Episode 1: ~Hello, Paris~


A day after a sinister figure declares that Paris will be torn down, Japanese Naval Lieutenant Ichiro Oogami arrives in the country after a month-long ocean journey, on a study abroad program.

Reporting to the Japanese Embassy, he registers his arrival with Ambassador Sakomizu Norimichi.

Being a bit rushed, the Ambassador takes his leave, giving Oogami tickets to the European Exhibition, instructing him to enjoy "the flower capitol of Europe", Paris, and to come back to complete his registration later.

At the Exhibition, Oogami is enjoying an exhibit featuring steam-automobiles of the future, when one goes out of control, veering right at him. Jumping out of the way in the nick of time, he rushes over to help the wounded driver, mometarily stunned by the appearance of a vicious-looking rabbit which scampers off.

Collecting himself, Oogami realizes he needs to call a doctor, but is interrupted by a young woman who miraculously heals the driver's wounds.

Shocked, Oogami enquires about the girl's powers, but she admonishes him to thank God for the healing of the driver, which he does with sincerity.

The girl is impressed by his honesty, awarding him "100 points", and introduces herself as Erica Fontaine, a nun in training. Oogami reveals that he's come from Japan to study abroad, which immediately sparks her interest. She goes to ask him questions, but realizes she's running late, and dashes off, banging her head on a post, revealing herself to be quite clumsy.

Sheepishly, she decides to indulge her curiousity and asks Oogami if Japanese people truly have top-knots in their hair. Jokingly, Oogami tells her that you need to have a license to get one. Erica takes this to heart, believing him without hesitation and asking Oogami how she can get such a license. He laughs it off, saying he'll investigate it for her, surprised that she took him seriously.

Erica, keen to learn more about Japan from Oogami, gives him a flyer to "Theatre Chattes Noires" where she dances. Oogami is amazed by this, since Erica is a nun. Erica, while open about her dancing, tells Oogami that he absolutely has to keep the incident where she healed the driver a secret. With that, she runs off-- banging into something again.

Oogami remains at the Exposition until nightfall, after which he goes to the Japanese Embassy. There, he completes his registration, and finds out Ambassador Sakomizu has decided to welsome him to Paris with a party held at Chattes Noires.

At the theatre, Oogami settles in to watch a dance number, amazed by the dancers.

To his shock, he sees Erica on stage with them, her clumsiness in full effect, as she trips and knocks over the enture dance line, causing the curtains to hastily close on the performance.

Presently, Oogami and the Ambassador are joined by the owner of Chattes Noires, Madam Grand Mere.

Grand Mere immediately calls Oogami a "boy", which gets his hackles up. She then further tests him by asking about his reaction to the Dance Revue Oogami saw. His reply, which was appreciative of Paris, immediately impressed her.

Ambassador Sakomizu then asks Oogami about the "Imperial Drama Group" in Japan, saying that the revue here reminded him of it. Grand Mere follows up, wondering if it was anything like what Chattes Noires is like.

Oogami simply replies that he was a ticket clipper there, and Grand Mere chuckles at him, inviting him to take a tour of the theatre sun by her two secretaries, and telling him that " Paris nights are long, so enjoy them as much as you can...... boy."

Oogami again takes umbrage at being called a boy, but is quickly distracted of that by the two secretaries, the forthright Mell Raison and the chipper Ci Caprice, the latter of whom was impressed to meet a "real samurai."

Upon seeing Erica take the stage again, cheering on the audience, Oogami gets to discussing her with the Ambassador, who tells him to go visit her backstage for a bit.

Talking to Erica, he learns she is still an apprentice nun. She dances at the theatre in order to make people happy, which makes her happy. She feels that through her dance she can "lift the spirits of the tired people." Oogami is shocked to learn that the church approved of her dancing, telling her to "do whatever she liked."

Heading back to the Ambassador, Oogami is about to leave when Mell and Ci present him with an expensive music box from the Chattes Noires shop, compliments of Grand Mere as a memento of Paris, expressing their hope that he'll return to the theatre sometime.

As Oogami is impressed by the gift, Sakomizu tells him to keep the theatre in mind as he will be spending time there. He then takes Oogami to the apartment where he'll be staying for his time in Paris.

Oogami unpacks and takes some time to unwind, reminiscing about his adventures in Tokyo with the Imperial Floral Assault Squad and drifting of to sleep, hoping he'll have good dreams...

But in his dreams, the rabbit-man Ciseaux laments the happy voices of humanity and declares that he will cut down all the humans...

The next morning, Oogami decides to eat at a cafe, but the waiter ignores him. Fortunately, Erica was nearby, bumping into people and signs as usual. Oogami decides to ask for her help in ordering. She orders a croissant and coffee, recieving prompt service and explaining that the people of Paris can be a bit cold to outsiders, but explains that most of them are just shy and pretending to be cold.

