Karuchera, as a snake-woman, appears before him, demanding to eat the Jewel. The Ringmaster refuses to hand it over, and she decides to eat him along with it, deciding to stay at the circus a bit longer in order to have more access to the guests and their jewels.

Around the same time, Glycine makes her stage debut as "Blue Eye", impressing Oogami with her seemingly effortless performance. Grand Mere explains that the stage name is due to the fact that "if they discovered we had their precious only daughter appear before this audience, the Bleumer family would probably have a fit."

Lawrence Loran arrives at the theatre, being addressed by Grand Mere as "Lord Lawrence". Grand Mere is surprised that Oogami has already met him.

Lawrence reveals that he's finally got his hands on an exquisite jewel called the "Red Maiden's Tear" and that he plans to exhibit it at a Jewelry Exposition being held at Concorde Plaza.

Grand Mere is so taken by the jewel that she contemplates bringing the girls from the Theatre to take a look at it once the exhibition is open-- leaving Oogami to watch the theatre of course.

As Lord Lawrence takes his leave, Inspector Evian makes his way to Grand Mere to warn her that there's been a rash of jewelry thefts, and that she might be a target because she has lots of Jewelry herself. Grand Mere dismisses his concerns, but privately makes Oogami patrol the theatre, on the premise that the theif might be a Kaijin.

Eventually, Oogami's patrols take him out into the city, and he and Erica track down Karuchera, who flees to the Cirque de Europe, who, in human form, takes Coquelicot hostage.

Oogami and Erica frantically try to get Coquelicot to understand that Karuchera was a jewel thief who has been attacking Parisians. Coquelicot refuses to believe it, until Karuchera drops her disguise.

Coquelicot just starts laughing, because crying won't make the bad things in her life go away. She begins to radiate spirit power, which blasts Karuchera away.

Erica and Oogami get an unconcious Coquelicot to the Chattes Noires infirmary as Karuchera flees. As the situation is explained to Glycine and Grand Mere, Oogami speculates that Coquelicot's spirit power was was awakened all at once from the shock of being betrayed by someone she trusted.

Grand Mere immediately sees the potential and decides to make Coquelicot a member of the Paris Floral Assault Squad. Despite Glycine's and Erica's objections, Oogami decides to let Coquelicot decide for herself. Grand Mere lets Oogami stay by Coquelicot's side as the others take their leave.

Coquelicot, who was awake for part of the conversation but quietly listening, sadly realizes that despite her smiling, everyone knew how sad she was.

The next day, the Theatre is put on alert as Lord Lawrence's jewelry exhibition is attacked. Coquelicot insists on helping "Mr. Mustached Man," and so joins the Paris Floral Assault Squad.

Quickly, the group sorties to the Exhibition.

After defeating Karuchera's minions, the Squad finds that the "Red Maiden's Tear" is still mounted in a large obelisk, which Kyuchera / Python has stolen... or so she thinks. Thanks to a magic trick of Coquelicot's, the jewel was recovered. The smiles of the people of Paris renewed her good cheer, and the battle continued on to the defeat of Python.

Later that night, Coquelicot made her stage debut at Chattes Moires under the stage name " Magical Angel Coquelicot", giving her a third job in addition to working at the Cirque de Europe and helping out at the Vegetable market.

To be Continued

Side Trips and Sight Gags
Oogami has to stop Inspector Evian from arresting Erica from walking around the streets of Paris with her machinegun out. TWICE.

When Oogami claims to be Coquelicot's guardian, she turns around and claims to be his guardian.

Oogami briefly switched selling jobs with Ci, selling bromides and gift boxes while she clipped tickets.

Erica was lurking in the Special Guest seating of the Theatre, prepared to bludgeon anyone who came by, on the premise they would be the jewel thief.

Kayama's Secret File
Oogami's ticket-clipper uniform was expressly sent to Paris from General Yoneda in Tokyo. He is not too pleased that it seems to suit him.

The turbine-steam engines of the Koubu developed by Kanzaki Heavy Industries in Japan were sent to France and installed in the new armors that Jean developed, but Jean had issues developing an armor that could handle the tremendous output of the engines. Without the spirit power of the pilot, the units would not move at all.

The Paris Kinematron is an improved model of the one Rei Kohran made in Japan for the Imperial Floral Assault Squad.

Chattes Noires has a highly advanced Steam Computer in its battle control room.

Dominick and George, two of the workers in the Chattes Noires Mechanic Squad, also work as an usher and bartender at the theatre, respectively.

Glycine has an amazing eye for details, having seen every action Oogami took when he was at the cafe with her and she had stepped away from his table for a time, speaking with another friend of hers. She seems to be highly interested in art and culture, and will agree to new experiences that promise a greater appreciation of these things.

Cirque de Europe is one of the most historic and influential circuses in the circus world, whose performances reach the very level of art.

Glycine is not used to purchasing tickets for events, usually the theatre managers personally welcome her to their venues and give her an exclusive entrance.

Karuchera has experience in mimicry, having mimicked veterinarians before.

Jean uses broken pieces of the Koubu-F to make adjustments to the Chattes Noires stage. He occassionally drinks with Oogami.

Quotable Quotes

Glycine: Thanks to having previously joined Erica in her dance lessons, I have learned all of this theatre's dances. Of course, for every one step that Erica mastered, I mastered five.
Ogami: Should I say that's just what I'd expect of Glycine...... or that's just what I'd expect of Erica......?

"People's eyes are just like jewels - their shine shows whether they're good or evil." -- Lawrence Loran

"The circus... is a very wonderful place. There you will find dreams... and hopes... and love... and... a human cannon." -- Erica Fontainr

"This one's just like me... Unless he does his utmost very best to smile and perform, he might be cast aside..." -- Coquelicot

Ogami: Hahaha...... Still, I was surprised when Erica was cut in two.
Erica: Heheheh, I was startled too. Because they really cut you.
Glycine: There's no way they would really cut you. There's obviously a trick to it. How ridiculous.
Erica: There isn't any trick. After all, I really was cut in half.
Glycine: Hmph, just go on saying that as long as you like.

"No matter how sad things may get... I never cry... If I cry, the painful things still won't go away... and so I smile... as sad as it may be... I smile. As hard as it may be, I smile." -- Coquelicot

"....hasn't this girl been fighting all this time up until now by herself? Monsieur...... Going on living alone by herself, in a strange land with no family...... Isn't this a battle?" -- Grand Mere, on Coquelicot.

This episode most likely takes place in April of 1926.

Oogami is 23 as of this episode.

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