As they eat, Erica mistakenly drinks Oogami's coffee, and when he lets her know, she goes to order another, but trips on an umbrella and knocks over half the umbrellas on the patio. Oogami runs to help her, and as she lies in the mangled mess, a tall blonde woman arrives, asking her what she's doing in a stern voice... and asking who Oogami is.

Erica explains that Oogami's a Japanese person, and, seeing that he is one of Erica's acquantiances, the woman introduces herself to him as "Glycine Bluemer. A proud noble with the blood of Normandy."

When Oogami explains he's come from Japan to learn about France, Glycine haughtily remarks that no matter how hard he tries to fathom it, it will be impossible to learn about the culture of France.

Erica tries to explain to Oogami about Glycine, but she sternly instructs Erica to not say anything out of turn. Erica does manage to explain that Glycine is like a senior to her, and can sometimes be a bit scary.

After Glycine leaves, Erica tries to order food again, but due to her destruction of the cafe patio, the Waiter ejects both her and Oogami.

Erica decides to give Oogami a tour of the town, and ends up running into Ci Caprice, who is in a panic because "Napoleon", Grand Mere's cat, is missing. Eventually, they find him at Bleumer manor, where the normally reserved Glycine mometarily fawns over the cat, stating that she would like to raise one someday.

As their tour of the town ends, it begins to rain, and Erica becomes very somber, remembering the first day she entered the monastery. She reveals that ever since she was a child, miracles would happen around her. Illnesses would be healed, water would spring forth from barren land, and that while people loved it at first, they began to think ill of her afterwards, which drove her to join the monastery. Oogami realizes this is why she wanted the healing she performed at the European Exhibition the day before to be kept secret.

As Erica questions her powers, Oogami tries to comfort her by relaying the tale of the girls he knew in Japan with strange powers, who turned them towards the cause of working for peace. Erica asks if she could become like them, and when Oogami agrees, Erica blurts out that "now I think I'll be able to fight too!"

Before Oogami can enquire about this, lightning strikes and Erica knocks him over as she shrieks in fear.

The rain lets up and they part ways, Erica returning to the monastery and Oogami to the Japanese Embassy.

At the Embassy, Oogami finds out he's been invited to a ball being held by the sovereign Countess of Lilac at three o'clock. Sakomizu instructs him to go there as acting ambassador.

At three, Oogami goes to the ball and is mometarily detained by Police Inspector Evian of the Paris City Police, but the Countess of Lilac-- who turns out to be none other than Grand Mere herself-- vouches for him.

As Mell and Ci entertain Oogami with wine, he sees Glycine out of the corner of his eye and wonders what she's doing at the ball as well.

As Oogami sees her glaring at him, he is accosted by a nobleman who calls him a "yellow oriental ape," and informs him that the ball is a place for the upper class to meet, and not for "crude animals" such as Oogami to be at.

Considering the position of Ambassador Sakomizu and the Countess of Lilac, Oogami bites his tongue and lets the remark slide.

As Glycine approaches, the nobleman feels pleased that she will tell Oogami to begone, but is shocked when she tells them both to leave. Glycine is angered that Oogami didn't stand up for himself in the confrontation, asking "Do you have a reason!? A reason not to fight even when your honor is tarnished!?"

Oogami brushes the incident off, saying he didn't want to involve himself in something trivial, impressing Glycine, who nonetheless reminds him that "people live through their honor", and that the way he is now he will not survive the battles to come.

Oogami is confused by what Glycine means about battles, but has no time to ponder the question, as at that moment there is an explosion in the courtyard.

As animals start to run berserk in the courtyard, Ciseaux appears, declaring his intention to punish humanity. Glycine steps forward to challenge him with a battle-axe, and Oogami immediately jumps in to protect her from a counterattack, impressing her.

Glycine continues to fight, but she is outmatched. As Oogami tells her to consider her opponent's strength, machinegun fire erupts, pushing Ciseaux back.

Oogami is shocked to find that the machinegun fire came from Erica. Flabergasted, he tries to get an explanation, but Erica focuses on evacuating people from the courtyard, saying she'll explain later.

Glycine, who realizes Erica doesn't know about Oogami, explains that Oogami's the man they've been waiting for-- to both Erica and Oogami's confusion.

As Ciseaux presses a counterattack and the police futiley try to push him back with gunfire, Oogami exclaims out loud that he wishes he had Koubu fighting armor with him.

To his shock, Erica replies that they DO have them. She and Glycine quickly take him back to Chattes Noires and get prepared for battle.

There he meets not only Grand Mere, but Ambassador Sakomizu, who explains that Oogami did not come to Paris merely to study abroad, but that he has been transferred to Paris as the head of the newly formed Paris Floral Assault Squad, Flower Division.

Grand Mere explains that the need for municipal spiritual defense was proven through the three prior incidents in Tokyo, and that such a threat exists for every major city in the world. Using the Japanese Imperial Floral Assault Squad as a model, other cities have begun strengthening their defenses in a global effort. As part of this scheme, the Paris Floral Assault Squad Flower Division is the pivot of the European Municipal Defense Project.

Grand Mere then takes Oogami to the Koubu hangar under the theatre, where he meets Jean, the Chattes Noires Mechanic Squad leader.

Jean proudly shows off the Koubu-F units, which are the result of the combined technology of the Chattes Noires Mechanic Squad and the engineers at Kanzaki Heavy Industries, and the bullet train "Eclair" which can send the team anywhere in Paris.

The emergency has gotten worse, with the police being completely overrun. Ciseaux and his steam-beast minions begin to advance along the Champs Elysees in the direction of the Arc de Triomphe. Oogami quickly gives the order to move out, sortieing on the Eclair.

After handily defeating the steam-beast pawns of Ciseaux, the team is hampered by the nobleman who hd previously insulted Oogami, who managed to get himself taken hostage. Begging the team to help him, Daniel quickly becomes ungrateful again once they've saved him, and he scurries off.

Glycine is again furious with Oogami for letting Daniel insult him, telling him he has no pride, but Oogami retorts that "Fighting to protect the happiness of all people, to protect peace...... is my pride!" and she relents.

After Ciseaux is defeated, Oogami tries to teach the girls the Japanese team's "victory pose", to Erica's confusion and Glycine's consternation as he ends up doing it by himself. Flustered, he asks them to join in.

After the battle, Glycine goes off on her own. Erica reassures Oogami, telling him that while Glycine might be cold outwardly, inwardly she's a good person, who's a better fighter than she'll ever be.

As they watch fireworks go off at night, Oogami reassures Erica that she's got her own special qualities, and promises to tell her all about the Flower Division in Tokyo.

To be Continued

Side Trips and Sight Gags
Somehow, Erica got a hold of a Japanese loincloth, and doesn't know what it's used for. Oogami explains it's Japanese men's underwear, and she asks him to model it for her.

Erica dropped a desert crepe she was bringing out to a customer and gets Oogami to help her finish it, since the cooks all went AWOL.

On their tour of the city, Grand Mere sees Erica and Oogami together and jokingly teases Oogami about being on a date with her, telling Erica to "take care of Monsieur ...In various ways."

Kayama's Secret File
Ci Caprice works as the gift shop Sales girl. Her speech pattern is slightly girly and drawn out, and she says "hyu-hyu" a lot of the time. She loves fun places with lots of activities. She secretly dreams of going onstage and performing a revue. She also helps clean up the Theatre.

Erica is proud of her monastery clothes.

According to Mell, Grand Mere was formerly a dancer, famous throughout France.

Mell and Ci's names are double puns. Their first names combined together form 'merci,' which is French for 'thank you.' Also, their last names, Raison ('reason,' in English) and Caprice (related to the English 'capricious'), reflect their personalities.

Bromides at the Chattes Noires gift shop cost 50 francs each.

When Glycine was a child, she often picked up kittens when her father wasn't looking.

Ci reveals that some people come to Chattes Noire shows only to see the mistakes Erica makes on stage.

Glycine seems preternaturally able to sense when people are talking about her.

Erica tends to take naps at the Library, which gets her thrown out by the staff a lot.

Rune Leno, the Priest at the church in Paris where Erica lives, always gets agitated when he hears Erica is enthusiastically helping people in trouble.

Erica's room is behind the church so she can always be next to God. It is spartan and has almost nothing in it. Erica falls out of the bed a lot when she sleeps, but thinks this is due to "angels playing tricks" on her rather than bad sleeping posture.

Erica writes diaries every day, which mainly consist of recordations about the meals that she eats. As of 1926, she had about ten years' worth of entries.

Erica wonders if her mother wanted her to have a great and gentle heart.

Grand Mere seems to be a little taken with Jean. Jean, on the other hand, has no hesitation in kicking her out of the hangar area when operations are underway.

Quotable Quotes
"My, my, what a scary face. Well, don't worry about it. It's only my mouth that's offensive." -- Grand Mere

"Mr. Ogami, no matter what the job is, being able to work for the sake of other people is a precious thing." -- Erica Fontaine

"Starting today, I'll work real hard to become a singing and dancing secretary!" -- Ci Caprice

"Women can take on any number of faces." -- Grand Mere

"Do not forget that people live through their honor." -- Glycine Bluemer

I'll toss anyone who wastes time into the Seine River!! -- Jean

Ogami: Who are you!? Why would a rabbit attack people!?
Erica: Mr. Rabbit, I know you can't really be a bad rabbit!!
Ciseaux: Usaahh!! Stop saying rabbit, rabbit! Call me the great Ciseaux!!
Glycine: Rabbits do not need names! That is as far as your evil deeds go!!

"Fighting to protect the happiness of all people, to protect peace...... That is my pride!" -- Ichiro Oogami

It takes one month to reach Paris from Japan circa 1926. Since Oogami left Japan in Januaary 1926m he probably made it to Paris sometime in March.

Chattes Noires is "a place loved above all others by the performers and the cultured who gather in Paris."

These episode guides are based on the Dreamcast Translation FAQs by Kayama. All images and FMV copyright SEGA, Overworks and RED company.